U R MY ANGEL (epi-8)

Hello guys I’m really sry for late update I was little
Busy in My exam preparations
Now I’m free From all

Guys I wrote an os named swasan’s love if u ppl r free plz read my 1st os

Let’s start chappy
Screen Start with swara sat beside Sanky like an innocent kid And took ? from Sanky bag and started eating she gave a piece to Sanky but he was in fear that wt will teacher do to him now his mouth was opened ?
Seeing Sanky opened she feeds ? piece inside his mouth
Now he came to senses and asked apology from the teacher
Teacher: I’m leaving u this time but next I don’t this girl to enter in my class
Swara: hey u duffer teacher Who r u to stop me to meet my Sanky I will meet him when ever I want to meet him okie (? rang at that time) Now leave the cls my bro told me after the ? ring teacher will leave the class now leave (cute anger)
Teacher: hey little devil how dare u to talk me like th…
Swara: (intrepted) how dale u to stop me to my Sanky
Sanky: angel calm down u shouldn’t talk like that to elders and that to he is my teacher we should give respect to him say sry to teacher now
Swara: okie sry teacher (with pout)
Now teacher smiled not bcoz she asked apology bcoz she didn’t even argue with him she just followed his words
Teacher: angel come here
Swara: teacher only my Sanky should cl angel no One shouldn’t cl me angel except him
Teacher: okie but y I shouldn’t cl like that
Swara: bcoz only my Sanky right
Sanky smiles seeing his possessiveness towards him
Teacher: okie swara I’m prathap u can cl me we ever u want
Swara: smiles one said okie I will clean u chanti bcoz I love this name and I like u also so I will u chanti from now
Teacher: okie swara bye I have to get out of the class now bye bye
Swara: laughs and okie bye bye she said and hold Sanky hand
Sanky I’m sleepy I want to sleep take me to home now
Sanky: no angel we should not go home in the middle if the school
Swara: but I have to do I’m sleepy saying this she hugged him and trying to sleep on his chest
All students who r watching this smiled seeing their bond at this age
Sanky: smiles okie come sleep on my lap after this class I will wake up u He took near the bench
He took permission from the next class teacher she agreed and swara slept on Sanky lap

Lunch time
All 4 are seated under the tree to eat lunch laksh feeding swarawbut our swara not in a mood to eat laksh and Sanky trying hard to make her eat
Ragini: swara u know wt I have got ?S for u after lunch I thought to give u but know u r not eating right okie then I will only eat this chocolate Without u saying this she was gng to unwrap the cover
Swara: no ragu Im eating na then y will u eat alone
Sanlak are surprised to see sudden change in swara for this chocolate they smiled and she completed full box without saying anything
Ragini gave ? to swara she took it started eating
All 4 came to home soon tripsy jumped on swara bcoz tripsy missed swara So much from the morning tripsy was licking swara face in happiness even swara hugged tripsy with a lot Of love
All laughed seeing tripsy and swara bonding
All played with tripsy and went to sleep

Next day
Swara got ready for the school Ap feeding bf for her sumi kept chocolate in her bag
Shekar took swara in arm and went to drop in school with raglaksan he dropped them and left to office
3 muzketeers dropped swara in class And left to their respective classes

Sanky class
with villan entry story me maza nahi ayega right. Aagai kabad me haddi
Kavitha: may I come in mam
Teacher: who r u??
Kavitha: mam new admission
Teacher: okie come in wt s ur name
Kavitha: thank u mam my name kavitha
Teacher: okie kavitha have ur seat
Kavitha: smiles and sit near beside Sanky bench
After class kavitha: (to Sanky) Hii
Sanky: hello kavitha Sanskar
Kavitha smiles before they talk more teacher entered into class

Lunch time
Sanky was about to near swara but kavitha asked him to company her
Sanky: sry kavitha I can’t if u want u can join me
Kavitha: okie But with whom u will eat
Sanky: with angel if I won’t go I’m sure she will not start eating bcoz she want her bro, me and rage without us she won’t eat
Kavitha: (don’t know but she don’t like angel name) fake smile okie now challo we will leave
Sanky went near angel both raglak also present there
Chalo siso now ur Sanky also came we will eat
Ragini: Sanky who s she (pointing towards kavitha)
Sanky: she kavitha ragu new student Kavitha she my sister ragini and he is laksh like my brother and this s angel u have to cl her has swara
Kavitha: said hii to all
Swara: Sanku bro I’m hungry let’s have lunch And ragu my ? after lunch
Ragini: of course swaru after lunch I will give but 1st complete Lunch 3 feed swara
Kavitha got confuse seeing their bonding
Kavitha: from how many days u ppl know each others.
Sanky: when we came to this world
Kavitha: confused
Laksh: my parents and ragini parents are best frnds more than bf they are like brothers
(tells everything their friendship and all)
Kavitha: smiles nice
Swara: ragu my ? and ragu I’m sleepy she fell on her We will go home
Ragini: smiles and took her in arms She made her sleep and Ask laksh chalo we will go home today look she was not in a mood to listen classes lucky
Laksh: okie I will go and cl driver Take care of her and I will took permission from princy too bye
He took Sanky left the place
Ragini: okie bye
Kavitha: how can u ppl leave I mean For swara how can u ppl bunk classes and go to home u will miss classes right
Ragini: kavitha for swara we can do anything she was our addiction kavitha So plzz don’t Say like that afterwards
Kavitha: okie but how will princy give permission to u ppl for swara u ppl want to go home how cane he will allow u 3
Ragini: arey kavitha this is our school I mean this s also one of the property of us so princy won’t say anything he will give permission If he won’t give na then he will die in the hands sanlak
Kavitha: okie but ragini Didi plz Sanky here bcoz I’m new to school I don’t know anyone I’m comfortable with Sanky can u plz ask him stay here
Ragini: I can’t say kavitha bcoz I don’t think he will stay bcoz when angel wake up from sleep 1st person she want is Sanky so ask him only
When he comes
Mean time Sanlak arrived
Laksh: I called driver he is coming and I took permission from princy too we will leave when driver comes okie
Ragini: okie lucky take swaru my hands are paining
She handed over swara to laksh he took her in arms
But someone is burning in jealous that is our kavitha even she didn’t know y she feeling like that
Kavitha: Sanskar can I ask u think its an request
Sanky: say kavitha wt was that
Kavitha: Sanky can stay here bcoz I don’t know anyone I’m new to school I want some one company and I’m comfortable with u Sanskar can u stay Until school got finished
Sanky: sry kavitha I can’t help u bcoz when angel wake up na if Im not in front her definitely she will kill me ( funny tone)
Kavitha: plzzz Sanskar plzzzz
Sanky: seeing kavitha she was requesting a lot So he said okie but not until the school end but only in 2 classes I will leave after that only 1 class will be there then u can leave home directly anyways we can’t talk in class right so I will stay only 2 classes
Kavitha: okie thank u so much Sanskar
Sanky: ur welcome ragu u ppl go and send driver back I will come after 2 classes till then manage angel
Raglak: okie tc we will try to manage

Screen freezes
Precap: even I don’t know

I know this part is some wt boring but after this episode it will take a leap
Thank u for all ur support and don’t forget to comment on this chappy bcoz comments give strength to me and Simin I m sry I could post yesterday bcoz of Diwali shopping once again I’m really sorry

NOTE: be careful when u ppl are burning crackers

Keep smiling guys
Bye bye ?

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