U r Angle of Light n Me king of dark world ! How we will toughter ? – Raglak episode 15

Hello guys once I m again I hope you didn’t forget me n thank you for your comments I m really happy to see ur love towards this ff n guys this episode may be my last long episode after this u have to bear my short episode n 2nd my exams r going to start 1st week of March so I’ll be irregular but I’ll be post my ff but delay n Nikki this reply for u n for whom who is compared raglak n swasan ff?

Guys I know u all love raglak n disappointed to see so much ragsan n swasan ff, raglak ff is very less as compared to swasan n ragsan n u want more ffs on raglak n I have many ideas n stories n this also my fault that I started watching swaragini very late na that’s why I want some time to disclose my ideas n Nikki I can’t make this ff near about 100 episode because in my mind this ff only have 50th episodes so sorry for this n plz guys don’t compare raglak n swasan ffs plzzzzzzz_☺

Now start this ff

Raglaksan reached to AW n all shouldier take Raglaksan to ram n he checked them wound n did first add but ragini got several injuries so she slept n swara also reach aw n shocked to see Raglaksan conditions n hug Laksh ?N cry

Swara(cry)?- r u ok bhai ?

Laksh(hug back n smile ?)- i m ok n u miland did he hurt u

Swara-no be4 he came his shouldiers come n take me
(Points 2ward sanskar)

Sanskar smile

Shemish come

Shekhar-thank you laksh n sanskar 4 saving my daughter’s life thank you

Sharmishtha?-laksh sanskar u give us very big favor thanks

Sanskar-what the hell y r u bcome so formal ragini is my bf(guys best friend ?)whatever i did it my love 4 her so plz don’t say thanx

Laksh-ya sanskar is right its was our responsibility now i think me n swara should leave

Shemish,sanskar r shocked to hear this ?

Shekhar-no u can’t go see ur condition u can’t walk properly n u wanna go no

Sanskar-ya king is right u can’t go atleast until u bcome normal

Laksh(?worried)-u guys r not understand miland is free now n he can do anything to take his revenge he can harm u guys

Shekhar-no u can’t go thats it ya he can harm us but bcoz ragini not bcoz of u he want ragini n only u can stop him

Sanskar(goes near swara)-plz swara tell ur brother

Swara-ya bhai they r right we can’t go ur condition is not good plus u lost ur power till ur power not back we can’t go plz

Laksh accepted all requests n didn’t go

Laksh – ok

All r happy shemish take raglak swasan to palace where they got treatment n care they gives swalak rooms where r they slept

In night

Ragini is sleeping in her Room suddenly come in her in her room he goes near ragini to feel some1 presences see open her n saw a black shadow she scard

Ragini (scard n stammer?)-who r u plz go otherwise i will shout go

But that shadow come near her

Ragini-i said go otherwise i will shout

But he didn’t go n ragini was about to shout but he close her mouth with his hands n she become shocked

Episode end

Sorry guys 4 short episode tomorrow is my test so i will have to prepar but tomorrow u got very long episode bye

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  1. u know even I watched it late but u know na CVS always partial to towards swasan see the most unique acting done by tejesswi and raglak unique story is the reason of trp so now many actor doing passionate lover role and the show is swaragini but always swara that’s why I don’t want raglak should lesser in anyway

  2. what happened to raglak writer and their love bcoz she swasan ff is increaseing and raglak ff is one or two in no plzzzzzzz speach plzzzzz loved it guys what happened to raglak ff writer now its so less in number plzz try to write more bcoz now days raglak ff is decreasing as compare to swasan bcoz raglak ff os ss ts plzz give more and don’t stop in bcoz many writer are stop in middle and some end sudden plzzz guys prove that raglak fandom is not less plzz guys give some new one try to regular plzz give some new raglak ff and yaa plzz write more at least 100 episode bcoz many swasan ff reached 100 but none raglak ff reach plzz write more guys for raglak its a request by raglak fan

    1. Jazzy

      nikky yaar why u always say this whether less in no. but see the hardwork they put and just remember its not always quantity that matters quality matters more … soo u should be happy to get these many wonderful ff and should just be happy… we r not here to compete with any other fandom yaar

  3. IQRA222

    Awesome i think the person is lucky

  4. Asra

    awesome dear….

  5. oh god y u stop…it was fabulous

  6. Jazzy

    amazingggh yaaar just loved it

  7. amazing..

  8. Awesome and waiting for next episode

  9. Plzzzz be regular…Lucky baby…

  10. All d best…….
    Awsm…..mind blowing……its Laksh who comes to see Ragini…….marvelous update

  11. Awesome yaar, but it’s too short

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