U r Angle of Light n Me king of dark world ! How we will toughter ? – Raglak episode 14

Hello guys 1st so sorry to being late 2nd thanks 4 ur support n comments in my previous episodes n one thing guys is here anybody fan of Qubool hai couple Asad n Zoya so tell me bcoz i m biggest fan of this couple n i write a ff name Asad zoya power of true love which change the beasts plz read guys n no so i have to stop my asya ff so plz so now start my this ff

Sanlak reached Ambala’s place n they enter her den where she n gayatri is waiting

Gayatri(smile evily ?)-now u once again caught in our case laksh n this time with ragini now our god will released n u all die

Gayatri n Ambala r laughing evily ?

Gayatri- shouldiers come here go n stop them when i ordered u than stop

They nods n gone

Sanlak traveling here n there but could not find ragini n that shouldiers r came n they attack on sanlak but laksh come b/w sanskar n shouldiers n he spells his mantras
Laksh- taksham marnnasan(dead right)

(Guys this words taken from sanskrit subject ?)

All shouldiers died

Seeing this gayatri n ambala bcome furious n ragini also saw this bcome happy

Gayatri(ordered ambala)-u go n stop them b4 untill i complete my puja

But ambala didn’t go gayatri saw this n bcome angry ?

Gayatri?-whar r u waitig 4 go

Ambala-? me u also come with me sanskar didn’t hurt me but laksh can

Gayatri (?angry)-what the hell laksh also can’t kill u bcoz he don’t know how to kill u(she said some thing in mute which revealed in the end of episode) n 2nd that i can’t come with u bcoz he don’t know about me that i m the who once again make u alive i m just care taker of swara in front of him

Ragini hear everything n shock

Ragini(in anger ?)-0how cheap u r u broke whose trust who trusted u bcoz of ur cheap benefits chi

Gayatri bcome angry n slaps her hard

Gayatri(?angry)-u yes i break his trust u know why he is deserved this miland he was not my son but i take care of him like my own son n like every mother i want dw’s crown 4 my miland but that amba n suresh got to know that i miss guide miland so they wanna give every things to ranveer so i teach her black magic (now she told everything)n that laksh put his own bro in prison last 25 years

Ragini r shock to hear this ?

Ragini-do whatever u want but u will never win u lost everything laksh will destroy u

Gayatri bcome angry ? n slaps her very hatd n her head hit on a rock n she is in half conscious state n suddenly they hear some1 shouts n they turns shock to see two men’s blood shot eyes i.e. laksh n sanskar

Ragini (half conscious state n crying face ?)-laksh u came n she faints

Laksh(?angry)-u betrayaler we loved u respect u n swara she loved u like her own mother rv bhai loves u always respect u but u betray us i m not gonna leave u

Gayatri n ambala come out from shock

Gayatri(stammer ?)-how u come here ?

Laksh(?angry walk 2ward her)-i think u 4got that i m king of black magic no1 will stop me to know anything

Gayatri (ordered to ambala)-y r u stands go n stop him

Ambala nods n sanskar give him Ambala’s weapon to kill her

Sanskar-go n kill her only u can do this go

Laksh-u also go try to save ragini n take my sword this only those people touch this who made 4 this take it

Sanskar hesitantnly take but he lifts the sword laksh shock but happy n both goes to their work

In dw

Swara r tensed about laksh try to talk with tellypathy but no use suddenly she hears milands scream n she goes in.jail

Miland(?laugh evily)-what happened my sisy u couldn’t talk to ur bro don’t worry he will died soon

Swara bcome angry ?

Swara-nothing wiil happened with my bro n he will back to kill ur lovely care taker gayatri

Miland shock

Swara-what happened shock we know her truth 4rom that day when we got to ambala is alive now she will die n ur last hope also bye bro

N she goes

Miland(shouted)-u will have to free me ambala if not than he will live u or not but me surely kills u

At gaytri n Ambala’s place

Sanlak fight laksh v/s ambala n sanskaar v/s shouldiers n gaytri doing her puja

Laksh-i will not leave u he stabs her 3 times

But once she alived n ragini also got conscious n saw fights bcome scard

Laksh(shock ?)-sanskar u said that only i can.kill her but she alive

Sanskar bcome shock to see this n gayatri n ambala r smile evily ? but ragini remembered something


When ambale scard n says to gayatri come with her n she told that laksh cannot kill u bcoz 4 this he have to deep ur weapon in his blood than he can kill u n don’t know this so plz go

Fb ends

Ragini(shoutd)-laksh 1st deep her weapon in ur blood than u can kill him

N laksh did the same n b4 ambala can do anything he stabs her n ambala died n gayatri’s puja comleted n she holds ragini’s hair n take her blood n throw in havan kund n here Milan getting his power n sanlak fights with shouldiers n they killed them

Gayatri-good bye princess ragini

N she throw ragini in havan kund


He close his eye n ragini also n they open their eyes sanskar saw ragini in laksh’s arm laksh used his all powers to save her they happy

Gayatri (angry?)-laksh u did a really a very big mistake to save her life u lost ur all power remembered malan’s curse she once again try to snatch ragini but sanskaar stabs her

Ragini(look at laksh with love?)-sorry 4 me u have bear lots of things

Laksg(also look at her ?)-u know anything say accept sorry

Ragini-ya i know


Ragini saw sanskar who is watching another place n kiss laksh on lips n he become shocked?

Sanskar turn n saw both r lying on floor

Sanskar-r u guys gonna lying whole life or wanna go home

Both come in sence n stands but laksh r weak so ragsan hold him

Sanskar-we take u to my dad he will take care of u

Laksh-no 1st wanna meet swara ragini’s some blood fall in havan kund that means miland got his power he can do anything 4 his revenge

Sanskar-don’t worry laksh swara is in a Aw i called them now she is safe Now we can go

Both nodes

At Aw

Miland is free but didn’t get his power fully bcoz ragini is alive he come gayatri place n shock to see gayatri condition he use his power n make het all right

Gayatri-sir u came i sorry miland l can’t give ur full power

Miland-its ok ma now i m free na don’t worry

Epi End guys

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