U r Angle of Light n Me king of dark world ! How we will toughter ? – Raglak episode 16

In morning

Ragini wakeup saw her bandeges remmember last 2 days accidents n how laksh saved her a smile apear on her face n shemish come

Shomi(concern)-how r u ? My princess

Shekhar(concern)-tell u beta

Ragini(bries n hugs dem)-dey will kill me if sanlak not deir 4 my saving me

N she cries

Shomi(cup her face)-now u saved na so just relax go have some bath n den come 4 bf

Ragini noded n shemish went n ragini went 4 bath but she has pain in her head,hand,shoulder n she about to enter when some1 pull her n close her eyes in fear after 2 min she open her eyes foung laksh,ragini is happy to see him n about to hug him but she feel pain

Ragini(scream in pain)-aahhh….

Laksh saw this

Laksh-is it paining ?

Ragini nodded with cute face

Laksh-let me cheak

He open her bandages of head,shoulder n hand

Ragini-wht r u doing ?

Laksh(put his finger on her lips)-ssshhh……..i said na let me cheak trust me

Ragini nodded

Epi end

Next episode-raglak romance n laksh making distance from ragini

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  1. Awesome

  2. Asra

    awesome dear….plz make it longer…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  3. Akshata


  4. Interesting episode and eagerly waiting for Raglak romance

  5. IQRA222

    awesome episode
    raglak scene was sweet
    just do make it longer
    waiting for the next part

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