U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 29)


Hi its risa! Im back 😀 ……anyways missed me or not? Of course not cause i only posted yesterday 😛 …..jokes apart heres the episode…..

Twinkle room
Twinkle was sitting n chatting with chinki on phone.
Chinki: tmrw is valentines twinkle…..so what r gonna give to yuvi?
Twinkle: chocolate of course!
Chinki: oh so decided too……(a person calls her) sorry twinkle call is coming…..bye!
Twinkle: bye tc.
They hung up.
Twinkle keeps thinking of tmrw.
Twinkle: its valentines! Cute setup! Chocolate n lots of romances!
Scenes shifts to a private ship. Twinkle will be wearing red dress n sitting on table with gifts. She gets up n climbs the deck. The wind blows her hair. She feels chilled. Yuvi comes in suit n give her back hug. He kisses her cheek. She turns around. Romantic music plays in background. They have eyelock. Wind keeps blowing. They come close…….suddenly twinkle’s phone rings. Scene shifts back to room. It was twinkle’s ‘dream’. She picks call. It was yuvi.
Twinkle: ha…..
Before she could say anything yuvi cuts her sentence.
Yuvi: i love u! Waiting for the chocolate! Love u! Bye! Must be thinking of me no…..
N he cuts call. Twinkle blushes.
Twinkle: how’d he no?
She smiles to herself.

Next day at college
Twinkle was searching for yuvi. She had chocolate in her hand wrapped in colorful ribbons. She especially made the wrapping for him.
Twinkle: where is he? Where r u monkey man?
She suddenly hears someone cry. She turns n sees abhi sitting on bench n crying. She goes to him.
Twinkle: whats wrong?
Abhi: nothing…..
Twinkle: tell na…
Abhi: i never get valentine chocolate. I am the only one left behind.
He cries more. He sees twinkle’s packet.
Abhi: for yuvi?
Twinkle: yes….
Abhi gets up n goes crying. Twinkle feels sympathy for him. She runs behind.
Twinkle: stop abhi stop!
Abhi turns.
Twinkle: u can take this. I will buy yuvi another one. Its obligatory.
Abhi jumps up n down n hugs twinkle. He leaves holding chocolate. Twinkle tries to leave. She sees yuvi behind her.
Yuvi: so someone else is more important…..
He turns n leaves. Twinkle tries to stop him but in vain.

At secluded area
Anita: excellent abhimanyu! Continue this.
Abhi: thanks!
Leela: now for plan b. Plan a is well executed.
They all laugh.

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  1. short but good risa

    1. Risa

      Thanks xyz. 🙂 LTNS!

  2. Hayyo rabba! Siyappa! Ho kya rha hai ye! Daiyya re daiyya! Can’t wait for more!

    1. Risa

      Tq laddoo. 🙂 me too cant wait to continue 😉

  3. Sparkle

    Abhi, kabab me haddi. Hate him. Bechare hamare yuvle ka valentine kharab kar diya.now what? But I know they will patch up soon. Akhir pyar Jo itna karte hain.

    1. Risa

      i too hate him. Bechare yuvle 🙁 pyaar karte hain patch up to pakka hai! 😉

  4. Sayeeda

    Is Abhi ko toh main…..aaahhhwww!!! cheapo …
    Accha waise Twinkle’s dream was awesome haan…too good red Saree …private ship …amazing to imagine ..

    1. Risa

      Tq sayeeda. Differences se hi toh hero heroine pass ate hain 😉

  5. Manny

    God I also hate this abi.i wanna punch him. Btw nice episode.

    1. Risa

      Thanks manny

  6. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….risa awesome episode…can’t wait for plan B ….eagerly waiting….

    1. Risa

      Thanks rashi 🙂

  7. Maanvi_arora

    Amazing but pls longer next time

    1. Risa

      Thanks maanvi

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