U r Angle of Light n Me king of dark world ! How we will toughter ? – Raglak episode 13

So sorry guys i was busy with my coaching tests but now i m free n i promise i’ll be reguler with small updates after 2 episode n u guys want raglak romance n than i change my story track 4 some episode n after that ff will be on right track so lets go

swara recognise miland n he also accept in anger laksh try to kill miland but he can’t bcoz miland told that if they kill him than they won’t get rv bcoz he steal his soul now in rv’s body his soul control after listing this swalak r crying n miland smile

miland(smile evily)-now stop ur crying u both r my sis n bro i’ll 4give u if u guys accept me as king n bend down ur head in front of me

laksh(in anger)-we won’t do this we will never betray our brother like u monster

swara-ya laksh is right we will never btray our brother

miland’s anger reach to peak n he see some picae of glasess throw on them but a stronge hand save them n swalak’s eyes r closed due to fear but they realise that they r saved n they open their eyes they saw two pair of eyes n faint smile on a lips n pale face the the face is non-other than rv swalak saw him n hugs him

laksh-bhai u came now no1 will touch us not even that miland

rv(cry n break the hug)-no laksh i came here 4 some time(swalak r shocked)ya bcoz my will power is ouerpower on miland so just come here 4 some time

swara(cry)-u can’t leave us plz

rv(cup swara face)-no i won’t leave u just do as i say

both nodes

rv-swara go in my room under my bed i put a magical chain with enchanting holy spells

swara goes

rv stands n goes near crown n take this bring crown near laksh put on his head-now u r the king of darkworld now no1 will defeat u they hear a sobbing voice they turn shocked to c shemish,ram,sujata,5 year old sanky n 2 month ragini in sujata’s hand

shekhar(proudly)-if dp is hear than he will proud of both of u

rv(shock)-what r u doing here ? Who is invited u ?

Shekhar(weird)-u invited us thats y we come

rv-so he got to know that

shekhar-what r u saying ?

Rv(worried)-just go from miland come

lucky n all bcome confuse

n suddenly something happend n miland come once again

miland-so u come king shekhar shouldeirs hold them n shouldeirs hold them bcoz miland hapnotise shouldeirs

miland goes near sujata who hold ragini in hand miland try snatch her but sujat feels pain in stomach ya miland stab her n sujata died on the spot miland takes ragini n she cries in his hand n ram n sanky cry

miland-finaly u come i was just waiting 4 u,u know what when u bcome 22 i’ll marry u than kill u slowly slowly after ur death i’ll bcome king of the world

sharmishtha push a shouldeir goes near miland

somi(begging n cry)-plz leave my daughter plz leave her plz

miland(smile evily)-how can i leave her bcoz of her i own the world she hai this marks §.But until u guys alived i can’t bcome king so u will have to die b4 miland can do anything some1 hit him in this proces ragini was about fall but swara reach n catch her n miland turns he shocked to c amba n suresh with blood shot eys

amba-we give u all same manners but u bcome monster ha n amba n suresh start beating miland n laksh n shekhar also beat the shouldeir they hear swara’s screem n the turn shocked to c miland killed amba n suresh n turns 2ward swara

miland-give her to me swara i said give me swara (he shouts n was about hit her but stopes)no no no rv u can’t come go

but rv come

rv-shekhar sir go n take u family toughter n i m sorry bcoz of me u lost ur family said to ram

they gone

rv goes near swara u have very clever mind now my book shell is urs read n traind laksh as u can n he goes near laksh u r stronge now never bcome weak in front any1 tc of ur n swara he hugs n say somthing in his ear n laksh shocked(it will disclose in last episode)so now tied me laksh did the n after some time miland also come

miland(saw crown on laksh’s head)-u snatch my right laksh its my curse that if u use ur power to save any angle than u lost ur all power bcome normal human

laksh(in anger)-just shut ur blody mouth shouldeir take him n throw in prison

in this 22 years rv never come laksh bcome powerfull n heartless n swara bcome quite never smiles

fb ends

sanky is breakdown after listing reason behind his mother death

sanky(anger n cry)-he killed my mother now he want kill my friend ragini no he will never successeded is his deeds

lucky put his hand on his shouldeir

lucky-we will stop him but 1st save ragini 4 this we should make a plane

precap-ragini saved n raglak romance jealosy track

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