U R MY ANGEL (epi-15)


Hello guys I’m back with another chappy Few frnds asked me to continue this ff so I’m extending this ff to more 3-4 episode
Once again I’m thanking u all who supported me everytime thank u so much And
If I hurt anyone without my knowledge I’m apologizing to everyone

Let’s start chappy
All 5 went to home but not previous home where they used stay in flat but laksh taken them to a mansion where it’s return has SSRL mansion (till know to protect swasan they stayed in that flat)
Swara: bhai our house s so Nice it’s like rocking his na Sanskar
Sanky: ha swara its very nice And Lucky it’s like our old mansion
Ragini: ha laksh built this house same like our old mansion Where we used to play with our parents and tripsy (teary eyed)
Sahil: to lighten up the mood bhabi who is this tripsy now
Sanky: U don’t know Sahil this Swara madam na mad for tripsy Both used to play like there is tomarow for them
Saying both gave hi-fi to each other
Swara pouted seeing Sanky teasing her
Ragini: Acha okie now jokes are apart we have to go inside chalo
All 5 went inside the room with smile on their place
Ragini: we achieved laksh we punished the culprits now see we entered into our mansion
Lucky: ha ragu now our promise is fulfilled
Which promise both swasan asked at the same time
Ragini: we both promised each other that when culprits got punished na then we will enter into this mansion till then no entry to this mansion
Swasan smiles
All had dinner and went to their respective rooms now raglak in one master bedroom and swasan in the connecting rooms and Sahil in another room
Next day morning
As usual swara woke up but today she didn’t find Sanky bcoz he was in washroom so she went down near ragini where she was reading news paper without thinking about anyone she directly went and slept on ragini laps seeing this act Sahil And other works are shocked At the same confused
Ragini: good morning swaru today y on me where is Sanky
Swara: he went To washroom that idiot known about be then also he went to freshen up
Raglak smiles and look towards Sahil and they understand y he was shocked
Ragini: don’t see like that Sahil when kaveri killed our parents na she was small
She has an habit to sleep on papa or dad laps after them. We dont know how make her sleep on that onwards we 3 became papa for her (teary eyes)
Sahil: smiles u know bhabi she was angel for u all mom told me she tried to kill u all but everytime she used fail bcoz of swara it seems
One day She mixed poison In all ur food but one that she didn’t allowed anyone to eat and asked for restaurant
Swara directly or indirectly she was ur angel
Raglak: ha ha that we know
Meantime Sanky came and saw Swara sleeping he smiles and tries to wake her up
But no use bcoz she was angry on him
Swara woke up and didn’t said anything to Sanky and left to room to get ready for college
All 3left to college having their bf but there is little different today that is raglak feeded bf even to Sahil bcoz from know he was also his brother
Sanky convinced swara
Like this days are passing to years Sanky and Sahil also became business man Both are working with laksh and swara Was in 3rd year now laksh got best business man award
After 1 years
A couple is shown they where doing pheras that is couple is non other than our swasan
In this 1 years sahil also made good bond with raglak
Soon our swasan marriage got completed they came down took raglak blessing all having happy tears
Ragini did swara gruhapravesh she did all rituals to swasan
All are happy
At night
read at ur own risk and guys I’m very bad at expressing so plz forgive if I wrote bad
Raglak room
Laksh enters the room and sees ragini was standing near window and merged in thoughts Slowly went near her and hugs from back
Ragini jerks for sudden action and relax seeing laksh there
Ragini: u sacred me lucky
Laksh: wt r u thinking ragini
Ragini: ntg lucky see our life got changed in a seconds na
Lucky: ha I know that but now I’m not in a mood to think about past
Ragini: Acha then which mood ur getting
Laksh pecks her lips I’m in this mood
For sudden peck ragini was shocked soon get back to reality and hugs him shyly
Bg music (soch na sake…..
Laksh took ragini near a bed in his arms and they start their love making session

Swasan room
(But they where not in the mansion they went to the flat where they used to stay before)
Swara was sitting on the bed she already changed the dress into night suit
Sanky enter the room and shocked to see swara bcoz she was watching cartoons in their 1st night that with having popcorn in her hand
She saw Sanskar entered but didn’t paid any head to him she was enjoying the Tom & Jerry
Sanky: (he went furiously near her) Angel was this today is our 1st night u r watching ?
Swara:(with least interest) ha tho Kya Tom & Jerry New season hai ye I want to watch this more than my 1st night u move from here and don’t disturb me if u want u can also watch with me
He went out cursing his fate after few minutes he again entered into room To see whether swara watching ? or not but to his bad luck she still watching ?
He got irritated and called laksh
Laksh picked the with anger without giving chance to speak laksh started scolding Sanky
Laksh: yar Sanky wt S this today is 1st night ur enjoying with swara them let me enjoy with ur sister
Ragini opened her mouth ? u idiot hw r u Talking to sanky Have some shame
Laksh didnt paid any attention to her words
Sanky: wt r u thinking I’m dng my 1st night with ur sister she was watching Tom and Jerry inside
Raglak laughed listening his words
Laksh: the y r u disturbing me I have lot of work with sister now u cut the phone saying he cutter the call without listening to Sanky
Sanky: hello… Lucky yar hey god wt kind of a wife I got she was cartoon in our….. Kair chodo
He went inside the and slept beside swara
She clapping her hands when Tom is chasing Jerry but it’s failed
I’m dam irritated by now I got up and removed the ? of ? seeing she started scolding me
Swara: sankyyyyyyyyy wt r dng kept TV ? or else I will kill u
Sanky: come kill me I’m also waiting for that saying he holds her through bare waist tightly
She was shocked for his sudden action she widen her eyes as if she has seen any dianosar in front of her
Swara: sa… sa.. Sanky leave me to escape from the situation she said I’m hungry
Sanky: acha u r hungry then chalo we will make Maggie
Swara: no u stay here I will do it
Sanky: okie
Swara ranned from there immediately to kitchen
She stood Near the kitchen and thinking how her heart skipped when he touched her but I’didt get This kind feeling before but y she was in her own world thinking about recent incident

But again 2hands hugged her from back She startled for his sudden act
She saw Sanskar behind he singed relief
Sanky: wt r thinking my darling prepare Maggie even I’m hungry
Swara: came to sense ha ha wait saying he took a bowl and started boiling water but Sanskar was doing his work he was kissing her on her nape continuously and caressing her belly with his hands
Swara: Sanky plz let me do my work
Sanky: ha ha u do ur work I will do mine saying he reached his hands near her B****t and squeezed with his hands

Now swara can’t take more he pushed him lightly and says Sanskar plz not know 1st dinner Then u can do wt ever u want
She prepare Maggie but our Sanky was not in mood to eat that but swara was really very hungry she was eating like a kid
Seeing this Sanky got an idea
Sanky: chalo angel we will play a game
Swara: okie say wts the game
Sanky took one noodle from the Maggie and kept in one end on her mouth and other his and he said we have eat this without breaking the noodle
Ready for the game
Swara: done
Both are eating each side of the noodle slow it was getting small now swara was seeing Sanky with blinking her ? soon no time Sanky placed his lips on her swara was shocked for sudden action but soon even she responded for the kiss both parted eachother due lack of oxygen
Sanky lifted swara in arms took her to their room he placed her on the bed
Swara closed her eyes to feel his touch Sanky smiles seeing her kisses on her forehead cheeks nose and staring at lips slowly

He placed his rough lips on her smooth and delicious lips he kissing her showing his love passion desire every thing even she was also responding In same way
He bitted her lips she gasped in pain taking an opportunity he entered into her mouth he was tasting her sweet essence same with swara soon both parted their lips lack of oxygen
He was staring her with full desire in her eyes he was asking permission through his eyes

Swara: seeing him with full desire she don’t want to stop him but she has a fear of pain
Slowly Sanky it won’t pain more na
Sanky smiles listening her question And nodded that even I don’t know But before he say anything
Swara nodded in positive sign
And kissed him again now he was getting more crazy he dugged his head and started kissing on her neck and he even pressing her b***** with his hand

Swara was breathing heavily she was just pressing Sanky on her more
Soon Sanky again kissed on her lips in mean time both removed their barriers
now swara was only in inner and Sanky with trousers
Sanky was staring swara he was kissing her every part of the body only swara can do is moaning in pleasure
He soon removed her b** he moved down and kissed b***** he was sucking Them hard and caressing another one with his hands

Swara: hissed in pain and pleasure
He moved down and placed a soft kiss on her belly
Swara can’t take more he pulled him up and placed her lips on him again both are enjoying their kiss
Now Sanskar can’t wait more he asked swara to stretch her legs
Swara: Sanky plz use protection I don’t want to babies now
Sanky smiles and kissed on her forehead
With no time he entered into her but swara shouted in pain she was unable to bare the pain tears where rolling for her eyes

Seeing this Sanky immediately removed and swara u r fine na
Swara smiles seeing Sanky care
Swara: love me Sanskar
Sanky: no u r getting pain na I can’t see u in tears angel
Swara: np Sanky with in seconds pain will vanish love me he was not ready to do again but swara was adamant to that sanky accept the defeat and entered into her again
Again swara hissed in pain but slowly it turned into pleasure
Soon both reached into climax Sanky fall on swara b***** she was caressing his hair soon both fall a sleep in each other embrace

Screen freezes on both couples….

Precap: I don’t know……..

Guys I’m extending this ff only for mica vyshu Anu and few more frnds thank for all ur support and love guys

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