U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 7)


Hi im back!! I got to see new people who commented. I am so happy. Risa is hungry for comments. Please make my wish true. Dear silent readers, i no u read my ff n dont comment. Please i request u guys to comment n give ur veiews on my ff. U can suggest ideas too. I will think n imclude them in my ff. Please do comment. When all comment in unison. A mindblowing story with complete entertainment can be made. I would love to acknowledge the commenters up to date. Without their comments i wouldnt have any hope to continue infront of popular twinj ffs. Thanks again. N heres the episode…..

After class
The school bell rang n all dispersed to go home. Girl 1 n 2 went to twinkle n the 3 of them sat together n started gossiping. The class monitor kept calling twinkle but twinkle ignored her n continued with her chattering.

After 1/2 hour
Girl 1: oh no im late! My mom will kill me.
Girl 2: lets go!
Twinkle: but i wanna talk more.
Class monitor patted twinkles back for the 1002nd time.
Class monitor: twinkle…..
Twinkle turned behind.
Twinkle: hi vaishnavi howz it going u no…
Vaishnavi: yuvraj is waiting for u at the class door since half an hour u no. I tried telling u this but looks like he is angry….
Twinkle: yuviii!!!!!

At the class door
Twinkle arrived. She saw that yuvi had slept waiting for her. He had fallen asleep leaning towards the wall. One of his bangs had fallen over his face.
Twinkle to herself: babaji his sleeping face is so cute. Munda toh super cute nikla (guy has turned out to be cute.)
She kept staring at him. She saw that his bangs were disturbing him. She tried to remove them of his face. She was successful but she touched his forehead n he woke up. He saw twinkles eyes. Twinkle got stunned but slowly she calmed down n fell deep in his eyes. Twinkle felt like she had reacjed bliss. Yuvi saw twinkle n noticed her extra large eyes.
Yuvi to himself: her eyes r so innocent n beautiful just like a puppy….. wait yuvi what r u thinking?
N he came back to his senses. He jolted backward. Twinkle came out of *cough* bliss too.
Yuvi: made me wait for so longgggggggg….. endless
Yuvi: punishment to milegi! ( u will surely get punished.)
Twinkle: huh?
Yuvi came close to her. He brought her hands near her cheeks n touched them.
Twinkle: babaji y is yuvi touching my cheeks. I feel so nervous n happy as well…..
Yuvi came to his plan. He slowly pulled her cheeks. N he pulled harder.
Twinkle: aaaaaahhhh…., yuvi stop it.
Yuvi: no no. Ur cheeks r so soft i wanna pull more.
Twinkle: hey stop it!
Yuvi: never! Made me wait. Made ur dear master wait. Good doggies never do such a thing…
Twinkle: sorry i will never make u wait! Never ever!
Yuvi left her cheeks.
Yuvi: good. Now lets go. As ur fake bf i need to behave as if i am leaving u home. See half way together then u ur way n me my way.
Twinkle: fine lets go!
Twinkle waved girl 1 n 2 bye n went with yuvi.

Outside school
Twinkle was super tired but yuvi kept walking normally. Twinkle was so tired that she caught a pole n relaxed her head there.
Twinkle: yuvi i cant walk any far. U go i will go with chinki.
Yuvi: chinki has gone home now. I told her i am going to leave u home.
Twinkle: well done. How far lefr.
Yuvi: just some 80 metres more n done.
Twinkle: 80 metre! Y did u park it so far.
Yuvi: u no the health benefits of walking right!
Twinkle: fine.
Twiraj walked a lot n finnaly reached his car.
Yuvi: bye twinky my dog!
Twinkle: what bye! Ur dropping me home right.
Yuvi: we agreed halfway. Now halfway is done. Bye!
He sat in his car n went away. Twinkle was left alone.
Twinkle to herself: babaji how can anyone be so heartless. He tells i am his dog. N does anyone leave their dog midway n go! N i was thinking that his attitude is changing. He is still the same old yuvi i hated.
Twinkle heard a loud horn.
She turned behind. It was yuvi with his car.
Yuvi: coming or not!
Twinkle ran n sat ins8de.
Twinkle: now why did u come back.
Yuvi: because all of a sudden i felt that my dog was missing me. I too no that i have a responsibility for my pet.
Twinkle: i am still a human.
Yuvi: ya i get it.
N he smiles.
Twinkle gets lost in thoughts while yuvi drives them home.

How was it? Any suggestions? Any appreciation? Plz comment . Silent readers too. Bye.

Credit to: risa

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    1. Thanks a lot maanvi n dont read my other comment about 15 epi . Seeing massive support i am gonna continue n write 1000 epi n show them whose boss here.

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    Amazing Risa love ur work and don’t care
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    If u want twinj ff mean go to other ff n y r u wasting, u time in this ff.just get off here

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    I had never read any Twiraj ff …it’s my first one of urs that I’m reading.. coz I’m busy with my office nd get only night time to read ff so I read only twinj one’s…. but I’m enjoying ur ff ..its awesome…. nd continue with it dont stop it plzzz…

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  23. Episode 8 posted.

  24. He risa I’m here I’m bit busy in home waiting for our results plus doing arrangements for my grandfather’s post death rituals
    N the episode is super cool
    Hungry for next episode

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