U R MY ANGEL (epi-18)

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Let’s start chappy
Evening at Mansion
Sahil came to home early has laksh asked him to come Early
Sahil went to his room and freshen up and went near raglak where they talking random things
Sahil: Gud evening bhai and bhabi saying he also sat with them
Laksh replied him back but not ragini
Sahil again talked with he but no response
Sahil got to know that she was angry and laksh was smiling silently bcoz he know now wt will happen
Sahil: bhabi y r u angry with me ?
Sahil: shook his head and when near her and sat on his knees
Took her hands in his and asks y r u angry on me bhabi
Ragini: u r asking me y r u angry ha
U don’t know wt r u doing
Sahil: (confusingly) wt I did
Ragini: ha wt u did when u are at last night
Sahil: office
Ragini: before last night
Sahil: office
Ragini: then today morning
Sahil: office
Ragini: Now she got irritated she held his ears and wt u think of ur self can’t u eat bf and dinner in home (angry)
Sahil: (now he realised y she was angry) Sry bhabi bcoz of this new project I have to stay in office and even Sanskar also not there to take care (puppy eyes)
Ragini: (melted seeing him) Okie Im forgiving by now but not next time
Sahil: smiles widely and hugs her
Laksh was adoring their bond
Soon After sometime they completed their dinner and Went to their respective rooms

Swasan side
Sanskar: swara I’m hungry chalo we dinner
Swara: okie but I don’t know anything na
Sanskar: but I know
Now chalo both headed to kitchen
Soon Sanskar took ? and ? and needed ingredients
Sanskar started cutting vegetables swara sat on kitchen counter and started playing with Sanskar we can she was teasing him sometimes with hair sometime with collar Sometimes she was kissing him on neck cheeks
Now he was loosing his control But he was so hungry even he can’t stop cooking
Neither he can romance nor cooking
Sanskar: (thinking) god plz wt happen to This girl now she was shaking all my control system
Swara wt r u doing yar
Swara: wt I’m doing sanku I’m playing with my husband (with cute pout but laughs which is unnoticed by Sanky)
Sanky: okie u wanna play with me right u can play but not now 1st Let me finish cooking
Swara: y can’t I play with u now Sanky (innocently)
Sanskar: (god plz save me now he was thinking she was casually but he don’t know she was playing with him to tease him) okie play play saying this he hits forehead with his hand
Swara: she was smiling and started playing again but this time smile was noticed by Sanskar
Sanskar: (monologue) so madam u r doing this intentionally wait I will show u today night doing this wt will be the punishment and smirks
But his smirk was unnoticed by swara
Soon he completed ? ? And both did their dinner

Both went to room Soon swara went to change her dress
Sanskar went out got something (will be reveal later) and did his work near the bed
Soon swara also came out of washroom as soon she stepped out Sanskar held her tightly

Swara: Sanky wt r u doing
Sanskar: don’t u know this is called romance angel
Swara: I know that now leave me
He nodded in no and took her in arms and placed On the bed
He started giving wet kisses After sometime even she Started enjoying his husband naughtiness
Swara was lost in another world taking this has a chance he took right hand and tied with the thread which is already tied to right side of the bed before she can do anything he even tied left hand
Swara: (came to senses) Sanky wt is this u
Y u tied me with the threads
Sanskar smirks and moved close to swara face
Sanskar: (whispers) this ur punishment my angel for teasing me in kitchen
Swara: her eyes got widen in shock (how he got to know I’m teasing him)
Sanskar: wt happen angel r u still in shock
Swara: okie okie I’m sry to tease now leave me
Sanskar: not so soon angel
Saying this he tored her Night dress top Her eyes widen in shock
Swara: Sanskar wt..wt.. r u doing
Sanskar: ur punishment angel
Swara: wt kind of a punishm…..
Her words left incomplete bcoz he even tored his night pant now she was only in inners He thrower the dress on corner of the room
She was not even able to say a word in shock
Sanskar jumped on her started kissing on her near neck she was getting lost in his touch

He started giving love bites to her he bitted on neck
Swara: ahhh sans… Sanskar plz
She wanted to hold him badly but due to her hands are tied she can’t do anything
He licked the bitten area to soothen her pain
Swara: Sanskar plz
But Sanskar was not in a sense to listen her he did his work

Soon Sanskar kissed her lips he was kissing her smoothly And lovely But our swara bitted her lips So badly that his lips started bleeding he hissed in pain soon both break the kiss

Sanskar: (touching his lips) wt was that angel
Swara: a small punishment even for u for this work now leave me u monkey
Sanskar smiles seeing this shade of her
Sanskar: not so soon baby Saying this he took nutella And opened it cap
Swara looking at him confused manner
Sanskar smirks and tored her inners and Even he removed his dress and poured Nutella on her slowly slowly on lips b***** belly he kept nutella aside and smirks seeing his love reaction where she was unable to talk word in shock

Soon he licked the nutella on her lips and spread on her face slowly he started licking all the chocolate which he spreaded on her face
He came up on her and hugged him tightly once she felt current pass through her body bcoz of direct contact with her body
Sanskar: (whispers in her ears) don’t worry angel u will soon enjoy this with me
Saying this he moved down and took one of her b***** in his mouth and started sucking it hard

He did same with another one swara wants to hold him and wants give more pleasure to him but it was not possible to her now she was just going on moaning his name listen his name he was going more wilder on her

He was went near her belly and given More wet kisses On her belly she was totally went near ab**** he kissed every inch on her body he didn’t leave an inch without his mark
He observed how she became for him now how desperately waiting for me he smiles and kissed on her lips and whispers u r so wet angel

Swara:(she got more irritated by his
statement) She turned face in anger
Sanskar chuckles seeing her cute expressions when she was in angry with him bcoz he how she was waiting for me from past few hours I was just only teasing her He smiles and made her turned her face towards him

Before he entered into her He untied her treads soon he entered into her to which she shouted in pain to divert her mind he kissed on her lips Her eyes got wet due pain she dugged her nails on his back due to pain soon her pain turned into pleasure
Swara: fassstteer faster Sanky
HeThrusted her hard his every stroke was giving her pleasure she Was so lost in her love making session

Soon both reached into climax he fall aside of her both are breathing heavily Soon he took her in her embrace after few min.
Swara: u did very bad with me Sanky I won’t leave wait I will take revenge on u on correct time
Sanskar: (chuckles at her statement) sorry angel saying this he kissed on her forehead
Swara: I won’t leave u see bcoz of u my both Hands are paining like hell
Sanskar: So sry angel wt to do by seeing u I can’t control myself
Swara glares at him to Which Sanky chuckles
Sanskar: acha okie I’m ready for punishment for giving u pain Tell me wt I want do
Swara: thinks something and say But not today I will give u tomorrow now let me I’m hell tired now saying this she came upon Sanskar and slept on him
Sanskar smiles seeing her antics and hugs her tightly soon both dosed off

Screen freezes on swasan faces

Precap: same has before….

Keep smiling guys
Bye bye

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