U R MY ANGEL (epi-17)


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I’m unable to thank u all individually but thank undo much for supporting me always and sanswa I have conveyed ur msg to my sister
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Let’s start

Raglak room
Both got ready Both are having their bf but laksh was eating silently without talking to ragini
Ragini was trying to talk with him but he was angry on him (actually fake anger bcoz of morning incident)
Ragini: Luckyyyy Y r u ignoring me Lucky
Lucky was eating silently actually he was enjoying this
Ragini: lucky she got frustrated By this she went and sat on his laps and placed their hands on the his neck
She kisses on her forehead she say sry she kissed on his eyes and says dry Now on his both cheeks and sry Now on his nose and says sry Mr gadodia plz forgive me next time I won’t stop plz stop this drama now i know u r acting so stop it now
Lucky: (he holds through her waist) are rag how u know that I’m acting
Ragini: bcoz u r my life and I know how my life how will act in every situation my hubby
Laksh: acha now wt ur life is telling now
Ragini: shut up and come we are getting late u have drop me today my car went to service
Laksh nodded in okie
Ragini: laksh did u call swasan when they will come to home
Laksh: relax ragini let them enjoy
Ragini gives him box And says thins for Sahil Is not at Home Feed him
Laksh: wt he didn’t have bf till Now I thought u kept bf for him I will break his bones today he was so involving in his work that he was not at all coming today I’m gonna take good class for him
Ragini: no laksh he was not there he must be office only go bad don’t scold him more lucky laksh nodded his head
Ragini smiles and both left to their respective work

Swasan room
Both are sleeping peacefully cuddling each other soon swara sleep got disturbed due Sunrays she felt irritated and hides his face Sanskar neck this made Sanskar to wake up from the sleep
Sanskar smiles seeing his life is getting disturbed by this stupid he Wore his trousers stood up and closed the curtains
Now whole room was dark and his love was sleeping peacefully he smiles and slept beside her again and watches the time it around 11
He calls His pa and says handle All his meeting For one weak and asks not to disturb him if he has any doubt ask Sahil saying he cuts the call

He was staring her from an hr but he didn’t even realize that he was staring her from an hr slowly swara woke up and sees Sanskar gaze on her
Swara: good morning sanku
Sanskar: good morning angel he pecks hed forehead
Swara: when u woke up
Few minutes ago
Swara: then y dont u wake me up
Sanskar: how can I wake u up when ur sleeping peacefully and With a smiles on ur Face so I didn’t wake u up
Swara: smiles and her nose with his thank u Mr maheswari
Sanky: ur welcome Mrs maheswari
Acha chalo get freshen up we will have bf she said okie and sees the time
Swara: Ohh hello Mr maheswari it almost 12:30 we have to do lunch not bf
Sanskar: wt few minutes before I saw it 11 but 12:30 that I’m seeing from 1hrs I didnt even realise the time
Swara:? listening his words She was blushing like a ?
Okie okie leave that I’m hungry now yesterday also u didnt made me to complete my dinner now chalo
Sankar: ha ha we will but before that I eat my morning kiss then I will leave u
Swara: Sanskar Kay Kare ho chodona na muje plz
Sanskar nodded in no and says 1st kiss
Swara knew now he won’t leave so she said okie and try to get up but hissed in pain
Sanskar: (with concern) swara are u okie
Swara: I don’t know Sanskar but I’m getting body pains
He knew bcoz of yesterday night she was getting pain
Sanskar smiles and took her in arms to arms bcoz she can’t able to walk properly due pain He took her covering her with blanket only bcoz he’s was naked
He made her and removed bedsheet and thrower out
Seeing his sudden action her her ? got widen he hugs him tightly She don’t wt to do and just hugged him tightly
Sanskar: smiles swara I’m ur husband and wise be I already have seen u fully then y r u Feeling shy
U having body pains na let me help saying he switch on the ? both are standing under the ?

He made her sit on the stool and he took hot water and cleaning her he took soap and he was doing carefully so she can’t get hurt but swara was lost in his touch care and love but Sanskar was just doing his work but swara can’t resist more she just placed her lips and his he was shocked for swara sudden action but soon he to response with same passion soon both parted each other she hugged him tightly
Sanskar: swara swasanaangel is seeing us so let’s stop our romance now
Swara: hey swasanangel leave some privacy for us Yar u just go from her
(now enough of romance they want privacy it seems we will leave them now ?)

After 1He (don’t ask me wt happen in this 1hr bcoz I don’t Know wt they did they asked for privacy so I left them ? ) both came out from washroom and wore casuals
Swara: sanku rats r ? in my stomach
Sanky: okie wait madam I will order something
He ordered her favorite ? biryani
Completed it will be here in 20 minutes
Swara: wt more 20 min Sanky I can’t wait more
Sanky: ohhh my Mrs is so hungry
Swara: nodded her head innocently like child
Sanky swara even I’m hungry wt I have to do waise swara u know wt romance Will remove hunger automatically It seems saying he holds her through waist
Swara widen her ? in shock for his sudden action
He was diverting her mind after 20 min he heard calling ? and went to open the ?
He took parcel and paid the bill to him
Sanky: chalo Mrs Sanskar now let’s start eating
Swara with out asking to Sanskar she just took the plate and started eating her ? ? Biryani
With sounds Sanskar was just admiring her seeing her innocence and eating like a kid

Swara after sometime realise Sanskar was staring her she kept A chicken leg which she was eating she offered him and kept near his mouth But he refused to have she said okie and again immersed in having food

Sanskar: swara today also we will play a game na
With in seconds she replied him noooooo
Sanskar startled for her sudden action
Sanskar: (with pout) Y u said no
Swara: bcoz u will say some stupid Game Which will be favour for u to romance and u will come near and u will divert my mind and then I can’t eat my yummy biryani then again I will remain hungry But u will f**k me again and for this I have to stop my eating and u know wt Sanskar I hate it touch bcoz it makes me to loose all my control on me thats y I have ur touch and u know that I love to eat food and also know this kid my 1st priority is food than anyone so don’t disturb me and let me eat my Briyani saying this she again started eat with full concentration on Briyani even she don’t know wt she blurted out know

Sanskar openes his mouth widen listening her words
She saw his mouth open and kept one chicken pieces Which makes him to come out of his own thoughts And says him to eat
He had lunch with out any emotion bcoz he was unable to digest wt she just said for him
Soon both completed their lunch and kept the plate on the wash basin she sat on the slap and Sanskar was washing plates which they just eat before

After washing plates he directly went and sit on the bed He leaned his Back to headboard bcoz he still didn’t came out of the shock which swara has giving him before
Swara was confused by his act I told u write she didn’t know wt she said it just she blurted something which comes in his mouth

She came and Sanskar sitting on the bed she switch on the ? now she saw chota beem she went sat before Sanskar and placed his back on him and watching beem she took his hands and wrap it around his waist (she feels secure in his arms)
Soon he came to senses and watch beem with swara again back to his avathar of his romance

Sahil Cabin
He was watching a photo in his mobile And talking to Photo
Jaan I can’t meet u more one weak how I have to spend this one weak no no Sahil think Think u will get a way to meet her he was talking to himself
In meantime laksh enters into his cabin and feels weird seeing his behaviour he was walking here and there talking to himself
Laksh: sahilll
Listening laksh voice he gets startled and saw his face worriedly
Laksh: wt happen Sahil y r u seeing me like u have seen a devil okie leave that where r u u didn’t do Ur bf right ragini sensed box for u come sit saying this he feeded him
Sahil: thank u bhai
Laksh: wt y r u saying thanks sahil
Sahil: ntg feed me bhai I’m hungry (Thinking himself) if I say the reason na bhai u will kill me but thank u bhai for accepting me has ur brother
Laksh completed feeding and he was about to leave the cabin
Laksh: Sahil ur my brother get This in ur brain and Don’t dare to say that…
Sahil listening this before He complete the sentence he hugged him tightly and say sry bhai I won’t say again laksh smiles and parted him away
Laksh: go and do ur work Sahil come to home early today I want talk with u
Sahil nodded his head

Screen freezes On Sahil …..

Precap: even I don’t know

Who is Sahil love????
Will raglak accept their love????

Stayed tuned to know further
And plz pour all ur. Felling on this story in the form of ur comments

Keep smiling ? ?

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