U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 34

Yo people!!!! Risa is here with her chatpati storyline (which has no spice at all)! Without any bak-bak i present u the 34th installment of my series……

At taneja house
Leela n anita were partying.
Leela: finally my daughter has moved on with abhi…..
Anita: n my son is back to me!!!!
They cheered. Suddenly twiraj entered.
Leela n anita were shocked seeing them together.
Yuvi: not for long leela aunty! N mom…..what r u doing here……
Twinkle held yuvi’s hand.
Twinkle: this is the hand that i will always hold from now. So tightly that even if i want i camt break away!

Leela was super shocked. Anita fumed. She went to twiraj n tried to separate their hands.
Anita: yuvi leave her hand!
Yuvi: i love her mom! Heard yet? I love her! L-o-v-e! Love her!
Anita got even more angry. She slapped yuvi.
Anita: dont say a word to me! Not a word! Anita tries to leave. Twinkle stops her.
Twinkle: anita aunty please….we dont want to fight……
Anita: u better not snugle up to me.
She took her hand to slap her. Yuvi came in middle n held her hand.
Yuvi: mom. I am seriously in love with her!
Anita: but…
Yuvi: i no….i no….u want me to take u as my first priority….u will always remain the first lady i loved mom…..dont think that any girl can separate us……i love u too mom!
He hugs her. Anita’s heart melts hearing this. She hugs him back. Twinkle feels happy. She turns to leela now.

Twinkle: maa…..i didnt expect this from u!
Leela: but beta….i didnt plan this….it was all anita’s plan!
Anita: aha….now began the blame game! It was u!
Leela: but this abhi thing was planned by u right!
Anita: who came n did deal with me?
Leela: yes i did! But u could deny right?
Anita: wow! I should deny! Y?
A big fight begins. They shout at each other. Twiraj were not able to control them. Yuvi blinked at twinkle. Twinkle understood. She took knife from fruit basket. She started to shout.
Twinkle: if u two dont stop fighting…..i will kill myself!
Leela: no puttar no…..
Anita: kill kill! Atleast the reason will not remain!
Twinkle got angry.
Twinkle: sorry yuvi change in plans….
Yuvi: huh?

Twinkle takes knife n directs it to yuvi’s throat.
Twinkle: if u two dont stop fighting than i will kill yuvi!
Leela: kill kill! Atleast the reason will not remain!
Anita: no no…. i am sorry leela! It was my mistake! Now twinkle please laeve yuvi.
Twinkle: not until maa apologizes to u!
Leela: what?
Twinkle: apologize!
Leela: ok ok….sorry anita! Now puttar?
Twinkle: good!
She left yuvi.
Yuvi: my god! Once i thought that my head n body will be separated!
Twinkle: should i separate?
Yuvi: no thanks….no need!
Leela n anita laugh hearing this.
Leela: ok….accept u both!
Anita: accepted!
They both laugh together.
Anita: ur love has united us old bff’s! We were separated for so long….
Leela: very long…..
N they both laugh. Twiraj join in with them.

Next day at college
Twiraj told everything to chinki n nik.
Chinki: OMG! Ur moms have united!!!!!
Nik: no word bro no word!
Yuvi: now my love n me!
Twinkle: no! Mylove n me!
Yuvi: thats what i said!
Twinkle: you r my love! I am not ur love!
Yuvi: i love u so ur my love right?
Twinkle found all this very confusing ( so am i! Hope u too 😉 )
Twinkle: shut up! Dont test my iq!
Yuvi: now ur iq is gonna be checked lady gaga!!
Twinkle: u monkey man!
Yuvi: prepare for the exams dummy! Next semester! Remember!
Twinkle had almost forgotten about it.
Twinkle: oh yeah…..
Yuvi: what yeah? Study hard. I dont want a gf who would repeat a term!
Twinkle got angry.
Twinkle: should i give separate ur head n body? Remember ur old wish?
Yuvi ran. Twinkle chased him. Chinki n nik laughed.

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  1. Yashasvi

    hey risa .!!!!!!!! owsm epi.loved that part when tw said plan changed n directs knife to uv.hehehe…………….amazing

    1. When are u going to post it ff

    2. Risa

      tq yashu. Plz post ur ff soon.

      1. Yashasvi

        dear even i want to bt m busy with hhw n twiraj os bt fr u both will post tomorrow

  2. Amazing just loved it and thank god their moms agreed????

    1. Risa

      Tq maanvi

  3. Hi risa , how are you dear? Remember me? … Just want to say your FF is awesome and love the way you write , episode was epic

    Tc bye…

  4. ?????????????????????????????????????that’s all I can do…..ROTFL!!!

  5. Hi guys does anybody know why ZAI is not writing her FF on twiraj and if there is an episode 118? Can’t find it

  6. very funny epi…..loved their knok-jhok ….& specially d knife wala part……loved it to d core…..pls post next asap

  7. hey risa its too funny yar….really enjoy it. love twiraj knok-jhok…& specially d knife wala part…..loved of to d core…

  8. Sayeeda

    Hhhaahhhaa…..Twinkle bhi na saccchi mein Punjabi patakha hai wrna kaun apne bf ko knife se daraega ….great idea Risa …
    Finally mom’s r united …excited for upcoming episodes ….love it ..

  9. Manny

    Lol loved the episode. ?

  10. Sparkle

    Lol, I was lughing throughout the chapter, very nice
    Loved it.

  11. Rashiverma2199

    Risa was really cute…

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