U r Angle of light N Me king of dark world ! How we will toughter ? – Raglak special episode – 12 part-a

Sooooooo sorry guys n belated happy new year
now i can not give u excuse so came to the story

ragini runs 2ward sanky push him both fall down n sanky turn saw Ambala alive both r shocked to c her alive n ambala laugh n ragsan stands

sanky(tense)-how is this possible u died than how can u alive

Ambala(smile evily)-chchchchch what happned shock to c me alive u kill me than how i bcome alive so listen only laksh can kill me bcoz i have drink his blood(rashenkar bcome shock)u can’t kill me

n she see ragini

Ambala-only u can free our malik(rv)miland bcoz u r a pure soul now u will have to come with me

she goes near ragini n drag her forcefully shenkar try to save but Ambala push them shekhar bcome badly injurd n fainted n sanky also have some injuries but he try to stand n he stand when stand n turns ragini n Ambala disappear he thought follow them but he hear shekhar’s alas n truns

sanky-king getup,get up king

but shekhar didn’t respond so take him palace n called sharmishtha n ram prasad n tell them everything ram cheak shekhar n take sanky outside

r.p(tense)-sanky shekhar is not in good condition but he will survive max 24 hours now go n save ragini

sanky-but how can i leave king like this how

r.p.-no will have to go otherwise it will be late 4 everything

sanky(confuse)-what do u mean pita ji

sanky n rp hear shekhar calling n they go inside

shekhar(in pain)-sanky go n save ragini n take this daimond when u go out of Aw than rub this on ur plam n laksh will come help u to save ragini go

sanky-but what about u

shekhar-if ragini will be fine than we automatcly bcome fine sanky there is many things u,ragini n laksh doesn’t know

sanky-than tell me

shekhar-once u save ragini than i’ll tell u everything n ya sanky i know u like swara even ragini likes laksh but 4 ur toughterence u have to save ragini go

here ambala’s place

she drags ragini forcfully n give to gayatri

Gayatri(smile evily)-at last our waiting will end our demon will be free take her tied her with rope

ragini crying badly n gayatri doing puja

sanky reached out of aw n rub that daimond on his plam

in Dw

laksh r tensed after listing whatever swara said n locket start lighting n he understand that shekhar is calling n he was about to go but swara

swara-u can’t go

laksh(turns)-if i didn’t go than ragini will die n rv will bcome free

swara(angry n crying)-not rv he is miland he is monster he steal my bro rv’s soul n live in body thats y u can’t kill him

laksh(clinched his fist)-but i we can’t save ragini than i will have kill rv

swara-but if u gone n miland bcome free than

laksh-after full moon than they start to do magic n take ragini’s blood for free miland n get his power he will have to kill ragini so trust me if he will bcome free that he has not his powers till we have to save ragini at any cost n take this

laksh give his locket to swara

laksh-wear this if he wants to harm u than he can’t ok bye tc

swara nodes

here sanky waiting 4 laksh n he comes

sanky-laksh vo i mean king (b4 sanky says laksh say)

laksh-lets go we hate to save ragini

they sit on horses n gone

sanky(ask)-y ambala take ragini ?

Laksh-bcoz she n gayatri wants my bro miland free

sanky(shock)-y i mean y u bro is prisoner ?

Laksh-i’ll tell u to start we r four child of king n queen of dp n ap but 1 day they disappear every1 try find him but no use than our dad’s friend Kailash n his wife Amba(remembre MATSH rv’s perents)they tc us we rv,swara n me r same love eo very much but miland was differ he wants power,money n dw’s empire.Rv was elder than us tha acording to rules he will be king but miland didn’t like this n he start hating us n start doing bad black magic n our maid gayatri betray us she is with miland n on rv’s rajyabhishek date came they start but miland was not there so we think that he will come n rv’s ragyabhishek puja start but mistekly swara touch rv’s n she come to that he is not rv he is miland she tells us

precap-past continue,miland free toucher on ragini n swara n a new chapter start

guys this is special episode it will be comepleted may 2 to 3 part so enjoy n thanx 4 support n ya

i want rv’s love story in my ff with swasan n raglak so what do u want tell me n ya it will intresting n raglak never loose their importance bcoz of other pair so tell me what do u guys want ?

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  1. I want to read raglak scenes

  2. Kristen

    Hey guys sorry 4 not giving u raglak romantic n naughty scene but this needed to story after special episode i have surpise 4 u so plz bear this

  3. nice amazing superb excellent mind brilliant speechless plzzzz be regular don’t be late bcoz now raglak ff are very less so for raglak fan missing raglak and ff are only for them and thanks raglak ff ts ss writer who gave there precious time and post regular or may be daily if u have time

  4. Astra

    awesome… and want raglak scenes plz..

  5. Asra

    awesome dear…loved it…

  6. Awesome and Want Raglak scenes only

  7. Raglakholic

    Amazing update
    Totally loved it
    Fb is superb one
    Yeah u can show rv love story too along with swasan
    As long as raglak are lead pair
    I don’t have any complaints regarding other pairs
    Please do continue soon
    Eagerly waiting to read more

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  10. Superb update
    S u can show rv love interest too

  11. awesome

  12. It’s superb
    Pls post soon

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    awesome loved it

  14. SUPERB

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