U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 31


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Next day at college
Yuvi n nik were sitting together on edge of bench. Yuvi was very angry at abhi. He took stick which was very broad n broke it to piece just by holding it. Nik got scared.
Nik: yuvi what if it was my hand! Bro chill!
Yuvi: what chill? Can u chill if ur gf hangs out with other guys exceeding her limits?
Twinkle came with abhi.
Twinkle: here is the chocolate yuvi. It was for u not for abhi. Abhi say sorry.
Abhi: sorry…..
Yuvi: i dont want ur sorry nor ur chocolate.
He took chocolate from his hand n threw it into the pond. Twinkle shocked. Abhi smirked. Yuvi fumed. Nik couldnt believe what was happening.
Yuvi: twinkle taneja! Its officially ov3r between us!
Twinkle got shocked. Abhi acted as if he was gonna faint just by hearing it (in happiness).
Yuvi went away. Nik followed him. Twinkle knelt down. She started crying.
Abhi felt happy.

At classroom
Nik was explaning to yuvi.
Nik: see bro, twinky was actually telling u the truth. She doesnt no about that abhi guy at all. She just nos his outer cover not that he is a backstabber.
Yuvi: youre right. I think i was rough. I will go n apologize n then were back to normal.
Nik: best of luck!
The both of them grin n yuvi goes out to the bemches.

At benches
Twinkle was still crying. Abhi saw yuvi coming there. He suddenly knelt down n hugged twinkle. Twinkle reciprocated hug as she was in deep sorrow. Yuvi saw this. He felt bad. He got angry at the same time. He went to them n separated them.
Yuvi: u better stay away from her!
Twinkle: leave him!
Yuvi: no.
Twinkle: i said leave him!
Yuvi left him. Twinkle held abhi’s hand n went away. Abhi turned around n sticked his tongue out at yuvi. Yuvi fumed n hit his hand to the wall.

At taneja house
Twinkle was not crying. She was more of angry. She was burning in agony. Leela came n was shocked seeing her.
Leela: puttar wahts wrong?
Twinkle didnt answer her n went to her room.

At twinkles room
Twinkle was alone now. She locked her door. She put her bag on side n jumped to her pillow. She cried buckets now. She then started consoling herself.
Twinkle: dont cry for such an egoistic person! Be strong!
Her phone rang. It was abhi.
Abhi: hello twinkle.
Twinkle: hello.
Abhi: i no u must be crying n so i wanna change ur mood.
Twinkle: how?
Abhi: free this evening?
Twinkle: yeah.
Abhi: great. Then how about a date with me. I mean a friendly one.
Twinkle thought of saying no them she thought of yuvi. She thought of making him jeoulous.
Twinkle: ok! But at football grounds ok!
Abhi: y?
Twinkle: simply!
They hung up.
Twinkle: yuvi n nik will be at football grounds surely…..best chance to burn him up!

Precap: twinkle n abhi on date. Yuvi looks at them n kicks ball in abhi’s direction.

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  1. Sayeeda

    Wah ….wah ….madam ka status dekho can’t be defined in 150 words …sahi hai akhir itni acchi personality Ko kaun itne kam words mein define kr skta hai….
    Coming back to ur ff …epi was so emotional …waiting to see jealousy side of Yuvi….can’t wait …oyyeee jaldi se post kariyo next …
    And thnx for liking my ff wrna mujhe laga ke tum padh hi nai rhi ho mera ff …..love u …

    1. Risa

      Tq sayeeda. Love u n ur ff!

  2. Say Oh My God! Nothing to say…

  3. Yashasvi

    hey awesome, this abhi na….i hate him….uhhh..!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippie also the 1st to comment today toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Manny

    wow ,awesome 😀

  5. Manny

    About the dp, as usual it’s nice ;D

  6. Ohh god it was jst fab epi.. Well done nd keep it up..

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