U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 36


Hi! N now with epi…..

At college grounds
Principal was giving speech. All students had assembled.
Principal: so as u students no that at the end of this semester there r gonna beholidays before we start with next semester…..but there r extra classes for some…..
Twinkle shook her head.
Principal: but before we end this semester theres gonna be cultural competitions held at thecollege grounds…..
All students jumped up n down in joy. Finally something fun after a long time. Twiraj n chinki n nik decided to meet each other as soon as the assembly disperses.

After disperse
At college grounds
The four of them were prepared for all competitions.
Chinki: i am joining singigng competition…..
Nik: n me drama…what about u yuvi?
Yuvi: mr freshman
Twinkle: mr freshman! Haha! U think people will let a monkey win!
Yuvi: which monkey?
Twinkle: im talking about u!
Yuvi fumes. Twinkle gets scared.
Twinkle: ok sorry….
Yuvi: then what about u?
Twinkle: i am gonna enroll in miss freshman…
Yuvi: miss freshman…..
Twinkle: ya…
Yuvi: saw ur face? Look like monkey! No even worse than monkey! Seeing u i think a monkey will also go into coma!
Twinkle fumes. Yuvi runs. She chases him. Chinki n nik exchange glances n laugh.

At taneja house
Twinkle comes n tells leela that she is enrolling in miss freshman.
Leela: i no u will win! My prayers r with u….
N they hug.

At luthra house
Anita heard about yuvi enrolling in mr freshman from her friends.
Anita: y didnt u tell me? Mrs bhalla told me u no?
Yuvi: sorry was busy….
Anita: what busy?
Yuvi: preparing my outfit for the big day.
Anita: oh…..i no my son is so handsome….girls flawn when they see u….i am sure u will win!
Yuvi blushes hearing girls matter. Anita laughes seeing him.
Anita: what bout twinkle? Is she enrolling amywhere?
Yuvi: yes….miss freshman….
Anita: oh…..best of luck to both of u! Bye yuvi! Need to go for meeting.
Yuvi: bye mom.
They hug n anita leaves.

On the big day
Twinkle was preparing herself. She looked very pretty in pink gown. She looked like a fairy.
Twinkle: omg! Ur so beautiful twinkle! Love myself!
Suddenly her phone rings. It was yuvi. She picked call.
Twinkle: hi!
Yuvi: hi! My baby doll must be looking pretty today.
Twinkle: yep. Meri language me hot aur teri language mein pataka!
Yuvi: oh wow! Send me ur pick i wanna see u.
Twinkle: no. U will only see me at college. Dont wait for me today. Go ahead. I will meet u directly at college.
Yuvi: ok. Cant wait to see my baby doll! Bye!
Twinkle: bye!
They hung up.
Yuvi leaves in his car for college. Twinkle sees outside balcony that he is gone n prepares to go out.

Outisde taneja house
Twinkle came out wearing dress. As she was walking out. A car came n splashed mud on her dress. Twinkle got shocked.
Car left. She started to cry.
Twinkle: babaji! Now what will i do!

Precap: twinkle enters college. All laugh seeing her outfit. Yuvi is shocked n runs to her. Twinkle hugs him n cries.

Bye. Plz plz comment. Plz comment. N i tell u a new siyappa has come then how will twiraj solve it? It will be cleared soon till then bye! Tc! N do comment 🙂

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  1. Noo…don’t do this…twinkii ko itni embarrassment mat do….

    1. Risa

      Yaar twinkle ko embaressment se yuvi hi toh bachaega 😉 n dont worry twinkle storng hai na zarror cope up karegi…

  2. Sayeeda

    Soooooo good episode Risa….amazing….
    But tensed for next one… I’m waiting to see how Uvi will help nd support her…..
    Nd yah I’m waiting for………. ( u know na for what I’m waiting… )
    love u

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Risa awesome episode…..just fab it was….????????

  4. Yashasvi

    hey nice risa , hope new siyappa jaldi sort out ho

  5. Manny

    Nice as always :333

  6. Sparkle

    What mud on our beautiful twinkle, itni u fairness. But I know our yuvi will be the hero here. Nice update.

  7. Naaz21

    Ur all eps r just Awsum , I couldn’t comment on last eps but I m able to comment in this ep,
    Ur story is funny,crazy.loving n much more. Just loved them❤️???

  8. Amazing ?????????

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