U never know what destiny has kept for uā€¦.TwiRaj (episode 3)

Hi guys… risa is on a feat intro n 3 episodes in 1 day. Plz plz comment. Silent readers too 1 comment n ur increasing a day in my life. Now with the storyline…

Recap: twinkle lands in yuvis arms n chinki n yuvi land in same classes as well as twinkle in a different class.

Inside section 4
Twinkle was tensed as all had grouped by now.
Twinkle to herself: babaji help me!
Suddenly 2 girls approach her.
Girl 1: hey girl u were the one who landed in yuvis arms right?
Twinkle: yes…
Girl 2: are u his gf. If u r then u can join us. If not y do we care.
Twinkle thinks a plan in her mind. If she fakes about her n yuvi she can work out with her no friends problem. So she fakes off.
Twinkle: of course! I no yuvraj…. i mean yuvi baby from like 7 yrs. He came n told told me i luv u twinkle will u become my gf. N seeing his cute face i agreed. Our love is like romeo n juliet.
Both the girls: o my gosh. Yuvis gf is our friend. O god!
Then twinkle n thegirls exchanged a lot of gossip n decided to eat lunch together at the cafeteria.

At the cafeteria
Girls: twinkle wont u introduce us to ur bf?
Twinkle: ummmm….. some other day. U no how busy he is.
The girls started doubting her.
Girls: y dont u call yuvi now in front of us?
Twinkle was now stuck. Stuck very badly.
Chinki saw her stuck.
She called twinkle as planned. She would call her n twinkle would speak in as if adressing her bf.
Twinkle took the call.
Twinkle: hi baby…. how r u ? Fine i suppose. Hahaha nice joke.
Girls were shocked. While chinki didnt speak a word seeing how stupid twinkle has got.
Twinkle: i miss u too yuvi baby.
Suddenly someone pat her from behind.
Twinkle: stop patting me. Just stop it. Who is it?
She turns around n sees yuvi.
Yuvi: were u talking about me?
Twinkle was shocked.
Twinkle thought to herself: babaji ab ho gaya siyappa!

How was this guys. I thought add another side to twinkles character. Strong n independant n a blabberer.
Comment aboutit.
Bye for today.
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Credit to: risa


  1. ryths

    too short update sis…but it’s k try to update a long one from nxt tym…it was awesome epi…d last part was sooooo gud just luved it…really very excited for nxt epi update soon

    • risa

      Thanks ryths for ur uneding support from the beggining. N epi 5 n 10 n15 n more to come (multiples of 5) are gonna be long so i made these short. N the end part i was rotfl myself.

  2. Mallu

    Hey risa its so good and funny yaar enjoyed a lot
    Really U have a great imagination and thoughts
    Pls update the next episode very soon as soon as possible
    Can’t wait for it

    • risa

      Thanks mallu. Ill try to make next 1 funny. N next one has new twist nnew siyappa. šŸ™‚

    • risa

      I liked siyappa queen title so thought that twinkle should call herself that. Thanks rashi. šŸ˜‰

      • risa

        Ur welcome mallu well epi 5 is gonna be long so i can only post epi 4 for today. Please bear with me. šŸ˜‰

    • risa

      Ur welcome n thanks for ur comment but next epi was posted way before i read comment so its short but epi 5 that which will be posted tmrw will be good n long.

  3. yashasvi

    hiiii risa… actually on 29th i went to my native place and reached late night. and today my sis left from here . soooo these days i was not able to see TU…. today i jst read all ur epi’s they r fab , superb, mindblowing…. i luved them and plzz plzz update long

    • risa

      Thnks yashasvi. N i hav posted epi 4 but it looks like it is small as i didnt read ur message before. Epi 5 will surely be long.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.