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Sorry I’m unable to post yesterday I worte the story but i don’t know how it got deleted ? I’m writting again

Guys if any one knows how to change username plz help me to change my username bcoz angel become angle in username plz help me if any one knows how to change

Hello yashasvi I have given link of my previous episode and episode 1 is prologue I did’t mention any episode no. but I don’t know how it came so plz don’t confuse

Episode 2 starts


Day starts with our sanky opening eyes seeing the baby sleeping beside him with angelic smile on her face she was sleeping peacefully he gets up and trying to find ap

Sumi comes out of the washroom and see sanky awake she smiles seeing sanky bcoz she knows that when he woke up he want either ap or sumi beside him

Sanky falls on sumi he smiles? And headed to sumi

Sumi smiles and took sanskar in her arm
“Good morning” sanky

Sanky: gud morning sumi mom
(Guys i want to clear on thing ragsan cls sumi and shekar as mom & dad, dp & ap as mumma & papa same with swalak)

Sumi took sanky to washroom mad him ready bcoz sumi got discharged (if it’s normal delivery no problem in doing works and all so don’t get confuse)

Shekar completed discharge formalities and left with sumi to mansion
Dp & ap were busy in doing preparations to welcome the princess to the home

Raglak side
Both are so happy now baby will come to home they play with her 24/7

Ragini: lucky baby is coming home I want to gift something to baby

Laksh: even I want to gift her something

Ragini: wt will we do know
Wait I have an idea we will prepare welcoming card for her and

Laksh:( intrepted) arey budhu wt she will do with the card she will in mouth thinking it’s food for her. We will by toys for her

Ragini: (hits laksh playfully) arey lucky y don’t u listen full idea.

Laksh: with cute pout okie say

Ragini: we will prepare card and we will write our feelings wen she born how much happy and how much deliberately we r waiting for her. When she grown up if she reads how much happy she will feel

Laksh: wow ragu nice idea but we will buy even toys for her okie

Ragini: smiles and says okie come we have to go and prepare card they will be coming in few hrs

Laksh:hmmm come

This conversation were witnessed by 2pair of eye they were happy seeing raglak bond they were non other than our dp & ap

After 3hrs
Shekar reached mansion with the princess
Listening horn sound raglak and dp ap went near the entrance

Ap smiles seeing them and took aarthi plate and headed to the entrance she does aarthi to sharmistha and princess

Shekar sumi baby and sanky stepped inside the home

Sumi kept the baby in the cradle

Our three musketeers also gone near the cradle

Raglak kept the card in her small hand and both said welcome princess

Laksh: Siso when u grow up spend this card okie it has mine and ragini feelings when we saw u how much we are and don’t think this s milk it’s card give it to me I will keep in our room when u grown up I will give u okie

Lucky pecks her on forehead same did by

Sanky who u was witnessed this he also did the same

Raglak y u r doing this

Sanky:( with innocent voice) y u both did na so I also pecked her forehead

Raglak: smiles seeing his innocence?

Baby started doing baby sounds bcoz now sanky getting attention more than her( naughty baby?)

she don’t that after few year she will give more importance to him than her life

All laughs she baby antics ??

All are doing their lunch when sumi started eating baby starts crying. Sumi took the baby in her arms she started smiling seeing this sumi again kept the baby in cradle starts eating again she started crying

( I think u all know if mother starts eating baby will cry it’s wt happens in my house when my di starts eating her son used cry loudly to gain attention)

Sumi looked at her and says offooo kithna badmash ho tum princess
She was going to wash hands

Seeing this our 3 musketeers stops her and said we will took care of the baby y eat mumma/mom

They already finished their lunch

All 3 went near the cradle and starts talking to the baby. even they didnt understand wt they r talking to baby (bichara baby)

After some tym all 3 slept near the cradle

Sumi and ap smiles and took 4 to the room make them sleep properly ( guys 2 connecting rooms are present in both the mansion bcoz shekar and dp don’t want to show diff. B/w 4 of them, So that they can sleep in any mansion)

All had dinner ( guys 2 mansion for outsiders but all of them behave like a family)

All headed to their respective rooms
Raglaksan stayed in the GM
Dp & ap went to MM to sleep

Screen freezes on happy face of all

RECAP: Full on masthi…..?

If u guys like even this epi plzzz do comments even to silent readers plzzzz

Bye bye…
I will come back with another episode soon

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  1. Mahjabeen

    Wow chooo cute chapppy???love raglakswasan bond woww amazing dear…nd u clled dem muskeeters hahaha…loved it….post nxt part soon

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    1. Swasanangle

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    Lovely chappy

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  9. Yashasvi

    awwwww that was such a cute and sweet epi dear ,……
    thanks yrrrrr for clearing my confusion………
    love raglakswasan bond……???
    do post next epi asap….
    will be waiting fr it…

    keep smiling and stay blessed..
    Love u…………??????
    Yashu !!!!!!!!

    1. Swasanangle

      it’s my duty to clear confusion dr so no thanks okie?

  10. Kakali

    Awwww !!! dear it’s sooo beautiful … u remind my old days when my sister came home fir d first time … it brings tears in my eyes … it’s a very cutee n unexpressable feeling … i love it dear … thnk u.. ;-*

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    uuhhh cute cute cute.. *pinch swara’s cheeks

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    IuwhwbsjiwbSjstwfjwe !!!!! Understood what I have written ????? No na … mujhe bhi samajh nahi aaya …. actually it is written in baby language ?????

    Coming to episode …. as usual it is awesome … superb …. really u are a superb writer … naughty baby !!!!! My angel !!!!!!

    Take care
    Keep smiling ????

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