U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (intro)

Hey guys, i am risa. I am fairly new n would love ur support. I read manyffs n noticed that twiraj ffs are really a few so i thought why not make one.(plus ther is no kunj in this ff ever) and here it is the intro….. hope u dont mind spelling mistakes.
Morning 5am at gurudwara(sorry if wrong)
A bubbly girl was praying to babaji n was having the following conversation:
Girl: Babaji plz unite my mom with her long lost bff. I luv my mom n know how much she misses her company. Plz babaji plz reunite them…

Suddenly this girl had not finished her chatter when a guy stamped her duppata edge.
Girl: o hello! Blind or what ! Cant see my duppata….
She notices who the guy was. It was yuvraj luthra(yuvi). Her biggest enemy.
Yuvi:hey u twinkle taneja! How can u speak to me in such a way? I am yuvraj luthra. Get that!
(Her name is twinkle so i am gonna use that.)

Twinkle: i dont require to speak to u too just say sorry n go away. Wait y do i need ur sorry… just get lost!
Yuvi: u get lost!
The peolple in gurudwara were tensed n annoyed with them fighting at such a pure place.
One man: u two! I have a solution to ur problems.
Twiraj in unison : what???
The man: if u both have prayed then could u both get lost! We also wanna tell babaji our probs.
Tworaj were annoyed
Twiraj to each other:hmmp..

They both went different directions. But will they ever get to know that they will end up in the same path.

End of intro
So guys i am in a hurry so i am posting so much. Comment n tell ur veiws.Bye.

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  1. Wow..I Love This Twinkle Character… Please Never Change Her Character!! And Can’t Wait For Next Update! Please Make More

    1. Thanks aliya n dont worry twinkle will always remain strong n independant. N the next update is on its way.

  2. Samreen Chougle


    1. Thank u so much for ur support

  3. Amazing???

    1. Thank u maanvi:)

  4. Awesome…..pls continue…?????????

    1. Thank u rashi n i have submitted episode 1 now only to wait for it to preveiw on tellyupdates.

  5. amazing

    1. Thank u harna

  6. Awesome pls continue

    1. Thanks sam. Sure to continue.

  7. I love you yuvi
    Twiraj the best jodi

    1. Thanks mallu

  8. I just started reading ur ff and my first impression on this was like wow this is great. Plz keep updating this 😀

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