U R MY ANGEL (epi-9)


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Let’s start chappy
Raglak took swara to home after 1hr she woke up and look at raglak who were doing their hw she looked at them she opened her eyes and sat on the laps of ragini and rested her head in her chest both smiles seeing this
Ragini: swaru u woke up early today
Swara: she was holding ragini waist tightly and nodded her head
Laksh: ragu this not fair u always took Siso 1st even I want to spend give me (with pout)
Swara: rage u r getting any burning smell
Raglak: looked at swara in confusion
Swara: haaa ragu see someone is burning in jealous
Ragini laughed and said ha ha swara ur right
Laksh: (fake anger) go siso I won’t talk to u from now
Swara: smiles and jumped in his arms bro cholly saying she kissed on his cheeks
Laksh: smiles it’s okie siso Chalo we are hungry we will eat something
Swara: okie Wait bro and ragu where s Sanku?
Ragini: he was In school only U remember kavitha his new frnd she requested him a lot So he stayed in school only for 2hrs after that he will Be coming in 1hr okie now come we will eat
Swara: no I don’t want anything I hate sanku he leaved me for her new frnd And started crying moving her both hands and legs
Laksh: no siso he will come tell me one thing if ur free need any help u will do or not
Swara: ha I will do
Ragini: like same way he also helped his frnd and u r his bestfrnd so u have to understand him more na
I thought u will understand him more than anyone May be ur not his bf
Swara: no no I’m only his bf only I can understand him more hai na bro
Raglak: gave winning smile to her
Swara: but I want to tease him so u won’t say to him that I’m not angry on him okie
Raglak: okie but not more

On other hand
Sanky: okie kavitha now I have to leave Bye
Kavitha: but Sanskar plz stay for sometime now
Sanky: sry kavitha I already told u in will leave may be MY ANGEL will be waiting for me in the house
Kavitha: (with fake smile) okie bye
He left running
All 3 get down by the tym Sanky came running near swara
Sanky: hey angel
Swara: ………
Sanky: sry na angel u know na kavitha she requested me To stay that’s y I stayed in with her see for my mistake I got dairy milk silk for u ur favorite na take It
Swara seeing silk she tempted ? but controlled herself and trying to avoid him
Raglak were laughing silently bcoz they know swara likes silk she can’t resist more for silk
Swara: I hathe u Sanky u left me for ur new frnd (innocently)
Sanky: now he can’t take it bcoz she told I hate word he immediately hugged swara I’m sry angel with tears in his eyes
Raglak seen this and Said Sanky she is just teasing u Sanky don’t cry
Swara: Sanku u r crying sry Sanky I was trying tease u but I made u cry I’m bad dry Sanky
Sanky: smiles but hides its okie Angel
Swara: now smiles sanku
Sanky: u know wt angel I know that u r teasing me ( he saw raglak laughing so he got to know that she was teasing him) that y I did fake tears hahaha u belived that
Swara: sankuuuuuuuu saying this she run back him
Next day At school
(Wt swara did to kavitha Will be revealed in further episodes it’s suspense)

Raglaksan dropped swara in class room
Sanky class
Sanky entered into class kavitha smiled and greeted him
Kavitha: helloooo Sanskar
Sanky: hii
Kavitha: Sanskar can I cl u Sanku
Sanky: I’m sry kavitha only angel can cl me sanku if u want u can clean me like others Sanky
Kavitha: okie Sanky
Few hrs later swara want ? so she was going near Sanky to get ? but when she reached she was fuming in anger
She saw Sanky giving ? to kavitha that to silk
She angrly went near Sanky and snatch ? from kavitha and she was yelling at kavitha that only she can take ? from Sanky how can u take it( she was scolding with cute xpressions )
Sanky: arey angel stoppppppp it was not mine it was kavitha ? it fell on the ground so I gave it to her
Swara smiles sheepishly knowing how she reacted to kavitha and says cholly kavitha Didi (remember guys she was 3yrs elder than swara)
Sanky: Wt u want angel y u came
Swara: I want chocolate Give me
Sanky: u r impossible angel take this
Swara: heheheh I know Sanku bye saying she kissed him on cheeks and runned to class
Sanky: pagal
Kavitha was fuming seeing this even she don’t know y she feeling like this

To be continued……
Precap: leap……

Bye bye ?

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  1. Simin

    Awww thats sooooo sweet
    Swara dont leave kavita easily

    1. Swasanangle

      Of course simin she will not leave kavitha soo easily

  2. Soujanya


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      Thank u soujanya

  3. Mica

    huh..this kiddo.. they know how to jealous 😀 😀

  4. Woww finally leap waiting for it

  5. awww
    soo cute
    update early ps

  6. Nice

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u dear

  7. Arshaanya

    Loved it…
    Bt dun u think its too much for 3-4 year old girl…
    How can she talk all dese things… its little odd… first show her little big dan dese things…

    1. Swasanangle

      the scene which I wrote btw swara and kavitha was not imagination it’s real I mean it my real life incident I’m so possessive about my bro I can’t see any of my cousins with my bro when I was small one day he gave ? to my cousins ideas yelling one her like hell so I thought it will be fun if I kept this
      I was only 3yrs old when this incident happened I know ppl can’t believe so I have increased one more yr but still I failed I’m sry I will try my level best do not repeat like this mistake again
      Thank u for ur -point arshaanya don’t worry I will take it has positive way bcoz of this I can improve more
      Keep ☺ ?

      1. Arshaanya

        Aaaww i agree wid jlsy part of swara for sanky bt dat thing k i’l tease him dun tel him n lyk see rago some1 is burning in jlsy wen she was saying dis to lucky.. i mean dese were luking little odd for her age dats y said it… sorry if i ve hurt u… n u knw i jus love ur story

      2. Sethooty

        Yah I m also thought she is only 3 yr na….how can she talk this much or think this much…..

      3. Sethooty

        Superb Dr…..loved it

  8. Mariyajap

    Wow soo cute I love this angel and sanku

  9. Rabia

    Awesome ??

  10. Awesome bonding. I just loved your episodes. Just morning I felt bore and many new names of fan fictions were there so I thought y I shouldn’t try this fan fiction. By now I have completed all the nine parts and all were marvellous dear. Just can’t wait to read the whole story. Please post it soon..
    Sorry for the late comment

  11. Vyshu10

    haha…so cute

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    It’s too cute and lovely…

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  14. Both are damn cute

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