Surprised who is back ?

this will be Short story
It will be only 1-2 -3 episode or more depend who will I write ????

SURPRISE guess who is back don’t scroll down
To know wait till the end of the note

Finally thinking to be back for u all as all are angry with me sorry
This story will be different from my other work as I am try to write this from long time and here is write this as come back

Twinkle main character
Kunj main character

Twinj are childhood friend and kunj is very possessive friend like if someone try to misbehave with twinkle kunj won’t leave that person easily. Other think twinj like each other that why they are close to each other and 3 people don’t exit in thee life.
Like that twinj were grown up and they went send to school and kunj was stubborn so he tell his parents where ever twinkle study’s he will be their with her in same school or college. His parent agree and thought to send twinj in school.
Next morning

Beautiful room is shown and their we can see beautiful girl is sleeping peacefully. When someone enter in her room and try to touch her before that person could touch her show know who was that and shout his name Kunj
K- now can u always know it was me
T- idiot your my best friend and I know in and out of u okay showing attitude
K- okay and I like this attitude twinkle
T- I won’t talk to u coz u always give me stupid name like Siyappa queen and now this attitude
K- u look so cute like this saying he kiss her check and so get up I mad bf for u so if your sleeping beauty is over then go and clean up your self and guess what I mad your favorite bf
T- your the best I love u sying she kiss his check
K- okay get up and eat as it will be cold
T- kunj what if 3 person enter in our life
K- I won’t leave that person only u and me
T-kunj iam girl and I have to married someday
K- I will go with u as I can let u go with someone who I don’t know okay
T- I love u kunj saying she hug him as she know that he is mad now
K- it okay get up have bf and it time to go school.
T-okay u also need to come down for bf with me
K- okay and twinkle listen
T- hmmmm
K- I love u and always love u
T- I know kunj you will be always mine best friend I love u too

Later both have bf and leave for school.

Precap- some boy try to tease twinkle when kunj went to bring bf for them
What will happen if know that some boy is teasing her

Stay tune and sorry I won’t be continue my other ff

Stay tune to know more about it

Stay blessed
Take care
Love of love

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  1. good start
    post soon

  2. Twinj

    Wow what an intro…
    Twin bf n their convo. Was awesoke…
    Aab toh unn ladko ki kjer nahi…twinkle ko chedna matlab…kunj ke haat ki maar khana….post asap….

  3. Presha

    Awesome dii

  4. Wow!di you are back.
    Missing you so much
    I am dancing in excitement
    The episode was marvellous……speechless
    Loved it to the core
    Post soon
    Love u ????
    Keep smiling ☺☺☺☺

  5. Sameera

    Amazing yaar loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much ?????????????..waiting to know more glad to see u back ???..
    Post soon ….love you

  6. Good start
    Post soon plzzz

  7. Sohi

    Amazing plot
    Glad to see you back
    Do continue

  8. SanamMel

    Hey . Good start .
    waiting for the next one ??

  9. Ramya

    I’m so happy to see u
    I felt so bad when u said u won’t come. Back
    But today I’m so happy to see u again
    N it’s just amazing awesome Super
    Love you keep smiling

  10. Baby

    hey dear…….♥
    loved it…….♥
    nice one……♥
    thanks for coming back….♥
    love u soooo mch……..♥♥♥♥

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