U r Angle of Light n Me King of Darkworld ! How we will be toughter ? – Raglak episode 6


Sorry guys 4 late i was just busy n my exam result r going to declear within 2 days so pray 4 me now lets start

ragsan come back to AW n king n queen sharmishtha n shekhar scold ragsan

shekhar(angry)-y u went there ? If any thing happend to u what we will do ?

Ragsan bend their head n listing shemish’s scold n sanskar seing ragini with angry n just than 50 year old man enter

man-y r u scolding ?

Shekhar(angry)-u don’t know ram that where they went ?

Ram-i know king i send them to get poison 4 killing withch Ambala from DW


ram-ya n u got poison

sanskar-ya we bring poison swara give this

ram-swara who is she ?

Ragini(immadeatly give answer)-she is sis of laksh (shemish,ram shock to hear laksh name)

shekhar(tensed)-u mean king of DW laksh


shermishtha-how u met them ?

Sanskar tell them whatever happend n ragini’s magic n all brust out laugh except shekhar

shekhar-sanskar ragini go n take some rest i’ll talk u later n sanskar next time if u want to take ragini where plz inform me now

shermishtha watch shekhar n sence his tension

in DW

laksh n swara come back home goes to their respctive room

in laksh room

laksh think about ragini n suddenly he hear some1 shout n he goes toward that direction with angry eyes

in swara’s room

swara reading some books n she turns some page n found some shocking

swara(thinks)-i should tell bhai otherwise it will later n she runs towards room

laksh goes stop near a gate n order some shoulder

laksh(angry)-open the gate name jail n shoulders open the gate

n he enters the jail n in a jail a prison shown n in that prison a tied with iron chain his face cover with cloths only his eyes r shown

man(shouts in anger)-leave me leave me laksh otherwise if i’ll get free than no1 save u n that AW’S king aaaahhhh……… Leave me

laksh enter in prison

laksh(angry)-y r u shouting ?

Man-leave me i said leave me laksh i m ur brother how could do this to me

laksh(angry)-u don’t know that y i m doing this ? U here bcoz of ur deed

man(try to emotionly black laksh)-i m ur brother laksh i won’t do anything like be4 plz free me

laksh(angry)-u r not my brother my brother was good man he never hurt but u kill dad n ma n than attck on AW n try to kill shemish daughter ragini vo bhi tab when she was only 5 year u r so bad n ur bro n sis is dead 4 u

n laksh come out from jail

man(evily laugh)-u r so stupid my bro if u think that i m gonna live here 4 life time than its ur misunderstanding n laugh

in AW

shekhar comes ragini’s room c her sleeping peacefully n crares her hair n goes n come to his room n stand near a window n some1 put hand on his shoulder n he turn n there was ram n shermishtha

shermishtha(poiletly)-i know what r u thinking ? Plz don’t take stress nothing will happend to ragini laksh is there na

shekhar(angry)-i know somi but ragini is going to 22 n i remember what he said
“i will come when she bcome 22 i’ll kill every1 n marry ur daughter n than kill ur daughter slowly slowly n laugh n laksh take that man,
what if he will come what we will do we have to do something i should meet laksh talk about this

at some place a man running take a peace of cloth with blood his face revealed sahil n goes into a cave where a woman doing shaitan’s worship

sahil-i bring this whatever u said that ragini’s piece of cloth n her blood now take gayatri

gayatri(take cloth n c evily)-jay ho shaitan ki now i’ll free u nobody will stop u to ruin everything i’ll make u free from that prison

sahil(scard n ask)-but how laksh is there n always put eyes on him how will u make free him ?

Gaytri(c him with evil eys)-u don’t worry when we will free him laksh will not be there n do some magic talk some1
“u will have to make laksh busy with u otherwise we can’t free till next 32 year so do whatever u want’

n she start her puja

in DW

swara search laksh n he come c swara tensed goes near her

laksh-what happend swara ?

Swara(fears n hug)-bhai where u went i was worride i think u also leave me like maa dad

laksh(hugs her n smile)-no mera bhachcha i won’t leave u but y sudden fear

swara break hug

swara-is he still in jail ?

Laksh(weird)-ya but y u asking ?

Swara(fear)-bhai is he in jail than he should be in jail in next 2 days n u also won’t go anywhere within 2 days

laksh-but y shona ?

Swara-bcoz in 2 days a special moon arises afte 32 year if he will get free than he will ruin everything but if he will stay in jail in 2 days than the evil gate close he will disapear forever i read this in book n laksh c book

laksh-promise i won’t go anywhere until he disapear forever ok happy now go n sleep

the screen frezez on laksh’s tensed,swara’s happy,ragini’s sleeping,shekhar going n gayatri n that man evil smile faces

ok bye guys

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