U r Angle of Light n Me King of Darkworld ! How we will be toughter ? – Raglak episode 5


Hi guys thanx 4 ur support n comments n in this episode a comedy will be but seriously i m not good to make funny scean so if u like than tell me or dislike than also tell me ok so lets go

Sanky-thank u miss(give his hand shake)

Swara-swara pincess of DW n younger sis of laksh(swara also give her n shakes)

Sanky(thinkx)-frist time in life i like some1 n she bcome this laksh sis oh god y did u do to me

Swara(who has power to read thouhts if she touch any1 bcome shock to learn sanky’s thoughts n bcome angry)-how can u think like this about me ?

Sanky(has power to read mind so he got to know that swara’s power)-sorry i didn’t knew about ur powers

Swara(angry)-what do mean ha

here ragini is doing her magic on dead flower n that dead flower bcome normal n she leavs place n sh turn n sanky running toward her come near flower n flower start growthing abnormaly n swalak come near swasan start fighting n raglak see them in confusion n that flower start having large leafs,large branches n big kate(i don’t know kate meaning in english)one them kata hooked in sanky’s belt n swara holding sanky’s collor n they also start flying in air n the plant grow like n start touching sky its root bcome more strong n raglak see them with open mouth n come in sence


swara(who is busing to fight with sanky)-1 sec bro once i teach him a lesson than i’ll talk to u

laksh put his hand on forehead

ragini-sanky listen

sanky(who is also busiy with swara)-no ragini i told her sorry so many times n she fight with me now letme finish this fight

now swasan went so much high from down raglak shout


Swasan-what n (both see down n shock n shout)aaahhhhh………bhai/ragini plz save us

Laksh-ok but how n how this flower grow this much swara if u don’t know the magic than y u did this ?

Swara(identify the flower)-no bhai i didn’t any magic it was done by some1 else

sanskar see ragini face(who is bend down her head)n undestand that it was done by her

sankar(with crying n sad face)-ragini did u do this u know na ur magic always bcome problem 4 every1

swalak see ragini who is bend down her head


laksh(calm himself)-now tell me how we will do everything fine

Ragini(crying face n innocenly)-i don’t know

laksh(angry)-what u know bcoz of u swasan in this condition who told u to do magic on dead flower

sanky(shout)-plz don’t shout on her bcoz

ragini start crying n shouting n every1 ear start paining except sanky(ragini has this power from birth)n laksh bcoz they have special powers n sanky use his mind powers n stop ragini

laksh(clam)-ok fine we will have to do samething (he here n there found tree cutter)go n bring the tree cutter

ragini once again using her extra mind n lift the tree cutter without touching by using telekynesis

ragini-laksh take this

laksh who see swasan n hear his name from her mouth his feeling imsene happness n when he the tree cutter hit his face n fall down n laksh start dizzy n ragsanswa put their hand on mouth

laksh(angry)-what the hell(but stop n remember ragini’s crying)listen u won’t do any magic


laksh take tree cutter n start cutting the branches but the branches r so thin won’t easily but suddenly he realise the wood cutter start devoloping into big wood cutter n it bcome 25 ft n laksh thinks n bcome angry

laksh(angry)-ragini(yes guys it was done by ragini)u r a idiot told u that don’t use any magic than y

ragini(innocently)-vo i thought

laksh(irritatly)-what u thought

ragini-vo i thought that if branches r large that wood cutter should be also long na so i did

laksh see her in disblife n here swasan r in big problem bcoz wood cutter(wc)come near roots n start cutting the roots swasan shouts laksh see them n runs towards n stop wc n suddenly ragini remember something

ragini(happy)-i remember

laksh(angry)-now what

ragini(happy)-i remember which spell i read in magic if i read opposite than magic also bcome opposite

laksh(irretaly)-i should give u invitation 4 reading spell

ragini(sadly)-i 4get spell

laksh-what than reminde that otherwise i’ll leave u i 4get that u r angle(guys sorry laksh neigther do any magic on AW people nor breaks the spells of AW)

here swasan shouting n laksh try to stop wc but wc didn’t stop n wc is near to full root n ragini remember spells n do her magic n everything bcome normal but in sudden magic swasan about to bcome fall down but laksh do his magic n land them safe n sanskar n goes to ragini scold

sanskar(angry)-u idiot,duffer always told u don’t use magic but always doesn’t listen to me let me back home than i told about this to u king n queen shemish

laksh(shock to hear name)-what u said king queen shemish

sanky-ya this idiot is only daughter of AW’s king n queen shemish now will leave now thanx 4 helping n sorry 4 disturbing bye

sanky do his magic call unicon horsess n they went n ragini turn n c laksh n laksh also ragini

sorry 4 speling mistake

episode end

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