U never no what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj episode 30

Its the 30th episode! M so happy! This feeling…..i love each n everyone who supported me everytime. I remember my first commenter. The name was aliya. She never commenyed again but i saw that she was always active in the written episode discussion. My most lovely supporters maanvi, laddoo, rashi, sparkle, manny, yashu, sayeeda. Thanks for always supporting me. RiaA MendeZz, ryths, sam, harna, mallu may have left commenting but i remember each n everyone of u. My silent readers who comment all of a sudden n surprize me. Love u all! Shatakshi or my dear shats u may have never commented on my ff but it makes me happy how friendly u were with me . Love everyone of u!!!! Ur my inspiration! N with no more of this bak-bak lets move on with the episode…..

At college
Twinkle followed yuvi. She caught his hand. Yuvi turned.
Twinkle: plz try to understand yuvi. I gave abhi the chocolate cause he never gets any on valentine. It was obligatory.
Yuvi: in front of my eyes u hugged him n now calling all this just obligatory! I loved u with all my heart n life n this is wat i get for doing that!
Twinkle: great then! Evrn i trusted u thinking that u will always be by me but u just see something n come to conclusions….
Yuvi: excuse me! Its not me who comes to conclusions ok.
Abhi enters.
Abhi: twinkle whats wrong?
Twinkle: see how innocent he is? He is asking me my prob so he can help! Not like u who puts me into probs!
Yuvi: hello! Its u who puts me into probs! Walking-talking siyappa!
Twinkle: what!
Abhi: twinkle its ok….he was always like this….
Yuvi: atleast am not like u who is two-timing right now!
Twinkle: two-timing?
Abhi: of course not! I dont have a gf!
Yuvi: palak! Where r u?
Palak enters. She is abhi’s gf.
Palak: yes yuvi. What do u want?
Yuvi: isnt abhi ur bf?
Palak looks at abhi. Abhi blinks.
Palak: no….hes not!
Yuvi gets shocked.
Twinkle: saw enough!
Yuvi fumes.
Yuvi: get lost before i get any angry!
He says it to abhi but twinkle misunderstands that he said it to her. She gets angry. She slaps him.
Twinkle: i hate u! A guy who touts that he loves u but backstabs u when he sees u with another guy!
She cries n goes away. Yuvi tries to follow but he is stopped by abhi.
Abhi: slowly she will be mine loser!
Yuvi gets uncontrolabely angry. He gives one punch to abhi. Abhi pushes him. Yuvi hits the wall. Abhi runs away. Nik comes n drives yuvi home.

At taneja house
Twinkle enters. Her kajol was withered n spread as she was crying badly. Leela knowing the reason gives fake consolation.
Twinkle: maa u were right….never believe those luthras…
She says this and runs to her room. Leela feels bad seeing her state but is determined that twinkle will be ok as soon as she gets yuvi out of her heart.

In twinkle room
Twinkle will be crying desperately. Song tadap tadap from hum dil de chuke sanam plays. Same scene in yuvi’s room. He will be hitting punching bag continuously.

Tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikal thi rahi
Mujhko saza di pyar ki Aisa kya gunha kiya
Toh lut gaye han lut gaye
Toh lut gaye hum tere mohabbat mein

Yuvi hits bag continuously. Anita outside his room gets scared hearing it. Twinkle in her room cries loudly. Leela feels pain in heart hearing her cries.

Tadap tada ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi
Mujhko saza di pyar ki aisa kya gunha kiya
Toh lut gaye han lut gaye
Toh lut gaye ham tere mohabbat mein

Twiraj remember all their memories together. Right from their agreement to the day the became friends. To the day they confessed their feeling. To all their knok-jhoks. All seemed like they were shattering apart one by one.

Next day at college
Yuvi was walking all by himself he kept thinking about yesterday.
Yuvi: i love twinkle. I should apologize to her at once. I no that she will forgive me. N this time i will give her chocolate.
Twinkle coming from same side also brought new choxlate in her hand.
Twinkle: i will give this to him. He will surely forgive me.
They dash each other. Music plays. Twinkle puts forward chocolate. Yuvi looks at them. He goes to take it. Abhi comes.
Abhi: for me. So sweet of u.
He takes them. Twiraj r shocked. Abhi holds twinkles hand n takes her with him. Twinkle tries to get out of his grip but in vain.
Yuvi is left behind angry.
Yuvi: i think one punch was not enough…..when i see him next time i will turn him from abhimanyu to late abhimanyu!!!!

How is it! Dont worry next epi they will be reunited. Bye comment . Plz comment. 🙂

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  1. Yashasvi

    hey i hope twiraj will b together soon………. owsm epi. bas inki maa theek ho jaye, liked that name walking-talking siyappa hey aaj toh mein hi 1st 2 comment

    1. Risa

      Yes ur 1st to comment! Tq yashu

  2. Shatakshi

    Wow Risa
    U know when I saw ur 30th episode… I was like Risa u r the best
    I read the entire episode but some confusions as I didn’t read it at continuation…
    But on ur this episode I can say that ur r a great writer…
    Story doesn’t matters…but the pattern of writing is worth more important… N u have that talent
    N I love u soo much…u r really cute??
    N this ff have a long rally ahead to coverup
    Love u??????????

    1. Risa

      Am i really seeing what i am seeing. A comment from the great ff writer shats. 🙂 thank u so so much for ur comment. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I’ve never abused any telly character. Not even Sahil in Swaragini. But 2de i seriously wanna abuse this abhi. Hate him seriously…

    1. Risa

      Me too hate abhi. But he will go as soon as possible. 🙂

      1. And during the song I was really crying. Shats di knows d reason maybe. All emotional songs make me cry….

  4. Manny

    Great episode risa ???

    1. Risa

      Thanks manny. 😉

  5. Sayeeda

    Hate this Abhi ….
    The song made me emotional …the way u portrayed Twiraj emotions nd pain was so marvelous…loved ur ff a lot ….hoping to see them united..
    Congrats on completion for ur 30 episodes ….hope u continue like this further ….love u

    1. Risa

      Tq sayeeda. N soon u will see my 100th epi 😛

  6. Hello dear risa I my not so reading all of your episode as I was not to active for reading ff’s and you are fab you are a good commenters of my best friend ff’s keep writing???

    1. Risa

      Thanks madhvi 🙂

  7. amazing but pls solve their mom’s problem soon want to see them United and thanx for the long update

    1. Risa

      Thanks Maanvi 🙂

  8. Sparkle

    Wow new dp. I must say it is so beautiful. And congratulations you reached the 30th episode in writing. The update was so good, just loved it. Keep writing. Love you lots.

    1. Risa

      Thanks sparkle. 😉

  9. Wow…..Risa awesome….ur new do is great….
    Tell me one thing does abhi have any bad intention for twinkle ????

    1. Risa

      Thanks Rashi. Yes he does but will never be able to do so…

  10. Hy risa u r a fabulas writer bt diia i wana to gv u a lil bt sugg.. hope u don get m wrong ……..diaaa plz add a precap (surprised) sooo tht evryone eagerlyyy waiitted to read nxt episode……..srrry if u feeel baddd…..

    1. Risa

      Yes yashika will add precap. 😀 tq for comment

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