U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 8)


Hi risa here! I am back. I am first gonna thank the people who relentlessly suppoerted me in my war against ur hater. Ur hater i am really very sorry if think i write crap. Taking ur suggestion i will surely improve my writing n prove to u to what extent i can reach. I thank all my readers n supporters for encouraging me always. Twinj fans, if u wanna comment then comment but use decent language n comment. N my speech is over n i present to u the episode……

In the car
Twiraj felt awkward. Twinkle went for the first time in a guy except raman mamu’s car. N yuvi felt weird as he only took one lady n thats his mom in his car.
Twinkle: hey yuvi, do u have party songs. The loud rock n pop types!
Yuvi: cheeeeee!
Twinkle: cheeee , what cheeee? I luv loud rock n pop songs. u no honey singh n badshah compose rap. I luv that too.
Yuvi: oh god! No wonder ur so…. so not calm.
Twinkle: what do u mean?
Yuvi: u r loud like a home theater system.
Twinkle: what did u say? Home theatre n me? U hear those songs too right?
Yuvi: cheeeeee! Me n hear those type of songs. Not at all! I prefer calm n soft soothing music. Music thay chills the heart. U no like romantic songs. Well whom am i speaking to anyway. A person who has no idea of certain english words….
This hurt twinkle. She felt relly bad at that comment. She is a girl n she does hear romantic songs n she continues to learn new words daily.
Twinkle: yuvi u no what i am dumb and an idiot….
Yuvi: first time u said something right!
Twinkle frowned. She knew he would reply this way.
Yuvi:…..but not so dumb…
Twinkle: (excitedly) i am not dumb!
Yuvi: ya i think so?
Twinkle started celebrating. She jumped up n down.
Twinkle to herself: i am not dumb! I am not dumb! Yahoo!

At the road to enter neighbourhood
Yuvi stopped the car.
Twinkle: what happened now? No music, no entertainment n now no petrol seriously?
Yuvi: who told no petrol? I stopped the car so we dont get caught. U no our moms right.
Twinkle realized about their moms enmity now.
Twinkle: wait a minute…. our moms hate each other….. n our fake bf-gf thing… oh no! What if they get to no about us?
Yuvi:no wonder ur dumb n cant stay out of trouble. Dumbo! Thats y i stopped the car here so no one notices.
Twinkle: ya ya. I no. I was just seeing if u no.
Yuvi just smirked.
Twinkle went out the rest of way walking while yuvi reversed his car n went from a different route.

At taneja house
Twinkle came in. Leela was waiting for her with pinni. ( raman’s wife n twinkles mami)
Leela: welcome home beta!
Twinkle: thanks maa.
N she goes her way to her room to freshen up.

At living room
Twinkle comes back n sits in livingroom along with pinni n leela.
Leela: twinkle how was first day.
Twinkle recalled everything. From separate classes to her deal with yuvi to become his pet dog.
Twinkle: it was ok.
Pinni: oh twinkle i am not getting what u saying. Could u elaborate a little.
( she has funny was of speaking.)
Twinkle: what to say? Nothing great happened…
N she went to her room.

At room
Twinkle was reading comics n was laughing loudly. Suddenly she heard message beep.
Twinkle to herself: who could have messaged me? Maybe chinki?
Twinkle checked it. It was yuvi.
It read: come to my home. Asap!
Twinkle to herself: home? Dont tell me he already built a dog house for me? If he has then i am not listening until he fits n ac there…. wait twinkle have u gone nuts. U n a dog house. No i need to refuse him.
Twinkle went out of her house saying to leela that she is going to meet chinki.

At luthra house gate
Twinkle: no one is there n gate is locked.
Twinkle waited n a hand pulled her.
Twinkle turned round.
It was leela.
Leela: what r u doing here? At luthra gate? Twinkle answer me,
Twinkle was shocked n left speechless.

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  5. I am sorry if i sound rude to u. I am a silent reader till now and i admire twiraj pair. kindly end the dog track,except this everything is fine in ur ff.and i liked it too except the dog track.I hope my words doesn’t hurt u.

  6. Nice but pls stop dragging and show their friendship

  7. Nice but pls start their friendship atleast in the upcoming parts

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  12. Episode 9 posted. Thanks for ur comment everyone. N about that dog thing. It will be solved in episode 10 my 2nd epic episode. Be sure to comment on episode 9.

  13. yashasvi ( yashu )

    wowwww this andd the last one was superb sorry i didn’t comment as kal mere bhai ka bday tha…. si u can understand i hope….

    1. I can understand. Thanks for comment.

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