U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 9)


Hi! Risa here. Without wasting time lets begin…..

Where we left last time
At the luthra gate
Leela: twinkle what r u doing here?

Twinkle: m-maaaa….ummm…
Leela: dont tell me u….
Yuvi: she came here to take her money.
Twinkle and leela were suddenly shocked as yuvi came inbetween without them knowing.
Leela: wat mony?
Yuvi: twinkle paid my canteen bill last time so i called her here so i could return it.
Leela: ok. Twinkle take the money and come in soon.
Twinkle: ok maa.

Leela went away.
Twinkle: yuvi thank god u came otherwise….
Yuvi: i no! Now go back before she suspects us. She already hates me n if she hears anything about us i doubt if…
Twinkle: stop scaring me! Bye!
Yuvi: bye bye.
He waved at her n smiled. Twinkle blushed but she hid her face n went back.

Next day at traffic jam
Twinkle: chinki if it continues like this then i dont think we will ever reqch college.
Chinki: forget it! Just stay positive.
There was suddenly a loud horn heard.
Twinkle: must be yuvi. Ill take care of him.

Chinki: best of luck!
Twinkle came out of car n turned towards the honking car.
Twinkle: hey whats ur….
It turns out to be an old man.
Old man: youngsters these days dont even use respectable language.
Twinkle: i am really sorry uncle.
Old man: its fine beta. Look the jam has cleared. U can go now.
Twinkle: i am sorry again.
She went in the car n left for college. The whole way twinkle wondered why yuvi was not there in the traffic jam as usaul.

After class
Twinkle went to chinki to pick her up, so they could go home together.
Twinkle: lets go!
Chinki::i am afraid i cant..
Twinkle: why?
Chinki: i have to give the handouts to yuvi as i am class monitor.
Twinkle: he is absent!

Chinki: yes.
Twinkle: ummm…chinki can i go?
Chinki: you twinkle taneja want to help yuvraj luthra.
Twinkle: yes he has a favor on me. I want to clear it off.
Chinki nods yes n gives twinkle handouts.

At luthra house
Twinkle rings bell n thinks how she should face anita. She practises outside as if she was said to bring the handouts as they r neighbours.
The door opens.
It was yuvi. He looked very sick. His eyes were drooping. N he looked pale. One sudden sunlight he fainted n fell down.
Twinkle: yuviiii!

At yuvi’s room
Twinkle looked at him stressed. He opened his eys.
Yuvi: twinkle…
Twinkle: yes yuvi its me!
Yuvi: but y r there 2 of u…
Saying this he caught his head.
Twinkle: i will go get painkillers.
N she got up.
Yuvi held her hand. Twinkles heart fluttered just by his touch.
Yuvi: dont go…
Twinkle: where is anita aunty?

Yuvi: on business trip.
Twinkle: so ur alone in such condition…
Yuvi: just fever….
Twinkle: what just fever? U need to be taken care of.
Yuvi: but no ones here n i am used to it since childhood…
Twinkle felt bad seeing his condition. Yuvi coughed hard. Twinkle knew he was in pain but no one was there to take care of him.
Twinkle: u want someone by ur side?
Yuvi: whom?
Twinkle: how about me?
Yuvi: u can?
Twinkle: of course. N now to take temperature.
Twinkle put her hand on yuvi’s forehead to check temperature. Yuvi got up. N they got so close that their nosetips were almost touching.
Twinkle:umm.. yuvi..u r to close…
Yuvi backs off.
Yuvi: yeah youre right!

Twinkle checks temperature n tells him to rest. He falls asleep after sometime. He catches twinkles hand whole time.
Twinkles phone vibrates. She takes call.
It was leela.
Twinkle: hi maa.
Leela: chinki told ur not her house. Where r u twinkle say me. I checked everywhere u could be. Tell me where u r.
Twinkle: maaa.. i am… umm..

Yuvi coughs in his sleep. Leela hears it.
Leela: a boy? Tell me where r u twinkle.
Twinkle gets scared n keeps quite while leela gets suspicious.

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Credit to: risa

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