U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 6)

Hi everyone risa here! I wqs dissappointed with the number of comment i recieved for my 5th epic episode. 🙁 but its ok. Plz comment. Comment twice thrice how ,any times u want. Me hungry for all ur comment. And for those who worried about my test, i got 100/100. I am so happy. 🙂
Recap:twiraj agreement,on twinkle acting as yuvis pet dag, not serious one, fun scenes between them, twinkle becomes close yuvi
N now for episode…

In section 4
It was history class. The proffesor was teachong more thqn usual n was interacting with students.
Twinkle was busy in thoughts. Thoughts of yuvi
Twinkle to herself: babaji yuvi seriously looked cute today. Generally i never noticed par munda hot hai!
N she kept smiling by herself.
Proffesor noticed it.
Proffesor: miss taneja read out answer for question nine.
But twinkle was immersed in her thoughts. Girl 1 and 2 tried to wake her up.
Proffesor: twinkle taneja!!!!
Twinkle came out of wonderland.
Twinkle: yes sir!
Proffesor: who wrote the merchant of venice?
Twinkle: i think it must be the merchant of venice himself!
Proffesor: wow! So practical thinking! Now… get out of my class!
Twinkle went out while others were laughing.

Outside secion 4 corridor
Twinkle was standing there aimlessly.
Twinkle to herself: babaji how am i supposed to no who wrote it. Some dumbo maybe!
Twinkle was lonely now. She wanted someone to talk to her.
Twinkle to herself: babaji no friends in class. Punishment. N now loneliness. When will i be free from here. Please send somebody who can make me happy.
Twinkle heard footsteps coming.
Twinkle to herself: at last someone!
It was yuvi. He was holding a map on his hand.
Twinkle to herself: babaji i asked for heaven not hell.
Yuvi saw her standing out.
Yuvi: so my doggie is punished.
Twinkle: so what? Dont think i cant endure it. I am strong enough nothing can shake me.
Yuvi: of course whose dog r u? Mine right.
He gave that cute smile again. Twinkles head started singing again.
This was small part of tashan e ishq title song.
Bas itni si tamanna hai
Tere rang me hi rang jaun
Rahoon na mein zara mujmein
Teri hoke hi reh jaaon
Kisi se na kahaan hai jo tumhi se baat wo keh doon
Sabi dethe he dil aksar
Mein tujko jaan bhi de doon
Yeh jai sookun yeh hai joonon
Yeh tashan e ishq hai.

The bell rang n she came to her senses.
Yuvi: bye i have to go kumar (proffesors name) is gonna eat me alive. But i believe this dog of mine will always be by me n protect me from his clutches.
N he laughes it off n give an out of this wold super diper cute smile.
Twinkle felt her heart flutter.
Twinkle to herself: babaji siyappa pe siyappa. Lagta hain mujhe pag gaya prem da rog (lookes like i got loves fever.)
Yuvi waved her bye n twinkle smiled at him. Yuiv stood shocked at it.
Yuvi to himself: how could i have not noticed twinkles smile all these years. Its so cute.
Then he went inside the class.
Twinkle kept thinking about him n his weird ways escoecially his smile.

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N i have exams soon in a month. so i will try my best to update sooner with the episodenow as i cant as exams start. Please support me with ur comments. I want the comment to be long as i love to read n answer them. 🙂

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  7. it was amazing.awsome.mindblowing.superb.i read it fierst but i am realy veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery happy after reading this.seriosly.thank god i found a new FF of twinraj as there was only one “love story twinraj epi 105″serously last epi was his 105th epi plz cross this even.i will reagularly read your FF and commet.i am tha biggest fan of twinraj.i just love twinraj.epi was owwwwwwwwwsome cannot express in words.love it

    1. i just love yuvi hence twiraj also gained my love
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    2. Zai’s ff was my inspiration n i will always be grateful to zai to have made twiraj ff in the first place.

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  8. lovely episode and risa you have a wonderful thinking
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  9. Nice epi.
    Twinkle could never keep her self out of trouble. Oh my. Lol.
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    1. Thanks buddy. Twinkle our siyappa queen 🙂

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    wowww wowww woowwww…. u write amazing as i said earlier that u r the second person to whom i am saying that i have never read such a story….. luved, liked ur imagination….. and this epi was also supperb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mindblowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i am in 8 th class……. wt abt u frd…….

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