U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 40


Hi everyone!!!! Risa is back!!! Sorry for not posting yesterday. It was eid n i was super busy……n at night i was exhausted. Hope my buddies enjoyed yesterdays public holiday 🙂 now for epi……

Outside burger shop
Twiraj came back from the veterians clinic. The animal was safe n they had safely left it. Now comes the hunger equilizer. Twinkles was damn hungry. She kept showing gestures of hunger. Yuvi was fed up of seeing this.
Twinkle: rasgulla……
Yuvi: how much will u eat? Just now ate panipoori now rasgulla….if this continues you will bloat up like a pig!
Twinkle: shut up monkey! Now take me in this shop.
Yuvi: whatever!
Twiraj entered.

Twiraj ordered burger.
Twinkle: y is he so late!
Yuvi: its just 32 seconds after we placed the order….look now its 33!
Twinkle: enough! I cant bear it! Burger burger!
Yuvi: uff! Janglii billi toh hunger pangs ki rani hoti hai!
Twinkle: should i tear u with my fangs! Janglii billi have teeth like knives! Wanna try this daredevil stunt!
Yuvi: no……
Twinkle: see voice is only not coming!
Twinkle rocked. Yuvi shocked.

The waiter came. He gave them burgers.
Waiter: our burgers r best in towns! Action burgers!
Yuvi took bite.
Yuvi: wow! Splendid!
Twinkle took bite.
Twinkle: ouch!
Yuvi: first time i heard someone say ouch while eating food!
Twinkles tooth broke. Blood started flowing.
Yuvi got shocked.
Yuvi: omg! Blood! Twinkle!
Twinkle started to cry. Peoplearound her laughed at her. Some started passing comment. She felt embaressed. The same girl came but this time not with specs n braces n her mark was covered wtih makeup. It was…..it was…..aparna! The girl who was gonna marry yuvi! Yuvle were shocked.
Aparna: yuvi! Oh miss taneja too! Oh my god! Tooth broke? So sad. Well ugly is ugly. Haha.
Twinkle cried. Yuvi got emotional seeing her. He stood up.
Yuvi: will u just shut up.
Aparna touched his shoulders. Yuvi moved away.
Aparna: oh yuvi. Leave this girl! I can give u much more than her!
Yuvi got angry. He saw twinkle. She was about to get up. He stopped her.
Yuvi: k miss aparna…..so u want to marry me?
Aparna: yes!
Yuvi: than i think u will have no prob if i kiss u right!
Aparna: umm…..
Yuvi: oh dont be so shy. Come baby come…
He went closer to her. Aparna got scared n pushed him away.
Aparna: leave me!
Yuvi: so the truth came out right? U want me for money! U think i dont even check business matters…..i am the heir to my moms company….n as per i no ur so called billionaire father is now in debt and has only one way to pay them off….marry u to a rich guy….i hate girls like u who can stoop so low as to target my gf to get me! Loser!
Aparna cried hearing it.
Aparna: i hate u! Yuvraj luthra! I hate u!
N she ran away.
Yuvi sat down. Twinkle was shocked all thorought seeing his bravery.
Twinkle: my my! So brave! I love u! My monkey man!
Yuvi: u no……i have a surprize for u…..
Twinkle: what?
Yuvi: more burgers!!!
Twinkle heard this n ran away. Yuvi laughed seeing this.

Hope u liked it. Some of u didnt like new villian so i removed her soon. Even i hated her. N announcement. Twinj os is no m8re an os. It is a finite ff series now. It will be of 22 episodes. Plz do read it! Do comment! Love u!

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  1. Aww….cho cute…loved it dea….

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    Wow a twiraj ff. Awesome . update it soon.

  3. Splendid!!!!!!
    Sorry couldn’t comment on day before yesterday’s episode as was busy but I read that too and it was awesome

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    Rusa….episode was too cute…..awesome…..

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    Awesome episode risa ?

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