U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 40

Hi everyone!!!! Risa is back!!! Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was eid n i was super busy……n at night i was exhausted. Hope my buddies enjoyed yesterdays public holiday 🙂 now for epi……

Outside burger shop
Twiraj came back from the veterians clinic. The animal was safe n they had safely left it. Now comes the hunger equilizer. Twinkles was damn hungry. She kept showing gestures of hunger. Yuvi was fed up of seeing this.
Twinkle: rasgulla……
Yuvi: how much will u eat? Just now ate panipoori now rasgulla….if this continues you will bloat up like a pig!
Twinkle: shut up monkey! Now take me in this shop.
Yuvi: whatever!
Twiraj entered.

Twiraj ordered burger.
Twinkle: y is he so late!
Yuvi: its just 32 seconds after we placed the order….look now its 33!
Twinkle: enough! I cant bear it! Burger burger!
Yuvi: uff! Janglii billi toh hunger pangs ki rani hoti hai!
Twinkle: should i tear u with my fangs! Janglii billi have teeth like knives! Wanna try this daredevil stunt!
Yuvi: no……
Twinkle: see voice is only not coming!
Twinkle rocked. Yuvi shocked.

The waiter came. He gave them burgers.
Waiter: our burgers r best in towns! Action burgers!
Yuvi took bite.
Yuvi: wow! Splendid!
Twinkle took bite.
Twinkle: ouch!
Yuvi: first time i heard someone say ouch while eating food!
Twinkles tooth broke. Blood started flowing.
Yuvi got shocked.
Yuvi: omg! Blood! Twinkle!
Twinkle started to cry. Peoplearound her laughed at her. Some started passing comment. She felt embaressed. The same girl came but this time not with specs n braces n her mark was covered wtih makeup. It was…..it was…..aparna! The girl who was gonna marry yuvi! Yuvle were shocked.
Aparna: yuvi! Oh miss taneja too! Oh my god! Tooth broke? So sad. Well ugly is ugly. Haha.
Twinkle cried. Yuvi got emotional seeing her. He stood up.
Yuvi: will u just shut up.
Aparna touched his shoulders. Yuvi moved away.
Aparna: oh yuvi. Leave this girl! I can give u much more than her!
Yuvi got angry. He saw twinkle. She was about to get up. He stopped her.
Yuvi: k miss aparna…..so u want to marry me?
Aparna: yes!
Yuvi: than i think u will have no prob if i kiss u right!
Aparna: umm…..
Yuvi: oh dont be so shy. Come baby come…
He went closer to her. Aparna got scared n pushed him away.
Aparna: leave me!
Yuvi: so the truth came out right? U want me for money! U think i dont even check business matters…..i am the heir to my moms company….n as per i no ur so called billionaire father is now in debt and has only one way to pay them off….marry u to a rich guy….i hate girls like u who can stoop so low as to target my gf to get me! Loser!
Aparna cried hearing it.
Aparna: i hate u! Yuvraj luthra! I hate u!
N she ran away.
Yuvi sat down. Twinkle was shocked all thorought seeing his bravery.
Twinkle: my my! So brave! I love u! My monkey man!
Yuvi: u no……i have a surprize for u…..
Twinkle: what?
Yuvi: more burgers!!!
Twinkle heard this n ran away. Yuvi laughed seeing this.

Hope u liked it. Some of u didnt like new villian so i removed her soon. Even i hated her. N announcement. Twinj os is no m8re an os. It is a finite ff series now. It will be of 22 episodes. Plz do read it! Do comment! Love u!


  1. Maanvi

    Sorry couldn’t comment on day before yesterday’s episode as was busy but I read that too and it was awesome

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