U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 38

Hi its risa!! Twinj os intro to be posted tmrw…..twinj os to be posted on 10th of july n maanvi’s request for twiraj os can be fulfilled only in september as i am free only to write ff right now…..but promise to release in september…..n enough of bakbak now with episode……

Next day
Inside college
Twinkle was sitting for extra class with girl2 n other students.
Twinkle: yaar y extra class for us? All r on holiday……
Girl2: we didnt study n now repent….
Prof kumar saw them talking.
Kumar: miss taneja could u concentrate here if u fail extra classes u will have to do an extra semester again! So concentrate!
Twinkle: ok sir…..
The class began. Kumar started explaining about shakespeares way of using latin language n their coordinanaces with modern english. Twinkle found it all confusing.
Kumar: read the text…..it explains everything by itself…..
Twinkle: does it speak?
Girl2 laughs. Suddenly there is knock at door.
Kumar: enter….oh luthra y here? Missed me so much is it?
It was yuvi. All students laughed at kumars remark.
Yuvi: no sir…..heres the form….
He gave him a paper. Kumar read it n was shocked.
Kumar: what is this! U want to attend extra classes! U no u have passed ur topper too…..then y this?
Yuvi: sir i missed u so!
All students laugh.
Kumar: ok whatever it is….ur prob….now sit somewhere…..
Yuvi: thank u sir!love u!

Kumar hits his head. Yuvi runs n sits next to twinkle.
Twinkle: r u mad? Ur repeating classes?
Yuvi: couldnt stay away from my baby…..
Twinkle blushes. Yuvi smiles. Kumar calls yuvi n tells him to go to office to submit form. Girl2 starts talking with twinkle.
Girl2: u no twinkle u r very lucky! U got a bf who is ready to attend extra lectures even though he topped the class only because he wants u by his side! Too cute!
Twinkle blushes. Her face became red like tomato. Girl2 laughed. Yuvi came he got worried seeing twinkle.
Yuvi: baby r u ok? Ur face….
Twinkle: because of u!
Yuvi: me?
Twinkle blushes harder. Girl2 laughs. Yuvi is still confused.

At taneja house
In twinkles room
Twinkle enters her room. No one is there in house. Only twinkle. Rest of them went for function but twinkle stayed as she needed to attend extra classes. She came in saw a girl sitting there. Twinkle was shocked.
Twinkle: who r u? What r u doing here?
Girl tuns. Twinkles gets scared. The girl had huge black eyes. She wore spectacles. Her hair was short. She had a mark on her left cheek. She wore braces. She had knife in her hand. She stepped back.
Twinkle: babaji! Maa! Yuvi! Someone save me….
Girl came closer.
Girl: dare u remove my future husbands name from ur mouth!
There was knock at window. Twinkle turned. She turned back n girl was gone. She ran to window. She opened it. It was yuvi. He crept through window to meet twinkle as guards didnt allow luthras to enter as they dont no that everything is fine between the families. Twinkle hugs yuvi tightly. Yuvi gets confused. She starts to cry.

Precap: twinkle walks on road with yuvi. Car comes to hit her. Someone is hit between them. The driver of the car is revealed to be the same girl. She escapes.

Who was hit? Yuvi or twinkle? Who is this girl? What does she want? Everthing will get cleared guys……plz comment n continue to support me like this….love u all!

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