U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 26)


Risa is back! So just wanted to no if u guys r liking the storyline…. i had a bit rushed off in last episode….anyways yuvle fans the show has moved on to yuvle i think….. who knows…..anyways plz comment if u really do like todays episode….n here it is….

Next day
At college
Twiraj were together at a veranda.
Twinkle: at last! We r together forever!
Yuvi: i cant believe our moms agreed to it!
Twinkle: now shut up n tell me howz my mehendi…..
Yuvi: how can i tell about ur mehendi if i shut up?
Twinkle: then shut down! Just tell me how my mehendi is…
Yuvi: its great…wait isnt that my name…..
Twinkle: fast guess….
Yuvi gets delighted n he hugs twinkle.
Chinki n nik were standing at a distance n watching them.
Chinki: wish they stay happy together like always…
Nik: hopefully!

At gym
The college was having sports meet. It was almost the end of the volleyball matches. All of them were dreseed in gym clothes. They had their section number written on their jerseys. It was section 2 vs section 4. Twinkle belonged to section 4 n was on the team. Girl 1 n 2 were also there.
Twinkle: pass itt here!
Girl 1: its volleyball not catchball!
By this time the other team served the ball towards twinkle. Twinkle was still busy explaining to girl 1. Chinki who was watching the match shoutedat twinkle.
Chinki: twinkle watch out!
Twinkle turned.
Twinkle: no i am not wearing my watch!
The ball hit twinkle. She fell. Section 2 girls won. The court cleared n twinkle felt bad as they lost. 🙁

Near taps
Twinkle went to wash face. She saw yuvi there.
Twinkle: which sport r u playing?
Yuvi: basketball….btw u look really tired.
Twinkle stretched.
Twinkle: no not at all! See i am fine! I will cheer for u in the next match!
Yuvi laughed. Twinkle got confused.
Yuvi: ok then cheer!
He gets ready to leave.
Yuvi: btw we r up against section 4!
Twinkle got confused. Then she realized.
Twinkle: i am from section 4…. oh no so he was making fun of me….
Twinkle felt embarresed.

At basketball court
All the girls of section 4 were confused what to do.
Girl 1: lets cheer for our section….
Girl 2: but yuvi is in the other team….
Girl 1: how about we cheer for both our section n yuvi. For our section as team n for yuvi as individual.
Girls of section 4: ok!!!!!
The game begun. All the students were cheering. Girls of section 4 were also cheering….but weirdly.
Girls of section 4: go go section 4….. (in soft voice) and also yuvi!
The game reached the end point where 2 minutes were left n both the teams were equal.
Girl 1: look girls there r 2 min left n one of our section boys has the ball….but yuvi….
Twinkle was looking at yuvi. He looked tired. She without realizing shouted.
Twinkle: go go yuvi! Go go yuvi!
All the girls were shocked. Section 4 boys on the team were dissappointed. Twinkle got embaressed. Yuvi found out that all were distracted now. He slowly ran n snatched the ball n put it into the basket.
All were shocked. Section 1 boys won the match.
Girls of section 4: oh no! No……. (in soft voice) yuvi looked so cool when he snatched ball….
Twinkle: yahoo! Well done yuvi!
Section 4 boys on team: twinkle….what about us…. 🙁
Yuvi on the other side saw this. He sent something to twinkle which looked like secret message. Twinkle tried to read his gestures.
Twinkle: you goof…. how dare he! How dare he call me a goof!
Twinkle sent gesture to him too. It looked like im gonna kill u! Yuvi ran and ran. Twinkle saw him running out.
Twinkle: wait till i get my hands on that monkey man…..

Back at taneja house
Leela: so this is our plan….looks great…..
Anita: after all whose plan is it….mine right!
She laughes. Leela also joins her.

How was it. Thought of putting twiraj scenes in it. Hope its good. Bye. Do comment.

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….so beautifully written….

    1. Risa

      Thanks rashi

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      Hi yashu! So joined tu huh? Well well….. thanks for comment. Btw ur second to comment sadly 🙁

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  3. Ye mummy log 2 min ke liye bhi shanti se nhi rehne dete….chhod do becharo ko akele….aur ye yuvi ko kya ho gya hai? Uff lot to unfold….

    1. Risa

      Mummy log shanti kaise rak sakte hain…. aur yuvi to zyada playful bandha ho gaya hai….apni jungli billi ke saath milkar naye siyappe kar raha hai!

  4. Sayeeda

    Wah …..wah ….mza agaya ….
    Risa darling r u not liking my current ff chapters as I’m missing ur comment ….leave it ….
    Episode was fab…loved it

    1. Yashasvi

      even i wanna ask that, is it boring now days u didnt commented

    2. Risa

      Thanks sayeeda! Busy yaar just post ff on tu n do work….

  5. Manny

    amazing epi :333

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