Hi guys it’s my 2nd os i hope u will like it n tq so much fr commenting on my first os tq tq alot n tq fr all silent readers fr reading my os tq so much n sry if I make any mistakes
pls Imagine kunj as only Sid it’s a big request

A mansion is shown where all members r roaming here n there n working as if some function is going to happen

Outside the mansion a car is stopped n a girl frm car is getting down she has a bright smile on her face . She started walking towards the mansion suddenly her leg got slip n she about to fall down due to fear she closes her eyes but she feel that she is in strong arms slowly she opens her eyes n they share a cute eyelock n they break eyelock boy says twinkle
girl:hw do u know my name (s guys she is none other than our cute n sweet twinkle )
Suddenly smeone closes tw eyes
Boy: u guessed me right I thought u have forgotten me
tw : are hw can I forget my bestiee by saying dis she hugs him
tw: where is ur bride
a voice frn behind comes
girl :if u will see it behind u can notice her
Tw:mahi hw r u by saying this she hugs mahi
Mahi: I thought u will nt cme
tw : hw can I miss my bestiee’s engagement
tw: btw hw do u know my name pointing towards the boy who helped her frm falling down
uv: u didn’t recognise him
Tw nods no
Uv:he is our childhood frnd kunj (s guys he is our handsome n dashing hero kunj)
Tw:s I remember n she says sry n gives a side hug to kunj bt kunj doesn’t respond bt she ignores it
Tw: k I’ll go n meet others by saying dis she went frm there

engagement time
uv comes there n waits fr mahi beside him kunj is there

After sometime tw brings mahi
Uv mesmerized by seeing her where kunj was lost in tw
Tw brings mahi down n closes uvs mouth
Tw:uv close ur mouth otherwise fly will go inside by saying this she teases him
uv :jitna tease karna hai karle I will also get time to tease u
After they exchange their rings n unknowingly tw stands beside kunj

Tw :hi kunj
k: hi
Tw:after so many years we met eo na
K :s
Tw notices dat he is sad wen she is abt to talk he excuses himself n went frm there
Tw notices dis bt she ignores

Tw: hi uv waiting fr mahi
Uv : nt in senses n says s
uv: after coming to senses says no
tw: really
Tw:btw fr ur there r only 10 days r left
Until that u should wait fr her after dat she will become urs by saying she teases him
Mahi is pulling her ears
tw:sry ssry leave my ear
Mahi leaves her ears
All trio r talking . Suddenly tw notices that kunj is standing there N he looks to be sad
Tw thinks to ask uv
Tw:uv is kunj is sad
Uv:s yr u asking dis
Tw: s whenever I see him he is lost somewhere n seems to be sad any reason
Uv: s he loved a girl alot bt she betreayed him n left him
Twfeels sadfr kunj

tw sees kunj as he had lost smewhere else she decides to go n talk to him
Tw: hey kunj where r u lost she says by snapping her fingers in front of him
K:no nowhere
K:do u have any work with me
Tw: no I came here to talk with u as it was long time we met eo
K:s u r right
K:after leaving frm here u never came back
tw : s as I was busy with my studies
Tw : bt u remembered me by seeing me by I
k:interrupt her n says I have saw it photo in uvs phne so I recognized u
like this both have talked fr so much time in between after so many days kunj was laughing whole heartedly uv notices this n thinks dat tw made him laugh in such a less time I hope kunj will always keep smiling

in kunj’s room
Uv :hi kunj
K:hi uv u here
uv:s kunj after so many years I have sawn u smiling frm ur heart I’m so happy fr u bro
K:s I to dnt know bt tw made me laugh as fr sometime I had forgotten my past
Uv: so u like her
K: s I mean no I mean she is a nice girl
uv :smiles n says gn n left frm there
Kunj pov :-s I like her no I mean I like her innocence n sweetness are wt happened to me y I’m thinking about her kunj if u think like this one day u will go mad bt she is nice

Day by day they r cming closer n kunj is totally forgot abt his past n he devolps feeling fr tw

All rituals r done all njoyed alot

AT 11:30pm
Kunj came to tw room n closed her eyes frm behind tw was abt to scream kunj says it’s me n asks her to cme with him

After sometime they reaches a place now kunj removes his hands frm her eyes
tw got shocked as place was beautifully decorated
tw:it’s beautiful kunj
K : happy bday tw
tw:u remembered it tq so much
Tw cuts the cake n feeds him
K:do u want any gift on ur bday
Tw:s onething I want frm u
K: wt
Tw:ur sadness
kunj got shocked by hearing dis
tw:s kunj I want my old frnd back he is so nice he used to laugh n njoy his life
If u will give ur sadness to me then there will be no reason fr u to be sad den I will get my kunj back
by listening dis kunj got tears in his eyes he hugged tw tightly
After they broke hug
k:tw I luv u I luv u soo much
Tw u r my Angel tw I luv u
kunj was shocked
k:bt u
Tw:BCoz I thought I will propose u first bt
Kunj sighs in relief
K:k den u propose me now
tw sits on her knees n says
Tw:kunj I love u i love u alot I was in luv with u frm childhood btnever expressed bt when I was going to express we left frm there bt today I want to say I luv u I can’t imagine my life without U l luv u
Kunj had tears I his eyes he make tw stands up he immediately hugged tw n said I luv u too
K: tw u r angel of my life who brought happiness back to my life I can’t leave away frm n again they shared a huge

After they married n left happily

I hope I nt made anyone bre n tq fr reading my os plss comment whther it is positive or negative

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