U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 3)

Hi guys… risa is on a feat intro n 3 episodes in 1 day. Plz plz comment. Silent readers too 1 comment n ur increasing a day in my life. Now with the storyline…

Recap: twinkle lands in yuvis arms n chinki n yuvi land in same classes as well as twinkle in a different class.

Inside section 4
Twinkle was tensed as all had grouped by now.
Twinkle to herself: babaji help me!
Suddenly 2 girls approach her.
Girl 1: hey girl u were the one who landed in yuvis arms right?
Twinkle: yes…
Girl 2: are u his gf. If u r then u can join us. If not y do we care.
Twinkle thinks a plan in her mind. If she fakes about her n yuvi she can work out with her no friends problem. So she fakes off.
Twinkle: of course! I no yuvraj…. i mean yuvi baby from like 7 yrs. He came n told told me i luv u twinkle will u become my gf. N seeing his cute face i agreed. Our love is like romeo n juliet.
Both the girls: o my gosh. Yuvis gf is our friend. O god!
Then twinkle n thegirls exchanged a lot of gossip n decided to eat lunch together at the cafeteria.

At the cafeteria
Girls: twinkle wont u introduce us to ur bf?
Twinkle: ummmm….. some other day. U no how busy he is.
The girls started doubting her.
Girls: y dont u call yuvi now in front of us?
Twinkle was now stuck. Stuck very badly.
Chinki saw her stuck.
She called twinkle as planned. She would call her n twinkle would speak in as if adressing her bf.
Twinkle took the call.
Twinkle: hi baby…. how r u ? Fine i suppose. Hahaha nice joke.
Girls were shocked. While chinki didnt speak a word seeing how stupid twinkle has got.
Twinkle: i miss u too yuvi baby.
Suddenly someone pat her from behind.
Twinkle: stop patting me. Just stop it. Who is it?
She turns around n sees yuvi.
Yuvi: were u talking about me?
Twinkle was shocked.
Twinkle thought to herself: babaji ab ho gaya siyappa!

How was this guys. I thought add another side to twinkles character. Strong n independant n a blabberer.
Comment aboutit.
Bye for today.
Plz be sure to comment.

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  1. too short update sis…but it’s k try to update a long one from nxt tym…it was awesome epi…d last part was sooooo gud just luved it…really very excited for nxt epi update soon

    1. Thanks ryths for ur uneding support from the beggining. N epi 5 n 10 n15 n more to come (multiples of 5) are gonna be long so i made these short. N the end part i was rotfl myself.

  2. Thanks karan

  3. Hey risa its so good and funny yaar enjoyed a lot
    Really U have a great imagination and thoughts
    Pls update the next episode very soon as soon as possible
    Can’t wait for it

    1. Thanks mallu. Ill try to make next 1 funny. N next one has new twist nnew siyappa. 🙂

  4. Siyappa queen twinkle….superb….

    1. I liked siyappa queen title so thought that twinkle should call herself that. Thanks rashi. 😉

  5. OMG.. It’s so funny
    Can’t wait for the next update

    1. Thanks mariah

  6. hhi..risa intrstng stry n make it sme wht big epi its to shrt n wtng 4nxt epi dear

    1. Thanks zunera. I was in hurry so ther was short update.

  7. Omg amazing risa I just read your ff now it’s amazing yaar..so funny

    1. Thank you so much mariyah

  8. Guys next epi is submitted. Just wait for preveiw.

    1. Isn’t it
      Am so excited to read and feel it
      Yhank u for fastest updates

      1. Ur welcome mallu well epi 5 is gonna be long so i can only post epi 4 for today. Please bear with me. 😉

  9. Amazing but pls long next time and thanx for posting 3 episodes in a day
    Thanx a lot

    1. Ur welcome n thanks for ur comment but next epi was posted way before i read comment so its short but epi 5 that which will be posted tmrw will be good n long.

  10. Awesome what siyappa

    1. Wait for the siyappa. Thanks for ur comment

  11. awesome..i was laughing at end..

    1. Me too. N thanks harna

  12. hiiii risa… actually on 29th i went to my native place and reached late night. and today my sis left from here . soooo these days i was not able to see TU…. today i jst read all ur epi’s they r fab , superb, mindblowing…. i luved them and plzz plzz update long

    1. Thnks yashasvi. N i hav posted epi 4 but it looks like it is small as i didnt read ur message before. Epi 5 will surely be long.

  13. Hilarious man!!!

    1. Thanks laddoo

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