U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 39


Hi its risa!!!! No bakbak only episode…..

At twinkles room
Twinkle hugged yuvi tight n tight. Yuvi was confused at this gesture of hers.
Yuvi: whats wrong baby doll? Are u fine?
Twinkle: no….there was this girl…n she had knife….n she was calling u…..
Yuvi: me? What did she say? Tell me i am here with u! U dont need to be scared….
Twinkle: she said that…..
Twinkle peeked behind. Girl was holding knife behind yuvi n signed her to shut her mouth or else she will kill him. Twinkle got scared.
Twinkle: no no nothing…..i just saw horror movie….
Yuvi: horror movie…..omg……i wanna see too…..
Twinkle: ok lets see together! Conjuring 2 has released lets goo!
Yuvi: ok…..
She pulls him out. Girl dissappers.

At road
Yuvi n twinkle were walking. Cat was inbetween them.
Yuvi: looks like this cat is more well mannered than u…..
Twinkle: what do u mean? I am mannerless?
Yuvi: see u said it on ur own!! Haha..
Twinkle: very funny….
Car comes in their direction. It was in fast speed. Twiraj didnt notice car n were busy with their fight. Car driver was the same girl. She smirked. Car came close close close……..a bang was heard! Twiraj were shocked. People round them shocked. The car hit the cat!!!! Twinkle n yuvi were safe. The cat had wounded leg. People started gathering. The girl escaped n ran away. Yuvi knelt down.
Yuvi: oh no….the left leg its bleeding….
Twinkle immediately removes a piece of her dupatta n ties it to the cats leg. Yuvi smiles seeing how caring twinkle was. He stares at twinkle. Twinkle looks at him.
Twinkle: no time to adore the beauty of a mannerless twinkle taneja! Get going to the animal doctor!
Yuvi: u mean vet?
Twinkle: yes…..i was just checking ur knowledge!
Yuvi chuckled. They sat in a taxi n went towards the veterian clinic.
The girl came out. She was holding pic of twiraj. She tore it into half. One half had yuvi other half twinkle. She tore twinkles half into pieces n threw it. She took yuvi’s half. Kissed it n then threw it. She smiled happily n went. To her surprise the bits of teinkles half came together with yuvis half because of the blowing wind. She got angry n stamped pic.

Precap: twiraj eat burger. Twinkle bites birger n finds stones. Her front tooth breaks. All round laugh seeing this. Girl from hiding place laughs. Twinkle cries. The identity of the girl is revealed in this episode.

Plz comment. Plz comment. Whats gonna happen next? Who is this girl? Next is episode is 40. Something special is kept for u all. Dont see the dull precap. See the real mazza of episode 40. I am busy with eid preparations guys. As it is eid tmrw. But i will try my best to post the episode totally jakas. Bye. Ncomment. N do tell me how is my dp of zain! 🙂

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  1. My God…I just can’t wait….plzz write soon…

  2. Yashasvi

    hey owsm dp…!!!!!! luved it. ohhhh waiting fr nxt…

  3. Meeta

    Zain ♥
    The epi.
    I hate villains.
    Out soon.

  4. Manny

    Awesome episode

  5. Sayeeda

    Can’t wait for next one…. finally the revelation day….
    Soo amazing episode… loved it

  6. It was awesome!! Zain looks too cute .. Continue Risa … Too good for words

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Risa….awesome dear…..

  8. next one plz………….risa

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