U r Angle of Light n Me king of dark world ! How we will toughter ? – Raglak episode 12 part-b

Hello guys so sorry i know i m late u guys wanna beat scold me but guys it is special episode n i want give long episode but after this n one more episode i’ll be reguler n u guys want romance of raglak n so i change my track 4 some episode than ff will be on track n any1 plz tell me how to give links

recap-ragini’s kidanapping n sanlak search 4 ragini n fb

fb continue

swara recognise miland n he also accept n swlak in anger throw him on the floor laksh start beating him n miland also beat him but miland over power laksh n miland take a knife but swara come n beating him miland’s anger reach to the peak n he use his power n piecess of glass throw on swara n she close her eyes due to fear after some time she realise that nothing happend to her n she open her she saw a pale face with a faint smile on his lips n he was nonother than ranveer n she runs hugs him n laksh also

swara(happily cry)-bhai u come plz tell na miland stop his stupidty

trio break hug

laksh(in crying voice)-ya tell that ba*t**d stop his cheap trick otherwise i kill him

rv(in crying tone)-ya u r right laksh he have to kill so kill me(swalak r shocked)ya lucky kill me my soul in his cage n he his soul in my body if u want to peace in dw so kill me bcoz without killing me u can’t defeat him

swalak start cry

laksh(teary eyes)-no bhai i can’t do this plz

rv-u have to laksh bcoz us plz lucky

swara-there is anyway to save u

rv-no there is no way

“there is one way to save u, a vioce come behind them n they turn it was shemish n sujata,ram n with lil sanky n 2 month ragini

laksh(goes near them)-what way plz tell me plz

ram-u have to put him prison with this chain n some holy mantras

laksh(in anger)-what the hell dw’s would be king will be live in prison no way

rv(in sad tone)-do it laksh

laksh turn

laksh-no i can’t plz

swara(in crying)-do it bhai(lakveer shocked to hear her statment)ya bhai do it b4 we lost our bro once again

laksh(anger)-what r u saying swara ?

Swara-i m saying correct if we prisoned him that we have time to save n we can search miland body i know cawerd bro he can’t destroy his body

laksh(thinks)-ok fine give me that chain

“so my bro n sis want his rv bro in prison,a voice come from behind n it was miland who once again over power rv’s will power swara runs to catch him but shouldier held her n all of them he start walk 2ward ragini n she start cry miland take her forcefully from sujata but she didn’t give him n suddenly she feels pain in her stomoch miland stabes him n she died

ram(sit down on his knees n shouts)-sujataaaaa……..shemish swalak also crying n sankry try wakeup sujata

miland check something on ragini’s back n he laugh

miland-hahahahahaha finaly u come now no1 can stop me bcome king of the whole world u have this marks § now no1 can kill i will marry when u bcome 22 than i kill u hahahahahahaha

sharmishtha(crying n beging)-plz leave my daughte plz leave her plz plzzz……..

Miland-how can i leave her only she can give me whatever i want but until u guys r alived i can’t success in my work so guys have to die so bye he take knife n was about to stabe him once again rv’s will power overpower on miland’s soul n he order to shouldeir to free them

rv-take ur daughter plz king shekhar take ur wife,daughter n never come here u know why

rv goes near ram n sanky

rv-plz i m sorry bcoz of my bro u lost ur wife n us son lost his mother

ram-its not ur fault it was miland sin now he will have punish

n ram get up take his chain goes near laksh

ram(in anger)-take this n tied ur brother b4 i kill him n never free him bcoz i u free him than my son will kill him go n do this

laksh take the chain goes near rv

rv(smile faintly)-just 1 sec lucky

rv goes near crown n take that n come near laksh

rv(happily n proudly)-now u r king of darkworld now u have all that powers which dad’s have no1 will defeat u n he puts crown on laksh’s head

laksh tied chain on rv’s body n ram enchantings mantras n miland also come said-u r snatch my right laksh now its my caurse on u when u use ur power to save any angle u lost u power 4ever n he tries last time to kill laksh he use telekynesis n was about to kill him but amba n suresh come b/w knife n laksh

swalak runs-y u done this ma baba-laksh said

amba-we r sorry baba we r fails to give miland right mannes plz 4give us n they died

miland(anger)-2day u saved but after 22 year i’ll once again come n kill u n destroy all things whom u love

laksh(in anger)-take him b4 i kill him

fb end

sanky is crying after listing sujata was murderer

sanky(in anger)-i won’t leave that miland he kills my ma n is about to kill ragini it will not happend

laksh put his hand on his shoulder

laksh-we will take revenge but 1st save ragini we have only 2 hour

here gayatri place

gayatri is doing puja

ragini(crying)-plz save me plz sanky

gayatri(smile evily)-no1 come here to save u neighter ur friend sanky nor king laksh so just keep quite

ragini(cry)-sanky laksh plz come save me

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