U R MY ANGEL (epi-13)


Hello guys angel is back with another chappy and I’m so sry for ending this ff but Kya karu I’m not getting good response so I thought to end
Note: plz read my request at end of the Chappy

Let’s start chappy
days are passing
And that women was searching for raglakswasan but she was unable to find them

Leap of 6months only 2days left for 6months
As usual swara was In laps of Sanky both are sleeping peacefully soon they got ready
Raglak Room
Ragini was in arms of laksh and almost she was so tensed
RaginI: lucky there only 2days left for swara B’day after that we will be safe and our property in our hands
U made tight security on swasan right
Laksh: ha ragini I made tight security they follow them 24hrs
Ragini smiles and pecks on his forehead soon both got ready and ragini went to prepare bf to kitchen
When she reached Kitchen she was shocked to see the scene infront of her
Ragini: stop u both idiots wt r u doing here
Both swasan look towards ragini
Swara: see na I want to prepare Maggie but this idiot wants knor soupy noodles
Sanky: ha know soupy noodles it taste really Gud not like that Maggie okie
Swara: u monkey don’t don’t dare to comment on Maggie it will do ? not like knor soupy
Say na ragu Maggie is more tasty than knor soupy
Ragini: that okie but y u both are in this state all flour on ur face
Swara: bcoz this idiot kept my Maggie packet on the Flour box in that all flour fall on me
This monkey was laughing so I put all flour on her face too
Sanky: Hey u duffer how dare u to call me idiot
Swara: u…
Ragini u both stop it I Should get angry l bcoz of u both I have to clean all kitchen now u both getout from here no bf today
Both left the place without saying anything
They both changed the dress and sat on the car Both looked towards each other and burst out in laugh
Swara: yeaaa plan success
Sanky smiles and says chalo we will have bf in Canteen ( yes guys they both acted has both fighting bcoz they know raglan won’t allow them to eat outside food so they dis)
On other hand
Ragini was cleaning the kitchen in meantime lucky came and saw ragini cleaning the kitchen and asks wt happened ragini wts all this
Ragini: it’s all done by ur sister and my brother (with irritation)
Laksh: smiles wt y they did this
Ragini: one want Maggie and one want soupy
Noodles so they both started fighting like kids So I gave punishment to them
Laksh: wt punishment u gave
Ragini: I didn’t prepare bf na so I said them to go without bf to college And they left silently
Laksh: wt but they Left silently mathlab thy didn’t even try to convince u
Ragini: no
Laksh: listening this he laughed holding his stomach
Ragini: (seeing this with irritating tone) Wt happen to u y r u laughing
Laksh: bcoz they want to do bf outside so they did this they know if they ask simply we won’t allow them to eat outside And that’s the reason they did even try to convince u buddu
Ragini listening this she got more Angry
Laksh chalo we will go to there clg Now I will See how they will eat outside food
She prepared their bf speedily and both left to their College
They both reached With tiffin box there swasan and their gang was in canteen in these 5 months all made good bond even swara frnds kavya, aarohi and Soumya Also made good bond with them
Raglak went to canteen and saw swasan ordered their favorite dosa both went near them and laksh was smiling silently he was imagining the state of the swasan now
Swasan didt noticed raglan till now
Ragini kept tiffin box on the table seeing this all are confused but our swasan were shocked seeing ragini
Ragini was standing there folded her hand the chest and lucky was smiling silently
Both stood up seeing raglak
Sahil: hey u both who r u ? towards raglak
Swasan Signel Sahil to be silent
All are confused by their behavior with out any questions ragini opened box and both feeding swasan
Swara: rag plz I will eat at least in college plz rag same goes with Sanky but raglak not even said a single word and feed them
Seeing their silent treatment swasan got sad
But all their frnds where in confusion state bcoz raglak where feeding them at this age
After their bf complete
Arjun he was unable to keep quite bcoz he has many questions running in their mind
Arjun: Sanky who r they and y they are feeding u both that to at this age
Laksh got angry for his question
Laksh:(anger but said in cold tone) y we won’t feed them at this age is there any rule do not feed after this age
Arjun: (got afraid) No no not like that sir
Laksh: better
Ragini: and u both wt u did to skip ur bf in home u did all that drama home na
Swasan looked at them in shocking xpression that how they come to know that
Ragini:(anger) don’t forget we are elder than u
So don’t dare to fool us next time
SwaSan looked at ragini with puppy eyes seeing her anger Soon both hugged raglak tightly to cool them raglak smiles seeing their act but few ppl are still in confusion that our swasan frnds
Raglak bids bye to swasan
Soon they let Sanky saw their frnds in confusion state
Sanky: don’t look like that guys this my sister and her husband
Aarohi: thats okie Sanskar but how come they both know about swara
Swara: bcoz he my brother and she my bhabi
Arjun: but this much closeness that to they both are feeding u ppl has if u r kids
Sanky: thats bcoz we 4 r frnds from childhood and after our parents death these both are taking care of us(teary eyes)
Swara: And they both trying their level best To not let us alone for our parents love and care
Sanky: they both are taking care of us like they are our parents
Rajat: how ur parents dead
Swara: we don’t know
All in a second wt??
Sanky: ha we don’t but there is a big mystery on my parents death bcoz after my parents death we shifted here
All left to their respective classes but Sahil stood there After listening their talks
Swasan where thinking about flashback
Flash back
11yrs ago
All 4 reached home after the school
Swara went running and started playing with tripsy all smiles seeing them
Shomi: shona go and get bath After that play with tripsy
Swara: plz maa 10min I will play with trips and I will go for bath
Shomi: I know u will say 10 min and u won’t go till 2hrs 1st bath then after play with tripsy
Swara: with no option left the place
Shona and ap smiled seeing her expressions
All 4 had their dinner
Soon they all listened a voice coming from back
Voice: hello everyone
Dp seeing her happily went to her hugged her Kaveri didi how r u
Kaveri: I’m fine dp how r u
Dp: I’m very Gus di
Ap came to them and took blessing from her shona also took her blessings
Shekhar also greated her but children’s don’t know about her they all know that dp has sister but they didn’t seen her after their birth
Kaveri saw the kids standing their She ask them to come near her but don’t want to go near she didn’t like kaveri ragini observed her expressions so she held swara hand and left near to kaveri
All 4 took blessing but swara don’t want take but still ragini make her to seek blessings
After that they talked a while and left to their respective rooms and shemish to their home
Swasanraglak room
Ragini: swaru y u didnt like kaveri bua
Swara: ha ragu I don’t like her the way she looks at me I’m Getting afraid of her
Sanlak listening her Them they all made swara understand
Swara nodded her head in positive that she Won’t show her that she Didnt liked Her
All went to sleep

Next day morning
As usual All 4 got up but swara got up and went Down and saw dp who was reading news paper she went near her and sat on his lap and slept dp smiles seeing her in mean time she is he also came and sumi went near ap and shekar towards dp
Shear and dp were talking each other on some random topics
In mean time Kaveri came down and saw swara sleeping on dp laps and glares at her
Kaveri: dp wt is this girl sleeping on ur laps
Dp: di vo she has an habit to sleep on shekar or on me when she got up from sleep
Kaveri: don’t like her but didn’t showed to them
Shekar: chalo dp wake her up she will get late
Dp: princess get up it time to ur school
Swara: dad plz 5 min
Shekar: no 5min princess get up or else u will get late
Swara: papa plz 5min I will get up
Dp okie princess Only 5min
Swara: tq Dad
Soon all left to school and as usual sumo and ap doing regular works
Kaveri came and sat near ap and try to brain wash but no use of dng that bcoz they all have great bonding btw them ( I don’t wana drag this flash back)
(Kaveri wants dp and shekar property if its not possible she wants Sanskar to marry her daughter so that at least dp property can get to her but seeing swara she has a fear that they will do swasan marriage)
Days passing and Lavern was trying her level best to made suddenness btw shekar and dp but the is no use

Oneday swasan went to kavitha bday party But raglak came and took us without anyone’s notice and left the place
We don’t y they did that but we got to know that our parents where no more and Close Neil uncle And Sakshi aunty Frnd of our parents he took care of us But after few years even he also died.
Soon bell rang both came to senses and left to home

In middle of the road some goons where attacked on Swasan they kidnapped both of them( don’t wana drag the part)
Swasan security guards called laksh and said that they got kidnapped before we reach them they left the place sir
Laksh called ragini and told everything
Now both Raglak where so tensed about swasan

In meantime they got a call And ask them to come to a xyz place and said don’t dare to inform police
Both left to xyz place in tension
Laksh was consoling ragini
Swasan where in unconscious state and both hands and legs are tired

Screen freezes on swasan and raglak tension face

Precap: revelation complete past…….

Thank for all ur support guys
Hello guys I’m want ur suggestion on the ff pin trust love bcoz this s one of my favorite ff and the kashyapikamalini was not updating this ff from long time so I thought to continue it I even messaged her to seek permission but I didn’t get any reply from her it’s almost a weak
I think she was very busy in her work and I thought to write bcoz I thought there will be many ppl who were waiting for her ff like me
I want ur suggestion weather to continue her ff or not and if any one don’t like this then also plz comment me to not continue this ff
And kashyapikamalini my sincere apologies to u if I talk any wrong or if it’s hurt u I’m really sry
And guys plz help me By commenting to continue her ft or not

Keep smiling bye bye ?

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