U R MY ANGEL (epi-16)

Hello guys I’m back the one reason to continue this ff is my sister she was one who said we have to thinking about the ppl who r u supporting u Commenting asking u to continue
Not for the ppl who r Not supporting u for this I wana thank To my sister Who made me realise that I have to think about the ppl who r supporting not for the ppl who r not supporting me
A big big wala thank u to my sister

Now Im stopping this bak baK

I forget to say I started a ff name swasan I love u only u Plz read even that ff and comment me its nice or not

Episode 1

Episode 2

Let’s start chappy
Swasan room At night 3’o clock
Both are still in same position Sanskar was swara feeling heavy swara opened her eyes and sees his cute husband slept on like that only She smiles and Pecks on his lips but soon she felt different in her main part
Her eyes got widen realising wt it s
Swara seeing him She doesn’t want to disturb his sleep but she has to that
Swara: sanky get up plz wake up
Sanskar in sleepy wt angel

Swara: Sanskar remove she was not how to say him so simply she said remove
Sanky: in sleepy tone wt I have to remove
Swara: Sanskar understand me plz remove that and sleep beside me not one me u r so heavy
Sanky: (he understood wt she said but thought to tease her) Angel u have to get habituated to it bcoz u have to bear my weight or else how can we will become parents angel
Swara: ? okie okie but remove that Sanky Shouted on him
Sanky: okie I will but u have to do wt i say
Swara: no I won’t if u don’t remove now I will not allow u to come near for 1 weak
With in fraction he removed his from her shouting like no plzzzzz
Swara felt pain in abdomen after removing his tool but seeing his expression She started laughing
Sanky was mesmerized to his life laughing she was continuously staring her without blinking her eyes
Feeling his on her she stopped laughing and asks Sanky wt happen

Swara: Sankyyyy
Sanky: still no response
Swara: she came near him and bit his nose
Sanky: ahhhhh swara wt r u doing
Swara: then where u lost I was calling u u r not at all responding so bitted u (said like an innocent kid)
Sanky: acha madam saying he again comes top of her
Seeing his action swara was shocked and said no Sanky plz I don’t have energy
Sanky: but I have energy na swara wt to do (huskily whispers in her ear)
Swara: plz San…
before completing her sentence He pressed his b***** with one hand he was sucking another one he was sucking it harder
Swara: sans… kar

He was going more crazy by listen her moans he came up he dugged His face on her neck started giving open mouth kisses to her
Her hands automatically reached on his hair and pressing him on her giving more essence to him

She was breathing heavily her chest is moving up and down her chest was getting direct to contact to his abs he was going more wildly he was kissing all over the face and thought to tease so he was kissing near her lips and he was licking on her lips but not kissing her she got irritated now she hold his face and placed her lips on his he smiles winningly she was sucking his lips madly
Her lover lip was in his mouth and his upper was in her mouth Sanky sucking her upper lip with full passion he slowed moved his tongue in to her mouth with no time both their tongue tasting each others Essence soon both parted each others lack of oxygen

He was staring her with desire seeing his eyes Filled with she was unable say no to him and closed her eyes in positive sign

He Pecks on Her forehead eyes cheeks nose and lips But next movement swara opened her eyes in shock listening the word of Sanky

Sanky: thank u angel for loving me let’s sleep u where tired na
Swara: it’s okie Sanky love me u want to love me right
Sanky: smiles I love u swara only u not ur body or anything wt do think I will do this when ur tired but ha tomarow u shouldn’t stop me bcoz I’m not gonna listen u anything understand
Swara smiles and pecks on his lips hugs him tightly
He was shocked for her sudden peck and soon he also hugged her
Swara : I love u Sanky u no need to take permission from me bcoz I’m only urs u can do wt ever u want

And I’m ur only mine listen this carefully u r only mine if u want more u can do but don’t dare think of leav..
She was unable to complete the sentence bcoz her lips where locked with his lips
He break the lock and ask in serious how dare u to even think like that swara
Swara: (teary eyes) bcoz I have seen in movies if they don’t enough from his wife they will leave them and do that with another women
Sanky smiles seeing her innocence and kissed on eyes
Do u trust me swara
Swara: nodded her head
Sanky: then there no question of leaving u okie now stop ur foolish thinking and let me sleep with my angel saying this he placed his hand on her waist and bide his face on her b*****
Swara: whispers sry on his ear and kissed his ear lobe

Sanky smiles and tightens his grip on her and soon both dosed of again

Raglak room
Both are sleeping peacefully in each other embrace sun rays falls on laksh he opens his eyes and sees his life sleeping peacefully and looking s**y in his shirt
He smiles and moved close to her pecks on her forehead
She smiles in sleep feeling his touch
He gets an naughty idea and removes her shirt buttons he placed his hand on belly 1st And started moving his finger on her belly
She was smiling In sleep and soon her sleep got break
Ragini: sleep tone plz lucky saying she hugged gonna tightly but stopped sensing that her short buttons are Open she immediately closed shirt with her hands
Laksh: wt happened ragini (huskily)
Ragini: u idiot how can u remove my buttons without my permission
Laksh: oh hello madam listen one thing u r my property and I don’t want any permission to take the thing which is mine

Ragini: blushes listening his reply soon composes and still luc…
She can’t complete bcoz his hands reached to the point where she can’t talk now only moan
Ragini widens his eyes ?
Ragini: lucky…. Plz…. Not…. Know…. U….did… Full…… Night…..lucky
Laksh: came up on her so wt my jaan I can do even now
Ragini know now she can’t handle him if he get mood she pushed him and ran to washroom
It done in fraction of seconds before laksh can realise she was in washroom
Laksh: shouting this s not fair Mrs gadodia
Ragini: everything is fair in love and war Mr gadodia

Laksh with pout again slept on the bed murmeeing something about ragini
Ragini smiles inside the bathroom thinking his

Screen freezes on their faces and swasan sleepy face

Precap:sahil love story…… And swasan romance

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