U R MY ANGEL (epi-12)


Hello guys I’m back with another chappy and I’m getting very less comments so I thought to end this ff soon it will end in 3 to 4 episode
And I’m thanking u all ppl who had supported me by their comments
I’m thanking to the silent readers too

Let’s start chappy
Next day morning
Swasan woke up and swara was sleeping on Sanskar laps
Soon ragini came to woke up swasan seeing them she smiled and asks them to get ready to clg both nodded their head and left to freshen up
Ragini was preparing bf for them soon she felt some hands on her belly she jumped in jerk due to sudden action
Ragini: u idiot one day u will give me heart attack for sure laksh
But laksh was not in mood listen her talks he hugged her from back and started caressing her neck with his lips
Ragini was breathing heavily for his touch
Ragini: laksh plz it’s getting late to u u have to go office na
Laksh: have I have to go but today I’m. It in a mood to go so don’t disturb me let me do my work
Ragini: but wt about swasan
Laksh: I know my Sanky he will understand and will do their bf outside now come with me saying this he bitted
Ragini: hissed in pain laksh no outside food those are not healthy for them and I know swasan health will get effect easily by outside food

Voice: no will get I’ll here by outside food
Both looked at the direction and embarrassed
Voice: no one will get ill by having outside that to for one day so u ppl enjoy we will go ham na swara (yes they were our swasan)
Swara: have Sanky u where right now we have to leave or else bhai will eat us with his eyes only
Both are hell embarrassed by their comments
Laksh: stop it swara
Swara: ha ha bhaji we will leave chalo Sanku we will leave
Saying this both went inside the room
Ragini: I told u not come near me see they will tease me now duffer she was beating him with her soft hands
Laksh was staring her loving but soon ragini stopped beating bcoz he closed her lips with his she was shocked for his sudden action soon she also started enjoying the kiss

On xyz college
We can see a group of boys where sitting on
The bikes they where so excited that today freshen are joining in the college they where so excited to rag their juniors
Boy1: yar I’m so excited today juniors are coming to clg
Boy2: ha have rajath I’m also so excited
Soon a man came and put hands on their shoulders
Boy3: yar Sanky today also u where late u know na today juniors are coming we have to rag them
Sanky: don’t worry guys when Sanky is here then y to fear shlok
Shlok: ha have we know that has na Sahil
Sahil : okie stop this now let’s check the juniors

Soon Sahil saw a girl entering into the clg he thought to rag her 1st he said all his gang that we will rag her pointed towards the girl but our Sanky was shocked bcoz she was not other than swara (swara got a phone call so she ask him to leave and says she will come in few min Sanky left the place to his gang)
Seeing Sahil pointing towards swara he thought to tease so he acting and calls swara
Sanky: heyy u pink dress come here ? towards swara
Swara: (she was shocked seeing Sanky behavior towards her but composes herself and Sanky to Sanky) wt
Sanky: wt wt ha u r junior don’t u know u have to give respect to u r seniors say Gus morning
Swara: ? sry good morning
Sanky: (smiling silently) wt good morning u have to say gud morning sir
Swara:(seeing his smile her anger reached peek level) okie sir smiles evilly
Sanky: (noticed her evil smile and thought Im gone now) y r u smiling like that
Swara: ntg sir
Sanky: okie okie now u can go to class
Sahil: dude wt r u saying she our junior we have rag her more
Sanky: ( idiot if I do more na then I’m gone in her hands) no u can go now

But his gang was not ready to leave her
With no option he ask her to get coffee for him from the canteen
Swara: okie sir (she went get the coffee but she added lemon and salt in it)
Sanky:( she didn’t said anything silently she left the place wts going in her mind)
Soon swara came and gave coffee to Sanky he took sip and split the coffee
Sanky: angellll wt this I won’t leave u
Swara: then how dare u to rag me ha
Sanky pulls her close through her waist for this u added salt and lemon in coffee

All his frnds are confused by his behaviour
Rajat: wt happening here and u who r u
Swasan came to sense and Sanky says she is swara my Frnd
All looked at her in shock
arjun: that means u r the angel
Swara: yes
Soon all four became frnds and swara also made nice bonding with them
Swara went to her class room and she mingled with every so easily and she got 3 frnds name Kavya arohi and Soumya

On other hand
Raglak room
Laksh took ragini to their room and place her on the bed
Laksh come top of her and giving her wet kisses on her neck
Ragini was moaning in pleasure
He was going crazy for her voice he was kissing her lips madly without giving her chance to involve she was just pulling him on her for his diff. Kiss soon both parted each other due to lack of oxygen
Laksh was seeing into her eyes for seeking permission she hugged him in giving signel
Soon both are naked laksh without wasting time she entered into her she was shouting in pain seeing her he kissed her on lips to divert her mind
Soon her shouting where turned into pleasure moans both reached to climax
Soon both dosed of in eachother embrance
After few hour laksh got up and sees ragini who was sleeping peacefully cuddling him he smiles and peck her forehead and kissed on her lips

Due to this she moved slightly he smiles and left to washroom with disturbing her
He prepare lunch and came to room with the tray he woke up ragini
Ragini: sleepy tone 5min lucky
Laksh: okie
After 5mins
Laksh: ragu 5 min Hogay chalk abb ut jao
Ragini: 2 min
Laksh: no 2 and 5 min now get up Lunch thanda hojayega
Ragini: plzzz
Laksh smiles and sat beside her on the bed and started giving wet kisses to her on the neck
Ragini: laksh plzzz let sleep na
Laksh was not in a mood to listen he stared her lips and with no time he was kissing her badly for this every one have to wake up

Ragini also woke up with irritation
Ragini:lucky y won’t u let sleep peacefully yar now u r disturbing my sleep and at night also u won’t let me sleep and after that hospital ppl also won’t let me sleep peacefully
Lucky: with guilty I’m sry ragu u sleep I will wait for u
Ragini: (realised wt she said) she immediately hold his hand and stopped him with teary eyes I’m sry lucky I did mean in that way plz don’t go
Laksh: seeing her tears cupped her face no ragu u where not wrong don’t cry
Ragini smiles seeing his Care he was hurt but still he was caring for her
She placed lips on his saying that I’m sry for wt she said now he was shocked for her sudden action soon he to joined in her kiss
Raglak say sry to each other
Both did their lunch and spend their

Day passed deadly now swasan where leaving to home
In car
Swara: she throwing dagger through her eyes to him
Sanky: angel
Sanky: sry angel I just thought to tease u use now plz smile and wise be u completed ur revenge on me by giving that salt coffee
Swara: smiles but it was noticed by Sanky

Soon both reached home
Swara left without waiting for Sanskar but she was enjoying this treatment
Swara: ragu where r u
Rag from the room she replied to her
She went running and sat beside ragini who was sitting on the bed and checking some files
She holds ragini hands and placed head on her shoulder and complained about sanky wt he did with her today but she didn’t said coffee secene
Ragini smiles and went near Sanky with fake anger
There same topic but snaky did said ragging secene to lucky
Ragini: Sanky wt have done with swara y u ragged her
Lucky: hey Ravi stop don’t scold Sanky u don’t wt she did she gave salted coffee to Sanky
Soon both started fighting here swasan where enjoying the fight of raglak
Both listened some laughing sounds they saw to that direc5ion and sees swasan where laughing
Now both got angry and chased both all 4 fighted with pillow after sometime all 4 busted in laughing

At night
Raglak room
Ragini: lucky wt about that women
Lucky: don’t worry ragu there are only 6 months after that we are safe and I promise I will protect swasan
Ragini: ha lucky I trust u till that time make security tight on swasan keep 24 hrs eye on them okie
Lucky: okie rag if something happen also I have kept gprs on their lockets so. Don’t worry
Ragini nodded her head and left to sleep

Swasan room
Sanky: wt did u did u spike my coffee wait saying he took water bottle and poured water on her bed
Swara came out of the washroom and sees bed wet and glares at Sanky who was pretending to sleep
Swara: sankyyyyy u idiot duffer saying he took that bottle and started beating him
Sanky: ahh angel stop it yar saying he holds her tightly through waist
Swara:struggling to release from him but she Sanky face so close to her she in his eyes
Sanky: smiles and madam I know I’m handsome don’t stare me like that okie
Swara: came to sense who u r handsome Mr gorilla
Sanky: smiles waise swara now where u will sleep ur bed is wet now
Swara: don’t worry mr kazoos I will go near bhaji and bhabi

Sanky opens her mouth in o
No unwell sleep here only that to beside me in my arms do understand
Swara: shocked
But Sanky did paid any heed and placed her head on his chest and holded tightly through waist and slept
Swara smiles seeing his crazy act soon both dosed off

Screen freezes on their faces

Precap: leap….

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