U R MY ANGEL (epi-7)

Hello guys I’m back with my 7th chappy

Thank u for all ur lovely comments guys when I was thinking to write my ff I really didt thought that I will get this much response thanks for all ur love guys thank u so much ur comments will make my day ?

Thank u for reading my boring talks ?

Lets starts
Next day morning
Screen shifts to swasan both r sleeping peacfully swara head is on his chest she was holding tightly both left hand and leg on sanskar we can say half of the swara body is on sanskar sumi and ap came to wake them up
Both are smiling seeing them bcoz even Ragini was on lucky even she woke up mid night seeing swara not in the room she searched in sanky she found her even she slept there near lucky 2pairs r sleeping peacefully sumi & ap shouted their names 3 woke up listening their names but our beauty queen angel was not in a mood to woke up still she was sleeping

Slowly sanky made swara sleep on the bed & 3 freshen up & went to school

Slowly day passed on evening when 3 came from school sanky was shocked to see the scenery he runned near swara took out her hand from the tripsy mouth he thought tripsy was biting swara but to shock she was not allowing tripsy to eat food
Swara: Sanky y removed my hand I was playing with tripsy(she was thinking it’s a
game bichara tripsy) pout

Sanky: Listening this he has words to say
(guys don’t think its an imagination which swara has done but its real bcoz wt swara did na even i did this with my dogy when I was small funny na ?)

Swara: Sanky now y r u not talking she shakes sanky
Sanky: Swara wt r u saying ubr trying to remove food from the tripsy mouth even tripsy was not biting u how s this possible
Swara: Confusion I don’t know (guys every animal will get iching on the nack if we pampered near neck it will easily mend to us same with tripsy it was feeling relaxed when she did to tripsy like that)
All family members seen the secenery from that tym they didt allow swara and tripsy to eat same tym
All went inside giving impossible look to swara
2years leap
Now even swara started going school she was studying LKG
Sanky in 2nd class,Ragini in 4th class, lucky in 5th class
4 r from same school
All got ready for school shemish and dp ap taking pics of swara 1st day school memory swasan pics swalak pic
Swaragini pics all r so involved in taking pics tripsy also came in btw in and took pic with the swasan raglak

Soon dp and Shekar took 4 of them to school swara didt cried for his 1st day on school bcoz raglaksan are there for her
Laksh took swara to her class Ragsan went to their cls
Laksh asked permission and make swara to sit on the bench he said all instruction to her again he showed bottle biskets books pencil
Laksh: Okie siso u sit here we will come in the lunch break again if u need anything he showed raglaksan clses which is opp to her cls
Swara: Okie bhai bye
Laksh: Okie siso bye he left the cls
After 1hr she got bored of classes slowly she jumped from window and went near sanky cls without any one notice
Swara saw sanky and smiled but sanky didt observed swar I the entrence
Swara slowly went and stand in btw teacher legs all students saw this and laughing sanky was in schoked he don’t know wt to do seeing all students laughing teacher saw them and asked y u ppl are laughing
But he saw swara in btw his legs he took swara in hands and smile seeing swara even sgmhe smiled seeing him
Teacher: Beta who r u y ucame ro my cls wt u want
Swara: I want sanky she showed sanskar and I want one more thing even I want to write like u
Teacher: Smiled and took her hand in his hand and started writeong aftersometym he stopped and swara to go near sanky but she refused to stop writting
Swara: I want to write more teacher refused bcoz his hands were paining she got irrritated and bitted teachers hand and went near sanky sat beside him like an innocent kid (teacher shocked swara rock)

Screen frezzes on sanky shocking face

Haaaa finally guys I have completed my 7th chappy
I don’t know I’m upto the mark or not I will try my levelbest to improve myself in writting
Plzzz leave it valuble comments I’m even requesting silent readers to comment plzzz give me strenght to write ff by ur comments

Bye bye
Keep smiling always

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  1. Simin

    Arre mera baccha is soooo cute

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u simin

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u dear

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u vijay

  2. Mahjabeen

    Hahaha dear i ws imagining da scene of teacher nd swara stndng btween da legs.. sooo cute…loved it dear..it ws awesome

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u mahjabeen

  3. Excellent dear

  4. Nice

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u dear

  5. Arshaanya

    Plzz show more swasan bond scenes plzz.

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u arshaanya

  6. Vyshu10

    haha…LOL…poor teacher. Swara rocked

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u vyshu

  7. Kakali

    Angell !!! it’s soo cutee n toooo cuteeee… love it dear… thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u kakali

  8. Akshiiii

    Shona olwys rock amazing

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      Thank u dear

  9. Nice

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      Thank u dear

  10. awesome.. teacher and swara scene nice

  11. Soujanya


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      Thank u sowjanya

  12. Yashasvi

    awwwwww it was such a shweet episdoe……
    haye….!!!!!!!!! itta cute tha…..
    my swara is really an angel…….
    loved when all of them were sleeping…..
    and then when swara rocked and teacher shocked…..
    hahahaha it was awesome…..
    u were up to the mark dear swasanangle…..hehehhe
    sholly swasan angel….

    keep smiling and stay blessed
    love uh…….
    Yashu !

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u yashasvi
      When I read another ff I feel like I’m not that gud at writing but I’m happy u all r liking it….

  13. Cute angel

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u dear

  14. Sanjanaagrawal

    Cute and awesome chappy !!!!! Waiting for next

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u sanjana

  15. Khushiii

    Awesome chapter

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u khusi

  16. Dharshini

    Incredible dear…Today only read this story..It’s too adorable…Post next part soon…

    1. Swasanangle

      Thank u dharshini

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