U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 33

Hi folks! I am back! Tq for ur beautiful comments! I read each n every line of it. Love everyone of u! Even the silent readers! N now with the episode….

At megaplex
Nimboo wala ishq was playing. Twinkle felt bored as she wanted to watch animated movie of karate panda 5. Twinkle felt sleepy. Yuvi was watching film with utmost devotion.
Yuvi: yaar nik…
Nik: what?
Yuvi: love stories are all not bad…..i like complicated love plots.
Nik: just like ur love story right now.
Twinkle get up suddenly. She went out. Abhi followed. Nik signed yuvi that twinkle had got up n gone out with abhi. Yuvi was imersed in the love plot n didnt hear nik.

Outside megaplex
Twinkle came out abhi followed.
Twinkle: i am going to the washroom…..so……
Abhi: oh ok…..
N she went.
Abhi: so she has gone to the washroom huh?
He removes his coat n follows her slowly with a distance.

At megaplex
Yuvi n nik were still watching movie. Heroine came n said to hero.
Heroine: idiot! U told u will marry me but u married my sister!
Hero: sorry but ur sister makes better nimboo sherbets.
Heroine takes hammer n hits hero with it. Yuvi covers face n remembers twinkles revoltive personality n laughs. 1st interval begins.
Yuvi: awesome movie. Bet it will reach oscars.
Nik: ya….when i will die of calling u!
Yuvi: meaning?
Nik: twinky went out with abhi!
Yuvi: what!
Yuvi gets up. He rushes out.

At washroom
Twinkle goes inn washes face in basin.
Twinkle: oh no my mascara!
Someone gives her back hug. Twinkle gets starled. She turns around. It was abhi.
Twinkle: leave me!
Abhi: u no how a date ends right? With a kiss…..
Abhi comes closer to twinkle. Twinkle tries to push him away. But in vain. He comes close very close.
Twinkle: maa!!!!! Yuvi!!!!! Someone!!!!!!
Abhi: what ur mom will come? She planned this date. N yuvi? Dont even guess. He hates u!
Twinkle gets shocked n heartbroken hearing this. Her mother planned this!
Suddenly abhi is pulled back n punched on face, he opens his swollen eye. It was yuvi. Twinkle gets delighted seeing him. Twinkle rushes to him. She hugs him. She somehow felt secured now. A giggly kind of feeling tickled her heart. She was happy. Yuvi hugged her back n then turned to abhi.
Yuvi: a date ends with a kiss right……
Abhi: no no dont come close to me.
Yuvi: a kiss right……
Abhi: stay far.
Yuvi: want a kiss. My hand can kiss ur cheeks tightly. Want one kiss?
Abhi: no not at all!
N he runs away. Twinkle hugs yuvi.
Twinkle: thank god u came! I saw u were following me but i didnt think you’d reach till here.
Yuvi: u no how our tashan began right?
Twinkle thinks.
Twinkle: oh no u mean the declaration of war after the kiss!
Yuvi: yup. War was already declared n now the kiss.
Twinkle: no kiss. Already i am troubled.
Twinkle now thinks of her state. She was just about to be molestated.
She shivers. Yuvi hugs her tightly.
Yuvi: even when i said everything was over bwtween us….there was this thing that always connected me n u….. and that was love…..
Twinkle: copy monkey! Same dialouge hero says to heroine when she makes nimboo sherbet for him!
The both of them laugh.

Outside washroom
Twiraj were in each others embrace. Twinkle remembered what abhi told her about leela.
Twinkle: u no yuvi…..
Yuvi: what?
Twinkle: my mom had planned all this…..i think she doesnt approve of us…
Yuvi gets shocked.

Precap: twiraj reach homr. They see leela n anita partying together. They start to question leela. Leela tells anita had planned it with her.

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  1. Yaar I was seriously laughing throughout. Ur sister makes better nimboo sherbet? Seriously Risa??? Uff….my cheeks are paining! Ab aayega mazaa. Ho gyi expose Leela aur Anita. And m happy that they got patched up.

    1. Risa

      Meri cheeks bhi pain kar rahi hain….. me too happy for patch up 😉

  2. Sparkle

    Finally they are united. Happy for them and now The confrontation between moms and yuvle.
    Awesome update.

    1. Risa

      Tq sparkle 🙂

  3. Sayeeda

    ROFL …..kya yrr kitna hasogi ..my goodness main abhi tak hass hi rhi hoon ….
    Chalna ek kaam krte hai hum sab tei fans milkar Nimbo wala ishq movie direct krte hai jisme Twiraj honge r pakka phir hum sab Oscar lene chalenge… love that part a lot..
    Coming to epi …finally patch up hogaya.. now the real fun begins …
    Plzz post next soon

    1. Risa

      ROTFL Yaar tere comment pad kar meri hasi rukh hi nahi rahi……nimboo wala ishq zaroor oscar jeethega…… tq sayeeda

  4. hey ria its too funny…specially d movie..
    loved d epi to d core….osm epi.
    I’m too happy that twiraj unit & leela & Anita’s truth came out…
    ergly wtng for next….

    1. Risa

      Tq a lot sonali 😉

  5. Manny

    Lol that was very funny episode ???

    1. Risa

      Tq manny 😉

  6. Yashasvi

    wow!!!!!!!!!!owsm risa…LOL!!!!!!!!!!! ur sis makes better nimboo sherbeat………………..nice…………will be waitng fr next

    1. Risa

      Tq yashu 😉

  7. Amazing???

    1. Risa

      Tq maanvi. Love u!

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome episode…..

    1. Risa

      Tq rashi 🙂 :):)

  9. Twiraj is awesome

    1. Risa

      Tq crazygirl! Looking forward to more of ur comments. 🙂

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