U r my breath I’m ur heartbeat (episode 1)

Guys I have taken a leap of 6 months and just forget about Shanaya’s entry
So after 6 months too the conflicts between ishveer didn’t decrease! Ishani and ranveer were tolerating each other for their baby and it was a baby girl which was in ishani’s womb since 6 months. Everyone was excited about the baby. But the relationship of ishveer was not good although they loved each other. Ishani felt emotional torture everyday. On fine day ranveer was searching for ishani everywhere in the house. He found her letter on the bed and it was written:–

“Although our love is eternal I think I will find in heaven
I’m tired of this worldly life
Fake concern am love by u and others
But I’m alive for the other life in me which is sign of our love
I’m alive but not there where I usually be in the worldly life
There waiting for u to come where I find peace
Search me within these 24 hours

Or lose me and her forever”
Ranveer was extremely guilty about his deeds and looks in the mirror and says u blo*dy idiot didn’t even reach to level of loving and taking care of hr in pregnant condition also but he starts finding her while reading the hint

He was sure that she wont commit suicide but she will leave him next day and she won’t be there in worldly place that means she will be away from city or in the peaceful place was assumed by ranveer. Ranveer touches ishani says i will find u coz my love is not fake. First he goes to their favourite hangout places . he reached for her in many gardens too. Also he searches her in various temples and her favorite church. But no signs for hear . ranveer was extremely frustrated and tired but he didn’t lose hope. He remembers all their romantic moments . while walking along the middle of the road at night he stopped the car to have some water. Ishani comes to him and says u can’t find me na but I m sure you won’t lose me and our baby. Ranveer was about to touch her but she disappear he was dreaming. But he got off the car and shouted ishani ishani and a car hit him. The driver ran away and ranveer was injured. But he didn’t lose his strength he got up with bleeding forehead and injured leg and continued searching and now only 2 hours are left.

Ranveer remember the romantic moments spent wd her and one memory was that they went to a headland(a geographical landform) fb starts where ranveer says why u took me to this place ishu. She replies this is my favorite place where I can have peace. Ranveer says ya it is romantic too u me and these soundful seawaves and ishani says u want romance everywhere infact this is the only place where I can get rid of u. Ranveer says we have promised never to be separate we are 2 bodies 1 soul. Ishaani hugs him. Rv ends ranveer says how can I forget that place and rushes there .
Ranveer prays that ishani should be there

Guys I ve decided to stop this ff after this sequence is over

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  1. Nandana

    no dear plz dont stop this ff dear it is so nice plz

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    This is really interesting….

  3. No plz don’t stop it sooooooo nice loved it and don’t stop it

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  5. No dear it is going good plz don’t stop it

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    No problem we understood . So no need of sorry dear 😉

  7. Harisha39

    Awesome really loved it ?

  8. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    no . no no pls dont stop it , i love ur ff . and this too fine . i am eager to see the expression of ishu after seeing ranvi in an injured state

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