U r Angle of Light n Me King of Darkworld ! How we will toughter ? – Raglak promo


I m so…so…so…sorry i know u so angry with me na but trust me its not my fault its mobile’s fault a virus a come bcoz of that i loss my internet connection but now everything fine so here i m with promo next episode u will toddy or tommorow ok n thanx 4 ur suppourt n comment in my previous episode

A girl is crying n injurd very badly besides her two mens r lies near about dead

On other hand

A girl also seen n tied with chain

Girl-plz leave me plz

A man come n slap her hard

Man-no i won’t leave u so easily its dead day today

A new world shown its Earth

A college shown

A man teaching some student a girl is busy in talking n man throw a chok n hit his head

Man-concentrate on class

A graveyard shown where a woman r crying near a grave

Woman-i m sorry i can’t save u plz frogive me

The grave’s dead person name shown

Laksh King of Darkworld

Ragini princess of Angleworld

Plz don’t kill me after reading this plz n ya this prome from killing Ambala to Raglak’s death

Ok bye n sorry 4 late update

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