U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 28)


28th episode! Gonna reach 30 soon…. hope to see new comments for my new dp on the 30th episode….guys plz keep comments….writers no that there r many silent readers…..but its the comment of the readers that give us strength to continue…..if u like this ff n want it to continue than plz comment…..its request yaar….if u want u comment not forcing u…..n heres the epi….

Inside sports room
Twiraj were stuck badly. Twinkle took ball n hit yuvi.
Twinkle: found only sportroom or wat? Couldnt u get stuck in canteen kitchen…..oops….
Yuvi laughed.
Yuvi: so jangli billi is hungry……so sad i have bubbly u no…
He showed twinkle bubbly chocolate.
Yuvi: want or not?

Twinkle: give it to me!
Yuvi: never.
Yuvi ran. Twinkle chased him.
Twinkle: give my bubbly then run.
Yuvi laughed n continued to run.

20 mins later
Twiraj were tired. Twinkle was huffing n puffing.
Twinkle: my bubbly…..
Yuvi: no….never….
Words were not able to come out. Finally yuvi gave in. He gave choclate to twinkle.
Twinkle: yippee!!!
Yuvi: dont get so happy…..
Twinkle saw packet. It was empty. Twinkle fumed. She pinced yuvi.
Yuvi: ouch!!!!
Twinkle: locked in sportroom, then making others run in sportroom, now no reward for running…
Yuvi: so baby wants reward…..
He kisses her cheeks suddenly. Twinkle gets shocked. She comes back tosenses n hugs yuvi n kisses his cheeks back.
Twinkle: love u!
Yuvi: love u too!

Voice: *cough*
Twiraj turn around. It was nik n chinki who opened sportroom window to save them.
Chinki: i got ur message n came running here…..but now i think i should not have come so fast….should have taken time….
Nik n chinki laugh. Twiraj blush.

Twiraj n nik n chinki were walking.
Yuvi: couldnt u message little later….we had just began to enjoy u no…..
Twinkle: so my romeo wants more romance…..
Yuvi nods his head. Twinkle laughs.
Behind bushes abhi was hiding.
Abhi: not so long…..i will separate u two forever…..hahaha…..

At taneja house
Twinkle returned. Leela was sitting there.
Leela: so how was sports day.
Twinkle: nice.
Leela: ok…..go n fresh urself….
Twinkle felt weird at her moms reply. But she ignored n went on.

At twinkle room
Twinkle freshened up n sat there. She put her head on pillow n was staring at yuvi’s pic on her phone.

Twinkle: hotness ki dukaan…..kitna pyaar karti hoon main tujhe…..my monkey man….
N she kissed the pic. Leela who was standing near door saw this.
Leela: puttar….i dont want to separate u from yuvi….but he is anita’s son…i no i am planning all this with anita…..but somewhere i do trust u……i no u cant be wrong….but what if that munda is playing with ur feelings….i love u puttar….wish u can understand ur maa…..
She went away. Twinkle still kept staring at photo n smiled by herself. (Maybe lost in her ‘dreams’)

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