U r the contentment of my life.. OS


U r the contentment of my life…

Hello guys… How r u all…
Sorryyyy Sorryyyy for not commenting on many of ur ffs.. Believe me guys… I read them all… So sorry… All the writers u all r doing a wonderful job… Keep writing and keep smiling…
A very happy bday to ritzi.. God bless u…
Jishu di… A bigwala congrats.. Take care
And my best wishes to all my sistas and frnds here.. Luv u all to infinity….

And hello mr/miss imposter… A warning to u to stop ur nonsense… Enough is enough… Hope i don’t get to see u r comment again… I request you that if i don’t like plz don’t read but don’t hurt others sentiments.. Its a sin… Plz

Now off to the os..
Hope this will bring a smile on your face…

I have been travelling since last 2 hrs in this train… My mind goes on merry go round of world as i look out… Philosophy starts cooking up in my mind…. Looking out on the world … Makes me fall with it in love again and again. this world is just a combo pack of happiness sadness curiosity inspiration anger misunderstanding tension and smile but afterall its life…. Life gives everyone its dose of sadness but atlast it gives the contentment we crave for…. Here i m sitting besides the love of my life… The contentment i crave for is fulfilled due to him. That peace… .. I look upon this world with the belief that he is behind me to catch if i fall… My life hadn’t been less than a topsy-turvy… But he jad been the valcano of that magnitude which set the valcano of my life to peace…. Our first meet was as business officials… We were asked to work together but my gosh how could we atleast then as our opinions were totally contrast…. My definition of life was totally different…. His totally different…. He was happy go lucky guy full of positivity towards life…. And i a middle class family ki middle class girl with almost only seriousness towards life…. He luved and lived life and I lived life only to work…. He changed my perception…. For me my past was barrier to my happy life… Once i too had been that chirpy bubbly girl but life took my innocence at the cost of my father… After my father’s sudden demise… My mother was under a trance and mahi was very small… I was the one to bring my family back to life but in the course i had lost myself in this world… He was the one who brought me back to myself…. As time went we started working well with each other and became frnds… He slowly and unknowingly filled colours in my blank life… Slowly he brought small changes in my uncommunicative personality… When he bcame an integral part of my life.. .. I didn’t even realise…. I started to try to be better in everything even in dressing for someone else… I was never like this…. One day we decided to go on a dinner as we had cracked one of the hardest deals… Here the story unfolded…. As we were returning back he started asking me…

Ku-so twinkle if u don’t mind may i know the reason of ur sulkiness becoz u look terrible with that sulking face…. I want to see that chirpy face which i did used to see some years back..
I was awestruck how did he know about me so much
Tw-how do u know that how i was…
Ku-it doesn’t matter first answer my question…
Tw-i don’t mind however i m… Whatever i m…
Ku-but i do mind… Be urself twinkle… U have to get some life… U can’t live like this .. Hurting urself…
Tw couldn’t take it now N before she knew she was spilling all the incident which were like venom in her eating her…
She cried her heart out… Told everything about her father’s death, mother’s health, her responsibilities and how her dreams shattered…. How everyday was a emotional turmoil for her…. Yet everyday she had to put that smiling mask in front of world.. She couldn’t even cry for her father… I was crying uncontrollably…. When i felt a stern but protective grip over me… It was kunj… Within a fraction I was hugging him and crying …. It was as if heaven had showered her with peace after a century in his arms…
But then it struck her that how and where she was… I composed. Myself and mumbled a quick sorry…
Ku-u have to and need not have to be..
I was puzzled.. I asked
Ku-u have to be sorry for losing my chirpy twinkle and need not have to be bcoz u r human atlast and u need someone shoulders to cry on and i m glad that it was mine…

This was the kind of gentleman he was… Selfless always…
Tw-how do u know my past personality…
Ku-see twinkle today i wanna confess something… Do u remember that UR WELL WISHER frm ur college… It was me… I was senior so u sadly didn’t know or recognised me…. I luv u to infinity…. I used to observe u but never had guts to confess then oneday u came with a smudged face… It looked as if u had been crying whole night… Only i knew how i controlled myself frm coming to u and asking u… Slowly u changed… Totally.. I was in utter confusion but then suddenly my father send me overseas for studies and i couldn’t negate them so i went but always through my sources i kept on getting ur information… My heart went out to u everytime i heard ur update… So finally when i came here… I found the quickest way to meet u and hence i became the new business official of sarna company…. Sorry twinkle but now its high time i can’t keep me and u in darkness of false hope… I luv u twinkle.. Unconditionally… I don’t know if u will feel the same.. But i have to say this… And twinkle for God’s sake plz b the old urself… U r killing urself… I can’t see u suffering like this.. Life is a unpredictable game… Play it with positivity and hopes… U r trying ur best… Smile .. Uu have only one life to live…. He was saying with tears glistening in his eyes…
I was numb… Couldn’t believe it.. I was happy indeed for that well wisher Nd kunj were same person… And i too knew sumwhere that i do have feelings for him… But was i good for his personality…

Sorry kunj but i m not worth of ur luv… Plz… I was crying unstoppably…
Ku-twinkle first of all learn to acknowledge urself… U deserve all the happiness.. U r doing the best u should have been for everyone except u…. And ur not the one to decide whether you r worth my love or not… Ur.. Because ur my twinkle… I luv u.. However ur… Ur perfect for me….
This changed and relented my heart… Never had i experienced such unconditional and selfless love for me… I just ran straight to him and he engulfed me in his arms… The peace i found was beyond comparison…. The feeling of being luved is beyond our world… In that moment i promised myself and god to bcom the old twinkle and live life with responsibility too only for my kunj Nd myself and for God for giving me this blessing… In the form of kunj…
Frm the very next day i started to discover my old self…
Slowly i realised what i had been missing… I started to look on life with that positive outlook which my kunj liked… I bcame the old twinkle…. Which my kunj loved…
Life still had obstacles but kunj thought me to face them with smile….
Today she is enjoying life to its fullest… With wonderful person like kunj on her side always… She understood that god has given everyone that sumone frm the world to make life perfect… Life isn’t perfect but its awesome journey.. Its a gift very precious…
Her train of thoughts was disturbed by some calls of her name… It had to be kunj..
Ku-twinkle come on station has arrived… Lets go…
Tw-haha coming…
She thanked god for giving her this beautiful life and a wonderful human being as kunj who admired her and respected her…
Life couldn’t be better, could it?

Sorry for the mistakes
So frnds how was this?
Hope u all liked it…
Plz do comment and tell….

Luv u all..

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  1. Sameera

    Wow arundati amazing
    loved it yaar ???

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Awsome, amazing loved it to the core
    Liked it very much

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome fabulous heart touching os……loved it……

  4. Awesome!!! Simply beautiful!!!

  5. Sayeeda

    Aaru dear u nailed it….
    OS was too good….. Amazing… Awesome…. Fab….
    I’m speechless after reading it….
    Loved it….. It was so heart touching….
    Love u… ???

  6. Baby

    arundhati amazing yr speechless osm i was inside d stry luvd it 2 d core

  7. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    Awesum epi arundhati.
    Nw days i dont see ur comment in my ff. Where were u?????

  8. Kritika14

    amazing one! do write more of this!

  9. Wow am speechless.. it was too good.. superb.. loved it.. and kunj is always goals❤ write more of this kind of os ☺

  10. Hiii
    It’s a lovely ia

  11. Thanmy

    Awesome arundhati it is soo meaningful I just loved it its tooooooo good

  12. Amazing… great os..

  13. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome dear ….

  14. Ranabulbul

    Amazing is arundhati
    This was just marvelous but u comment on my ff regularly and I am lucky to have a commenter and true friend like u

  15. Sidhansha arora


  16. Shatakshi

    It was Amazing Aru
    really loved every bit of it
    love u dear

  17. Angita

    Great os deaf

  18. Aru gussa hai mujhse? Hona bhi chahiye bahut buri hu mei comment bhi nhi kiya but I am sorry I was hell busy. Sorry and your os is mind blowing and cutteee just like you .I love you and I am always with you sorry busy thi hope tu samjhegi. Plz reply

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