U never no what destiny has kept for uโ€ฆ.TwiRaj episode 35

Nimboo wala ishq ๐Ÿ˜› hope u guys remember! Hi its risa n now with the story…..

1 week later
The exams had ended the results were being distributed.

In section 1
It was yuvi n chinki’s class. Prof kumar was distributing papers.
Chinki sat infront of yuvi so she turned n started to talk to him.
Chinki: 72! I am so happy!
Yuvi: wish i atleast pass….i was stuck with the walking-talking siyappa for a lot of time this semester….
Prof kumar: luthra! Come n take ur paper.
Yuvi: looks like kumar bellowed to me.
Chinki laughs.
Chinki: twinkle calls u right english parrot.
Yuvi blushes hearing this.

In section 4
Twinkle sat in her place. Paper was in her hand.
Twinkle: babaji!!!!!!! 37!!!!!!!
Girl1: ur gone! Below 40 extra classes in term holidays! Best of luck!
Twinkle hit her head with the paper.

After college
Twiraj n chinki n nik met each other.
Nik: so u got 72 chinki….good!
Chinki: tq! U should be happier u got 73! 1 mark more!
Yuvi: twinkle how much?
Twinkle didnt reply.
Yuvi: tell na….ok i understand its unacceptable to get a fried egg…..
Twinkle: fried egg! I didnt get 0! I got 37!
Yuvi: so u got 37…..
Twinkle: i got 37 n u….
Yuvi blushed.
Twinkle: y r u blushing?
Chinki: he topped the class! Yuvi got 98!
Twinkles mouth was open. She was shocked. She didnt no yuvi was so smart. Yuvi saw her mouth open n closed it.
Yuvi: mosquitoes have increased…..close ur mouth who nos u may swallow it n create new siyappa for that poor fly!
Twinkle gets angry. She starts hitting yuvi with paper. Yuvi runs. Twinkle chases. Chinki n nik laugh.
Nik: yaar chinki…..twinkle n yuvi r so cool….ishq bhi tashan bhi….i swear….
Chinki laughes.
Chinki: wish they always remain like this. I pray that.
The both of them smile n see twiraj chasing each other.

Sorry for very short update guys. Promise longgggggggggggg……..one tmrw as i am bit busy. Plz plz comment. Comment ๐Ÿ™‚ promise long one tmrw


  1. Sayeeda

    |Registered Member

    Hhhaannnnn!!!! Uvi itna talented hai wah Bhai maan gaye …abhi tak heroine ko dekha hai khali topper hote hue r aaj pehli baar hero ko dekha ….sahi hai tum hume khoob alag alag cheeze witness karwao …

    So nimboo wala ishq ki producer Risa madam ….episode was sooo cute …loved it …

  2. anjvi

    Pls make It a little bit longer next tune.It was nice and i m a silent reader but ur episode made me to comment awsome.

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