U R MY ANGEL (epi-6)

Hello guys I’m here with 6th chappy

Tq so much for all ur lovely comments I really didn’t expect I will get this much response thank u so much u r all making my day ?

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Episode 5

Let’s starts episode
Screen starts with Swasan & raglak playing with tripsy 4 r enjoying new company even tripsy was enjoying with our 4 ?S

Till evening they played alot with tripsy (2months for trips) soon all tried even sumi & ap
Came to call them bcoz it evening

Ap & Sumi taking 4 with them to freshen up but our tripsy became sad seeing this
But our swara saw tripsy sad so she requested sumi that we will bath by our own plz mumma

Raglaksan: ha mumma we can ourself plzzz even we will take tripsy to have bath bcoz I think it also got tired no even tripsy need to freshen up na(they said this bcoz they obsered their angel xpressions)

Sumi & ap agreed & left the place to prepare snacks for them

Swara:thank u bhai I love u saying she hugged him

Laksh: it’s okie siso now chalo we have to take bath
Laksh took tripsy in his arm left to washroom

All 5 entered into washroom they kept trips
There s a bathtub & it’s a very big washroom make swasan undressed by raglak
Laksh filled the ? with ? soon he took hand shower & made swara wet bcoz (she doesn’t like bathing but when she got wet she doesn’t
like come out of it) it should done in fraction of seconds if we miss that we have run after her for bathing
Laksh shifted shower on tripsy she was
enjoying in the shower (usually dogs don’t like bathing but it s diff. From other ?)
Lash hold the ? & trying to make bath it was
getting tough for soon ragini hold tripsy &
started rubbing all the body of tripsy soon tripsy bath is completed our swasan turn 3 did bathing with tripsy all went out separatly raglak did their bathing all got ready went down for snacks
They all happily ate pakoda

Our 3 muzkeeters completed their hw till that time swara played with tripsy
Soon they completed their hw till then it’s dinner tym
All left to dinning table swasan sat in the middle of raglak & tripsy sat near the dinning table ap kept pedigree for tripsy
Ragini was feeding swara in between even same with sanlak bcoz they know they won’t eat properly so they daily used to feed both of them
(if these type of siblings +my in home their parents will be tension free I’m rite guys)
All completed their dinner went to their respective rooms
They made separate house for tripsy

Asualy all woke up but this not by sunrays but barking sound of tripsy
Soon 3left to school after bf swara played with tripsy with the help of tripsy today she 3 ? still she want more soon it turned evening raglaksan came home after school got completed

Sanky went near swara gave ? to her bcoz he give daily 1 ? for her he know she won’t satisfy by ?S which will be given by her parents ( u all know no how parents will few ?)
After completing one ? she again asked another he gave silently saying this s last one pair
She nodded her head
But again she asked another now sanky didt given another bcoz even he knows it’s good for health to eat more so he strictly said no more ?s now but our naughty swara did listen him she again pleaded but no response bcoz slowly left the place bcoz if he stay he can’t stop himself without giving chocolate to her she he leave the place

Now swara got angry she saw tripsy & her little brain started working now she smirks
dinner time
Soon all sat for the dinner In same position swara without anyone notice she tied thred to pant which is having bisket
All completed their dinner soon going to leave to their but swara stops sanky & made some bahana took some away from the dinning table tripsy saw bizuket & started running behind him sanky ran all aver the hall all r confused seeing this but one is laughing that is our swara soon(swara rocks sanky shock) her smile faded bcoz she saw sanky saw sanky fell down tripsy got it’s bizuket she was enjoying swara ran towards him seeing him fell down even all family members came to senses & went near them swara was continuously saying dry to him but he was in anger so he didn’t accepted her sry
All family member came in mean time sumi scolded swara but raglak made some banana didt let them scold
They took swasan with them even parents left the place & gave them an unbelievable look

Raglak made swasan sit on the bed
They made swara calm bcoz she was ? continusly she didn’t expect this will happen raglak took their embrance made her calm down
But sanky said I’m sleepy let us sleep raglak thought tomorrow we will talk so they left sanlak slept ragini took swara & slept in their room but our swara was not getting sleep thinking about sanky so she get down & headed to sanskar & she get on the bed
Swara: I’m sorry sanku I didn’t know u will fell down plz forgive me sanku saying she slept on him only
Sanskar: smile hearing swara apology but he thought of teasing her so acting as if he was sleeping soon. He to dozed of with swara

Screen freezes on swasan ?

Precap: don’t know…

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