u r the boss of my heart (kkb shot 2)

Than q guys for ur support.. i hope u remember this stroy..lets move into the story…

The next day abhi came to office sharp at 10 o clock according to his boss order.. this is his first day in the office.. he hardly knew others than his boss.. he went to receptionist & gave the related certificates to her.. that’s wen he saw his boss is coming on the way..
she is not only beauty queen but full of attitude.. all her staffs wishes her gud morning.. she nodded her & makes a way to her cabin glancing at our abhi who is struck in his own world.. he didn’t wished her.. she gave a glare to him & went off.. abhi is admiring her bossy attitude..


wat a women she is… she is killing without any weapons but her sharpy eggy eyes.. her range was awe.. she is totally fit for a boss.. but, i doubt how come she manage this big office in this small age.. am damn sure she will be around 25 yrs not more than tat.. then who will be trained her like this?!!!! is it called “born as BOSS!!!” may be.. abhi.. in future u will also be a boss.. learn somethings from her.. it will be helpful to u..!!

*** end of ABHI’S POV***

receptionist gave him a schedule & directed him to his music room. it’s just right side of pragya’s cabin..he saw the room in awe.. its perfect environment to relax himself & his work.. he was trying to write lyrics so tat he can withstand in this new world.. at that time peon entered into his cabin & asked him to attend a meeting in the conference hall.. all assembled there.. all r new.. so they were talking among themselves while abhi happened to meet a cute bubbly gal in his next seat.. she introduced herself as bulbul..

she introduced herself as bulbul

bulbul: hey handsome..

abhi: me?..

bulbul: ya.. am bulbul .. completed my masters in music in xyz college.. my passion is to became a singer & to rock the floor by my voice & charm.. if am not open my mouth for one minute then sure i will die.. that much interest in talking, chatting/singing.. in sleeping time only i will be quite.. other than tat i won’t be quite.. but the boss is so strict.. so we have to close our mouth infront of her.. else she will fire me.. then how can i achieve my goal if am not work here.. tell me.. am only talking.. y r u not talking man…?

abhi: (enna engamaa pesa vitta nee?..) oh.. madam.. tak some breath.. u didn’t gave me chance to speak.. & u r saying am not speaking.. i have not seen such a Radio Jockey(RJ) in my life.. gals need some patience, not rowdism ( ponnu naa poruma venum..! pokkiri thanam irukka koodaathu!!!)

bulbul(smiled sheepishly) : tell ur gals lectures to a gal.. okay!! am a rock star man.. leav all that .. wat’s ur name..? atleast tell tat.. else i hav to cal u as handsome & all will hear me as like i am calling them..

abhi( smiled at her not stop blah blah) : am abhisheik mehra.

bulbul: oh.. okay okay.. its too long na.. i will call u machi..

abhi: machi?..

bulbul:its all common in frndsip language na..

abhi nodded his head in agreement.. there comes our beautiful rude boss with full of attitude .. the hall became a conference hall from a fish mart.. her presence makes it pin drop silence & her voice started to echo in the hall.. only her voice..

pragya(THE BOSS):

a very gud morning to one & all present here.. welcome to the music world..u all r new to this job as I myself new to this office.. i don’t know how many of u aware of the fact tat this music company is my sole passion &i have a wish to find many more talent people & give opportunity to them.. by this year i have a target to find one person as a treasure of music .. i don’t know.. may be it’s one among u.. so work hard & ready to taste the fruit of success.. i want ur work to be perfect & no more talks during work time(eyeing at bulbul).. i know some of u r talkative in nature.. so, keep ur mouth shut in talks & open in ur music songs.. than q all.. i wish u all gud luck.. go ahead in ur journey of music with our love life music company.. now, u can dispersed..

by saying so pragya went to her cabin with so much of attitude.. & all left one by one..

bulbul: hey machi.. see.. she is soo arrogant.. wen she is talking about talkative she gave glare to me..

abhi: i know.. u have done something.. & she is our boss & most probably she guessed our characters.. tat’s y she is eyeing at u..

bulbul: how rude.. u r my frnd.. & taking her side.. its not fair machi..

abhi: come on bully.. accept the fact tat u r loda loda radio..

bulbul(stomped her feet) : u r doing wrong by choosing her side machi.. one day she will show u who she is.. & u will feel bad .. & i will mock at u..

by saying this she walked fast

abhi: hey bully.. bully.. stoppp….

&now abhi is crossing the m.d. room. it’s a glass door..pragya looks at him & he too looks at her.. she called him in..

abhi: yes boss..

pragya: y not u learn some basic manners..

abhi: excuse me?..

pragya: now only i told show ur talents in competition.. & u r run behind her as if some marathon race is going on.. wat’s this abhisheik..

abhi: (wat non sense she is talking.. my patience also have some limits..) boss.. tat..

pragya: i’m at wrong side.. i gav u the job na.. u will do watever u want.. tat’s y i hav invested on u na & having faith tat u people will achieve great.

abhi: boss.. u want perfection in my job.. tat’s it na.. i will give my cent percent .. u don’t worry abt tat & most importantly don’t be sooo bossy wen am at right.. it will hurt my ego & i will show u the real me..

pragya(shocked) : u can talk wen u r right okay.. ?. now u r not in tat state to order me like a boss.. got it..

abhi (full of irritation): yes mam.. but, hav one doubt.. don’t we hav the talking rights in this office..

pragya:(smirked): ofcourse u have.. during break times.. & wen am asking u anything.. u can talk.. now, u can go..

abhi: thank uu..(in a mocking tone)


she is grand mother of arrogance.. she is touching my ego.. wat the hell i did..? is it wrong to be frndly with a co worker.. i will show her my ability through my work.. & who is she to order me..!his mind thinks.. abhi beta she is the one who bring ur happiness back to u.. she gave ur dadi back to u.. so think of that..his heart argued back.. oh no.. dadi.. how can my dadi needs such a arrogant lady as her bhahu.. it’s not at all safety for me.. first i have to erase my dadi’s mind which is full of my boss thoughts.. with in few minutes boss makes my dadi to dance in happiness.. i don’t know.. wat black magic had she did with my dadi.. now i hav to concentrate on my work..

**** end of ABHI’S POV****

some other time abhi called office boy as he needs a coffee for him.. he told him tat he prefer cinnamon coffee.. office boy told tat they won’t make cinnamon coffee.. so, can i bring normal coffee.. abhi told him ya.. then abhi was surprised bcoz office boy gave him cinnamon coffee tat too perfectly his taste.. abhi thanks him for his fav coffee & told him to give coffee like this daily for three tyms..

the day was over with working on lyrics & music.. abhi opened his cabin door & he saw a handsome guy entering into his boss cabin.. abhi saw they both were smiling ear to ear & his boss ran to him & hug like a child..he to reciprocated the hug..

“is this office or wat ! but if ask about this she will say tat it’s her office & she will do wat she wants & more over the office time is over..don’t show ur male dominance to me.. bla blah blah” abhi stomped his feet & went out from office.. tat’s wen he remembered about his mobile.. he left in his table.. so , he came to his cabin to take his mobile.. tat’s wen he saw bulbul also there in pragya’s cabin.. seems like both boss & the new man are mocking at her..

**** ABHI’S POV***

wat the hell.. they r now having spcl meeting with my frnd bully.. wats there to mock at her.. & he can’t see wat bulbul’s reaction is.. she is facing them na..she is silent & the both were laughing at her timidity.. is this the work a boss can do.. i hav to do something..

**** END of ABHI’S POV****

abhi: excuse me boss.. shall i come.. the trio were looking at him with a expecting look..

abhi: we have to work until office time right?.

pragya nodded her head in acceptance..

abhi: now, i have to talk with bulbul.. so, with or without ur permission we r going..

pragya glared at him.. but he didn’t seemed to be affected.. he literally pulled bulbul out of pragya’s cabin..purab.. ya tat young man was also looked shock at abhi’s behaviour..

bulbul:(with annoyed face) : wat u r doing machi?.

abhi: am rescuing u from tat attitude queen..

bulbul looks at him in disbelief…


so, how was the shot.. thanks for spending ur precious time to read this..

give ur lovable comments..

am looking forward to it..!! keep smiling … keep reading .. tak care all..:)

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  4. Pragya’s attitude sema
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    Coming to ur update Aarambame Amarkalama irunthuchi.. this one was superb.. I like this bully very much.. and pragya’s attitude superb.. loved it akka.. love you so much.. take care?

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