U R MY ANGEL (epi-14)


Hello guys I’m here with another chappy probably it’s last but one chappy

Let’s start Chappy
Screen starts with raglak laksh was driving his car at maximum speed to reach the place
On other hand
Swasan where getting conscious 1st Sanskar opened his eyes his vision was blur soon it got clear and realises his hands and legs where tied he saw the room he was trying to recollect the scene wt happened exactly
He saw swara was lying on the ground in unconscious state
Sanky:angel get up
Swara was slowly gaining her conscious she was shocked to see herself in an unknown room
Swara saw Sanskar and says Sanskar where are we
Sanskar: don’t know swara
Both looked at each other in shock
Swara: Sanky I’m getting afraid y they kidnapped us who r they
Sanky: don’t worry swara I’m here na I will do something

After sometime
A man enters into the room swasan shocked to see the person
Man: how r u feeling know Sanky don’t worry I will kill u in few minutes when u r both siblings will come na then we will kill all 4 at a time nice na
Swasan: shock Sahil… (yes guys he is Sahil and son of kaveri and brother of kavitha both r twins)
Sahil:Yes I’m Sahil
Sanky: how can u do this Sahil wt we have done to u
Sahil: I’m brother of kavitha Sanskar and kaveri son
Swara: listening name kaveri he got angry u r the son of that blo*dy women (they don’t that kaveri killed their parents but tenner swara don’t like her)
Sahil: (he slapped swara with anger) Don’t dare to say anything about my mother
U know wt swara I’m not real son of her but she loves me like I’m her real son I know I’m orphan but she didn’t show difference on me and kavitha
Sanskar: (he was out if his temper When he slapped swara) sahillll… How dare to touch my angel
Sahil: Don’t shout one me Sanky I know my mam told me thawher parents are responsible for my dad death (kaveri husband) then only I decided t OK kill u all
When ever I used to see my mom face only one thing comes in my mind to kill u 4 now it’s time to kill u all
(guys Sahil is not like kaveri and kavitha he don’t know anything kaveri Done to their parents they told lie to Sahil so that he will help them)
Sanskar: R u mad Sahil how even that may parents a wrong Dekh Sahil they where misleading u
Sahil: shut up I know my mom he can’t do anything wrong with me
Did u understand and ha make last wish after few min I’m gonna kill u ppl
Saying this he left the place and headed to kaveri and kavitha

In mean time raglak also reached the place where kaveri told them to come
Raglak went inside the factory (it’s like old factory no one is using that from many days)
Kaveri men took them to swasan by blindflood
Kaveri place
Kavitha and Sahil where smiling evily seeing them in that state
Kaveri was sitting on the chair
Kaveri signel their goons to untie them and ask swasan to get here
Raglak: Bua if u want to do anything u can kill us but not swasan plz leave Them they are small We both are leaving only for them plz leave them
Ragini: u can do wt ever u want u can do with us but plz leave them we will do all over property on ur name Plz bua leave them (in all this talks kaveri sended Sahil aside bcoz if he listen their talks he may can save them)
SwaSan: nahi ragu u ppl can’t do this for us if u both die we will also die we don’t want to leave in the place where u ppl where not there
Kaveri: claps Va Va Va Kya dialogue Mara had swara
Sanskar: y u killed our parents bua my papa is ur younger brother right then y u killed him (teary eyes)
Kaveri: tho me Kay Karu Sanskar beta I want to be rich but u dad made me married to useless guys he got all losses in company and we r on road I want money to become rich again that y came to ur home thinking that I can make u and my daughter kavitha marriage In that way I can be rich
But only bcoz of this swara u all have to die know when ever I see u ppl giving importance to her na my blood Used to boiled like anything

So I thought marriage can’t happen but I can get property in other that is I made u parents to make vill that if u 4 died before 21 then all the propety should be given to Their guardians And that is me
When papers got ready I waited for perfect time but my so called brother got to know that I’m going to kill all
Sanskar: but y u send me and swara to that B-Day party Of kavitha
Kaveri: so that no one can fought on me after killing ur parents and siblings I thought to make fake love drama and I thought to kill u both after sometime bcoz u both are small I can do my work easily
Ragini: bcoz of property u stoop so low bua
U killed our parents even if u would have asked my parents for property na then my papa would have given u
But u don’t even deserve that U blo*dy b*t*h
Kavitha slapped ragini hardly for calling her mother has b*t*h
Kavitha: how dare u to call my mom (kaveri has not reveal kavitha has her daughter bcoz of property thats the reason she joined kavitha in Sanskar school so that kavitha can make Sanskar fall for him)
Swara: kavithaaaaaa don’t dare to touch my ragu or else I will kill u same with sanlak
Ragini saw her with teary eyes
Swara tired to move near ragini
Kavitha: acha u will kill me if I touch ragini okie saying this she again slapped ragini
Ragini: ahhhh (winks in pain)
Swara: kavitha plz If u wana do anything u can do with me bcoz of me only na u didt get any importance
U Can do anything with me I will every punishment of urs but don’t do anything to her plzzz
Ragini: swara don’t think like that u r Our princes na They can’t do anything with us
And laughs loudly even same with laksh he was also laughing loudly both are laughing loudly and our swasan and kavitha and kaveri were looking at them in a confused
Laksh: can u plz untie my hand rope I wana whistle once after that again u can tie
Ragini: ha ha lucky Even I want to whistle
Kaveri: have u both gone mad here I’m killing u ppl before she complete her sentence there r lot ppl present there with black suites all have kept guns on every goons head
Kavitha and kaveri were looking at them With shocking
Kaveri how dare u to cheat us
Sahil: then how dare to lie me that their parents have killed dad
Kaveri listening Sahil words she was shocked
Kaveri: no no I don’t lied to u that where trying to manipulate u
Sahil: no one is trying to manipulate me I heard with my own ears when u where talking to kavitha about how u killed their parents for property (guys when he left to near kaveri he heard how kaveri has killed their parents and how she will kill them now Sahil made a plan and he calls laksh and tells him (mute) He cuts the call and went near the them)
Shail: kya hua mom shock laga had Kya
Laksh guards untied ragalakswasan
Laksh: u slapped our princess right saying he slapped her has hard he can do
Sahil was having tears in his eyes seeing her mom like this but he composed himself bcoz he know they are wrong
Sanky: Va jiju nice shot
Laksh: smiles thank u Sanky
Swaragini where smiling seeing swara came forwards and asks the guards to tie them to chair and make unconscious to all goons
They all did has swara said

Swara went near Kavitha
Swara: I told u na not slap ragu but u didn’t listen to me right So bear the punishment saying she slapped her hard her hands prints where on her cheek
All 4 stand the in front of them and raglak where rendering the day when their parents where killed in front of them but they didn’t did anything to save bcoz of their helpless
Laksh: do u tenner on the when u where killing our parents they where begging u not kill at least our children but u didn’t even listen to them and tried to kill us
Mom and maa where died in the process to save us even u killed Neil uncle and Sakshi aunty
How can u do this bua (guys I don’t want drag the story already I have drag more)
All 4 torches kaveri and kavitha after they handed them to police with proofs they recorded the whole conversation of kaveri which she revealed earlier and this was the plan made Sahil and laksh
Sahil: I’m sry swara I slapped u very hard
Swara: smiled and says no sry and no thank u in frndship
Sahil smiles and says thanks for forgiving me
Sanky hugged him
Swara went near ragini touches her cheeks she hissed in pain
Ragu I’m sry bcoz of me only all have to bear all this I know but indirectly I’m the reason for all this
Laksh: oyeee don’t dare to blame my Siso okie
Ragini: ha ha swara how can u blame my swaru
Swara smiled and hugged both of them
Swara back to normal sate and yelles raguuuuu I’m hungry (with puppy eyes)
laksh declare that Sahil is also his brother from now And u gonna stay in our house from now
Sahil smiles and says thank u bhai
All went to home happily

Precap: swasan marriage…….and last chappy
Keep smiling guys ?

plz forgive me if this chappy is so senty

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