U r Angle of light n Me king of dark world ! How we will toughter ? – Raglak summary


Ragini(R) is princess of Angle world n laksh(L) is king dark world both meet when R was in truble n he saved her swasan entry swara(Sw) is sis of laksh n sanky(S) is friend of R and main shouldeir of AW S n R come Dw 4 get some poison to kill witch Ambala(A) n Sw give dat poison now dey back R fall 4 L at 1st syt n villain entry take place Miland(rv of MATSH)he L bro who posses his twin bro ranveer’s body who was going to bcome king of DW when L got to know he send him in prison n rv made L king of DW
S n shekhar goes to kill A faught n S kill her but she saved bcoz L only kill her bcoz L faught with A she died dan Gayatri make A drink L’s blood so she saved n she kiddnap R who come with dem as shouldeir here Sw got to know everything n L go to help dem
S n L met eo n where S got to know his mother was killed by M so both gone n saved R but M is free now
Swasan n raglak now in Aw in nyt S saw M killed every1 accept him,sw,R n L


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  1. Interesting

  2. Asra

    awesome dear….whn u r going to update ur nxt part…and the Don love story….tkcr dear…

  3. IQRA222

    awesome di pls do update both of your stories as soon as possible

  4. Kristen

    Thanx guys n i submit my both ff let see when they post

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