U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 31 extra

So this is my first extract. This happens 2 yrs before original start. Must have wondered y twiraj hated each other so much right? Y hate each other so much for moms sake? Here is the reason.

In mumbai
Twinkle n yuvi’s 10th standard field trip.
All classes had assembled for the field trip. The guys were on one side sitting on bike. The girls were together n talking about them.
Girls(excluding chinki n twinkle): wish yuvi will be in our college….
Twinkle: first think of passing board exams then think of college.
Girls: ok ok.
Twinkle didnt have any special hatred for yuvi at all. She just knew that yuvi was her moms enemys son.
Twinkle: yaar chinki…..munda hot hai par zaroor anita luthra ki tarah ziddi hoga.
Chinki: dont no.
Twinkle: lets check it out!
They walked to him. Other guys where there too.
Twinkle: hi yuvraj luthra. Must be knowing me.
Yuvi got up. Now they were face to face. They were a bit of same height but its cause yuvi was a bit younger that time.
Yuvi: oh yeah! Dimple taneja!
Twinkle: its twinkle taneja!
All guys laugh.
Yuvi: dimple twinkle samething!
Twinkle: say my name properly.
Yuvi: twinkle taneja! Fine now!
Twinkle: ya ok!
Suddenly car passed. Twinkle came forward it was so sudden that twinkle fell over on yuvi n……n……she kissed him lip to lip.
All were shocked. The girls eyes were open.
Twiraj were hell shocked.
They got up fast.
Yuvi: chiiii….now i have to bath 10 times!
Twinkle: just shut up! Oh no chinki my first kiss! Yeow! With yuvraj luthra! Omg! That car could have hit me!
Yuvi: exactly atleast i would be saved. I still need to bath 10 times.
Twinkle: i told u right just shut up!
Guys: but we wont!
They started shouting.
Guys: twinkle kissed yuvi guys! New lovebirds!
Yuvi hit his head. Twinkle frowned.
Twinkle: oh no siyappa!
Yuvi: dont worry! People will stare at me not u!
Twinkle: y!
Yuvi: cause who wants to see a monkey woman!
Twinkle: what! U monkey man ! I hate u! I declare war against u yuvraj luthra! Wait n watch! Ur friends spoilt my reputation so will i! We are devoted enemies! Get ready to go down n down!
Yuvi: ok. Bye monkey woman!
Twinkle: u monkey man!
She comes to hit him but he escapes. N runs. He turns n smlies at twinkle n twinkle fumes n shows angry expression.
This was just the begging of the real tashan e ishq. Kyunki
Yeh hao sukoon, yeh hai junoon,
Yeh tashan e ishq hai!

Plz comment on this extra episode too. Love u guys. Plz comment. How is the dp. Comment.

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  1. Meeta

    O My.
    Your hands have some magic.
    You dig deep into words n write it down.
    I love your writings so very much.

  2. Sayeeda

    Haaayyeee reee….kya mazedar tha ….every scene of Twiraj were so comic one ….hhhaaahhhaa…
    Finally serial walon nein toh reason bataya nai tashan ka chalo accha hai tumne bata diya ….love it nd closing lines were amazing ….

  3. Mera muh khula ka khula hai…kya kehna tumhara…wah risa!

  4. Yashasvi

    ohhh wow!!!!!!!!!! luved the extra epi, thxxx fr it. aw twiraj 1st kiss woh bhi tashan me……….hmmmmm they were made fr real tashan – -ishq , u knw i personally feel that tw n uv , jasmin n zain look just perfect couple fr tashan wala ishq.!!!!!!! n ya 1st commentor on 1st extra epi……. yahooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Manny

    OMG,it’s amazing *thumbs up*

  6. What a flashback……..???

  7. Sparkle

    First kiss in 10th standard. Our lovers are really fast. Do is very nice. Hope everything gets fine between our twiraj soon.

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