U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 4)

Hi guys… risa is back!! N i am really sorry for such short updates. I promise i kept longer updates for 5 number series(5,10,15…..) so enjoy this update.

Recap: twinkle lies about yuvi being her bf, yuvi finds out, twinkle shocked

At the very scene we left last time

Twinkle: y… yu…yu…yu
Yuvi: you mean me or someone else here
Twinkle was shocked. She was now in a delimma. What could she do? She then heard the girls speak.
Girl 1: can u hear what they r saying?
Girl 2: nope. But looks like they no each other.

Twinkle left a sigh of relief. She was still undercover.
With no time left she took yuvi’s hand n ran like a cheetah(should i mention sherni here) towards the benches aside the basketball court.

At the benches
Yuvi: twinkle taneja! What do uthink of urself? U cant just pull anyone anywhere.
Twinkle: just shut up! Sit silently there n hear what i have to say!
She gave such scary face that even yuvi couldnt bear.
Yuvi: ooo..oo..okay! Say what u want!
N he sat on the bench.
Twinkle said him everything from top to bottom. She didnt miss anything.
Yuvi: i think i get the gist of it.
Twinkle was confused.
Twinkle: o english parrot! Speak normal engish! Now what did u just say?
Yuvi: dumbo! I meant i understood everything.
Twinkle: then say that way right. Y create probs for others.
Yuvi: i will say the way i want.
Twinkle: i didnt come to fight with u. What is ur decision? Helping me or not?
Yuvi: who knows?

Twinkle: whats with that now?
Yuvi sat down n thought for a long while.
Yuvi: i get it i am helping u!
Twinkle: yas!
Yuvi: dont get so happy. I have some terms n…
Twinkle: what terms?

Guys sorry for short update.

5th epi is gonna be epic.
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    • risa

      Thank u sam. N epi 5 is a little bit no very long n i will take whole day to think n type. I promise to post tmrw

    • risa

      Thanks laddoo. I no many r twinj fans n read my ff but never comment. Guys, who r twinj fans, u cam comment i dont have a prob. Take laddoo’s comment as inspiration. I would love to hear from u. 🙂

  1. risa

    Guys i was really hurt today. :'( ahria mendeZz bashed my comment. I commented written update about my first ff. N i got response from ahria saying i was kunj character. Sorry but if any of u feel i bashed kunj or twinj i am really sorry. Its a humble request to twinj fans to read my ff n understand that i never want to bash kunj at all. 😐

    • Maanvi

      Some ppl think that only TWINJ are the best and hence don’t give any chance to others like 80% of the people like TWINJ and they only think abt that and don’t think what will the other 20% ppl do who likeTWIRAJ!!! Everyone has their own opinion and don’t feel dishearten there are many ppl who like ur ff
      Sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feeling????

      • risa

        Thanks maanvi for supporting me. Seeing ur support i am writting epi 5 really long. N there is also gonna be some specials in it.

    • Mallu

      Hey risa baby you are our pataka don’t be sad
      They are many people who want to dicourage the people who support whom they don’t like
      Don’t worry about those foxes and keep writing our ff
      It’s our uv style right and keep writing our ff
      I really die for twiraj
      To like twiraj one should have broad thinking
      We shouldn’t follow only the writers we should also think on the best part

  2. Hello risa. Its Ahria here. I want to tell u that I did not insult you yesterday. The person using that account stole my tablet while I was at work. I want to apologise as that wasn’t my doings. I am not a mean person and I certainly wouldn’t use the word ” bash”.
    Risa I admire those that share the Indian religion and I would never say such things to down courage them. Yes I’m a twinj fan but I would never subject u to insults because u do not share my likings. I read your fanfiction and maybe I’ll keep on reading even though I’d prefer something else. I apologised to you under tei written update for what ever was said but perhaps u didn’t see it. Please stop calling me out, knowing that I’m Ahria and that person is using my name to say mean things is really hurting my character. I will let the company shut down the tablet that was stolen so you will not have to be subjected to hurt another day.
    Please, I’m sorry ok.just know that I’m the real Ahria and i would never say such things to u or anyone else

    • risa

      No i read ur comment. I said that to the person who stole ur tablet. Really sorry if u were hurt by this.

  3. risa

    Miss mallu, harna n ryths comment here. Wish u comment soon. I wanna present tmrw the long 5th epi with specials.

    • Mallu

      Hey don’t worry risa I’m waiting for ur update upto afternoon 1 pm and after that i felt asleep even without turning off the data and not having lunch
      I just woke up @6 and started reading our ff even without taking food
      I just love this ff in a mad range
      Don’t worry yaar I’ll never stop reading and commenting in this ff yaar
      Waiting for the very next ff which is a longggggggggg one

  4. Mallu

    Hey risa don’t worry mallu is always there to support you actually i waited for our ff until 1pm and felt asleep while waiting even witjout turning off the data and even not having lunch soon after i woke up at 6pm i read the ff before having food and posted my comment but it gone missing
    Only god knows how the comment is missing
    Don’t worry my dear risa I’ll never ever stop reading and commenting in our ff
    Waiting for the longgggggggggg 5th episode
    Eagerly waiting for tomorrow to read our ff
    Pls update soon buddy

  5. Thank you for understanding. Today u earned another fan. I’ll be reading your fanfiction everyday from now on.
    Maybe you could make them longer though because all the entertainments you’re cutting short.

    • risa

      I cut them short as i keep the best for the 5 series epi (5,10, 15…episodes.) next ones surely entertaining. 😉

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