U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 37

Hi! I am back! N heres the epi…….

At college
Yuvi will be desperately waiting to see his gf in the beautiful dress. Nik n chinki smiled seeing how uneasy he was getting with each passing second.
Yuvi: where is she?
Suddenly they hear sounds of nasty laughter.
Yuvi: whats wrong?
They run to the corridor n see twinkle in staimed dress n crumbled hairstyle. Yuvi gets shocked. Nik n chinki too. Twinkle cries. Yuvi runs to her. Twinkle hugs him. She starts to cry. Yuvi hugs her tight.
Yuvi: dont worry baby…..for me ur even more beautiful than miss universe.
Twinkle laughs hearing this. Yuvi smiles.
Twinkle: my dress is stained. Already people have started laughing n i dont have a spare dress….
Yuvi: yaar….tu thand rak….nothing will go wrong……n who told u real beauty is whats outside…..beauty is the inner feeling of goodness. Physical features r temporary. I may look good but in old age i may look like a weary man or eyesore. So my baby dont cry. I love u for who u r n not for how u look….
Twinkle smiles hearing this. She cries.
Yuvi: now y r u crying?
Twinkle: i didnt no that u can speak something like this my old weary man!
Yuvi: oh now dont start that!
All laugh.

At stage
The judges had come to the stage to announce the winners.
Judge: so mr freshman goes to yuvraj luthra with majority voting….well thats a lot of majority…..plz come to the stage….
Yuvi climbs to the stage. All cheer.
Judge: n now for miss freshman……it is…..
Twinkle turned around to leave. She knew that she could never win.
Judge: it goes to twinkle taneja! For her outstanding outfit n hairstyle…..our judge who is one of the fashoin designers was impressed with this new combination….
Twinkle gets excited. She runs to the stage. The other contestants couldnt believe this.
Twiraj take their award n run to chinki n nik.
The friends congratulate them n twiraj cheer them for their respecrive competitions.

At a unknown place in the crowd
A girl whose face was not revealed was clicking pics of yuvi continuously.
Girl: so this is my future husband…..looks like a handful….but that ugly girl next to him! I love him since 5 yrs n her love of not even 5 months defeated me! I will teach her a lesson. N u my yuvraj……ur mine!
N she laughs a rather laugh like a pest planning a dangerous scheme.

At sunset
Near a seafacing restraunt
Twiraj sit there as they got tickets to this restraunt as award.
Yuvi: so beautiful…..
Twinkle: ur right!
Yuvi: u promise to hold my hand always ok….i cant tolerate anyone other than u! I love u!
Twinkle: i love u too!
The sunsets n they laugh thinking about the competition.

Precap: twinkle enters her room. Sees a girl sitting there. Girl turns. She gets shocked.

Gonna release os on twinj soon. Guys plz continue to support me like this.Love u! Bye!

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  1. Mud stained dress as a new fashion? Not bad! And what? Ruffled hairstyle as good combo? Hahaha…and new character entry….supense….

    1. Risa

      Tq laddoo. Suspense….

  2. hey risa..d epi was awesome…..
    loved that line which UV said
    ” i love u for how u r n not for how u look ”
    loved this line so much….superb…
    eagerly waiting for next epi…..

  3. hey risa..d epi was awesome…..
    loved that line which UV said
    ” i love u for how u r n not for how u look ”
    loved this line so much….superb…
    eagerly waiting for next epi…..

  4. Amazing but pls write on os on Twiraj also pls

  5. Amazing if possible pls write on os on TWIRAJ pls

  6. Yashasvi

    awww sho shweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! twiraj!!!!!!!!!!!!! luved it. fir villian aa gyi……..hehehe……..

  7. Manny

    Yay I got the chance to comment first lol
    Nice as always keep it up risa 🙂

    1. Manny

      Lol it seems mod took long time to approve my comments hahahaha

  8. Sayeeda

    Soooooooo cute episode….
    Yuvi kinna accha hai ….kitna support krta hai Twinkle ko nd his dialouges were so heart touching…
    Damm yrr just now Abhi left nd now one more came to act as kawab mein haddi between Twiraj….I’m so tensed for it..
    Waiting for next one…post soon

  9. Rashiverma2199

    Risa it was awesome….

  10. Sparkle

    Such a cute update. Don’t believe twinkle won the award but she is our sherni, can do anything.

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