U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 5)

Hi guys risa here with long update. I cant believe i reached here. 5th epi. N sorry ahira as that comment was for the person who stole ur tab. N sorry again if it hurt ur feelings. Guys i put a lot in it. Plz plz comment. Ur comments give me strength to continue in front of loads n loads of twinj ffs. Plz comment. Silent readers too. Sry if i hurt twinj fans feelings. N here i begin…
Were we left
Twinkle:what? What r ur terms english parrot?
Yuvi: will u stop calling me that! I hate it!
Twinkle: ok fine go on…
Yuvi: so now my fake gf… u umm….lets see..
Twinkle: fast!!!
Yuvi: if ur not listening to me then…goodbye!
Twinkle: no dont go!
Yuvi: fine so u should do something for me….
Twinkle: what should i do? Rob a bank? Oh ya pay u loads of mony? Or no i should then…
Yuvi: none of these.
Twinkle: then what?
Yuvi bent his head down. He thought for awhile.
Yuvi: u no twinkle i love dogs. I go to the park just to see them. It wad my childhood dream to pet a dog n u no mom hates pets…
Twinkle: so…come to the point.
Yuvi: so u twinkle taneja… would u like to be my dog.
Twinkle was stunned n had turned to stone. She never heard of anything like this.
Twinkle: have u a mind. I n ur dog…
Yuvi: if u want me to go along with ur fake bf farce u have to become my dog.
Twinkle: never!
Yuvi: then i just need to go n tell ur friends the truth…
Twinkle: no dont!
Yuvi: then turns 3 times hold my hand n say woof!
Twinkle had nothing left. She turned 3 times n held his hand n told woof.
Yuvi: my dream come true. I have the power to turn a lioness into a dog!
Twinkle had completely lost hope now.

At the cafeteria
Twinkle was with chinki.
Twinkle: so this is what happened.
Chinki: yuvi is treating u like a dog n ur obeying him. Twinkle how is this possible.
Twinkle: thats what chinki. I cant believe myself.
Chinki: i never thought u would go to that extent as to just preserve fake friends.
Suddenly her phone rang.
Twinkle: hello! Whos this.
Yuvi: this is me ur master. Howz my pooch doing.
Twinkle: yuvi!!!
Yuvi: ya the great me!
Twinkle: why did u call me?
Yuvi: come to the canteen now! N pay my bill.
Twinkle: y should i!
Yuvi: forgot ur my dog. N its a dogs duty to give up their kith n kin for their master!
Twinkle: whatever! I am coming!
Yuvi: thats like a good girl… i mean dog. Bye pooch.
Twinkle: bye yuvi
Yuvi: what should u say.
Twinkle: bye my dear master.
Twinkle cut the call.
Twinkle: bye chinki!
Chinki: bye twinkle. N be careful.
Twinkle goes out of cafeteria.

At canteen
Twinkle arrives.
Yuvi: so late.
Twinkle: its not late.
Yuvi: but now ur on luthra time n ur late.
Twinkle: whatever! Heres the money.
Yuvi: sit with me ill treat my dear pooch.
Twinkle: really!
Yuvi: u bet.
Twinkle was really happy. Her work had finnaly paid off.
Twinkle: so whats my reward.
Yuvi: here…
He held a glass of water.
Twinkle: whats this now?
Yuvi: your reward water.
Twinkle: water!
Yuvi: see ur my dog n u cant eat human food n i dont have dog food hear so… water.
Twinkle drank that water sadly. Yuvi saw her. He patted her head.
Yuvi: good doggie.
N he gave a super cute smile.
Twinkles mind was singing. She suddenly felt better. She felt a feeling she never felt for anyone.
Twinkle to herself: babaji i have landed myself in a new siyappa but y do i feel happy.
N that moment the class bell rang.

Thats for the mega surprize episode. Guys i wanted to make it longer but i have to study for tests. So sorry but hope u enjoyed new siyappa.
Bye n do comment.

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  1. Amazing????
    All the best for ur test????
    By the way u are in which standard and which state do u belong to???

    1. Thanks maanvi. N i cant reveal my state but right now i am in 10th.

  2. Risa…thanks for another episode …..mind blowing….

    1. Thanks rashi. 🙂

  3. really enjoy it. wtng for next

    1. Thanks sonali.

  4. Its fine. I understand.
    This episode was funny. Lol. Poor twinkle. Woof!

    1. Hi riaA MendeZz. I hope u have forgiven me. I never meant that for u. And even i felt sad for twinkle. But i wanted our siyappa queen to go through some rough patch n then fall in love.

  5. omg twinkle started to fall for yuvi
    it’s so hilarious
    unite them and make them fall in deeeeeeeep in love and soon

    1. Thanks mallu. I promise they will fall in love n i will try to make them fall soon. But it may take 15 episodes.

  6. wiowwwwww I loved ur imagination….
    it’s jst mindblowing I read thousands of ff’s not only of tei but many others
    u r the second person to whom I am saying that have never read such a ff…….
    twinkle dog- woof…….
    all the very best from my side too…..

    1. Thanks yashasvi. Even i dont no how this thought came to my mind. 🙂

  7. So cute…..ahh….I’m lovin’ it

    1. Thanks laddoo

  8. Weird but awesome

    1. Thanks sam.

    1. Thanks harna.

  9. it was awesome

    1. Thanks yagya.

  10. I feels sad. Ther were a lot of new people commenting for my epi before. N now on my 5th epi or epic epi no comments at all. :'(

  11. Epi 6 posted just wait for preveiw. New development coming… 🙂

  12. Risa its ok. No hard feelings. Life does not go on relying on the past. All is forgiven.

    1. Thanks buddy. 🙂

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