U never know what destiny has kept for u….TwiRaj (episode 25)

Hi everyone! Its the 25th episode 🙂 🙂 🙂 i am so happy to reach this mark! I would like to thank my supporters for every comment they gave for my ff…it may be anything but ur love n support has made me reach here….would like to give silent readers a mention….i no there r many of u…may be ,ore than the commenters…but plz do comment once in a while if u like my ff….n now with the episode….

Where we left last time
Twinkle was jumping up n down n was dancing. Yuvi was confused.
Yuvi: whats wrong?
Twinkle: ask me whats right!
Yuvi: ok.. whats right?
Twinkle: u didnt need to tell that…..
Yuvi: ok whats going on???
Twinkle hugged him. Yuvi got more confused.
Twinkle: remove this expression of urs. Maa has called me to talk to come back as she wants to talk something with the both of us. She has called u to come!
Yuvi was shocked.
Yuvi: what! Really?
Twinkle nodded her head. Yuvi got delighted. They both hugged each other n got ready to go to taneja house.

At taneja house
Twiraj entered. Twinkle was happy. Yuvi was happy too but felt bad that he was abolished from coming home. Leela came with aarti thal. She came n started to take aarti of twinkle.
Leela: u can come in twinkle….
Twinkle entered.
Twinkle: maa what about yuvi?
Leela: i have something special for him….
Twiraj got confused. Leela went in n came back with a pot.
She then came to yuvi. She opened the pot n threw water on him. Yuvi was completely drenched. Twinkle got shocked.
Leela: wait theres more….
She took the water jug on the table n threw all the water on him. Twinkle was more shocked.
Leela kept the jug. She slapped yuvi. She slapped once again on other cheek. Twinkle got shocked n shocked. Yuvi was reactionless.
Leela: now u can go! Dont meet my daughter ever again. If u try to act smart its the police station!
By now twinkle lost all her balance. She crept down. She started to cry. Her mother never insulted anyone more than she had done today.

At luthra mansion
Anita was watching everything in cctv camera. Leela actually had bluetooth on n anita was directing her to do things that her son may run away from twinkle. Anita was tensed seeing yuvi’s blank expression but she kept quiet n concentrated on how to ward him away from twinkle. She kept directing leela.

Back at taneja house
Leela was doing as anita told her.
Anita: now try throwing mud on him. Pull him to the garden.
Leela took yuvi’s hand n took him to the garden. Twinkle followed them helplessly. Leela took an ounce of mud n threw it on yuvi’s face. Yuvi didnt move a bit. Twinkle now was uncontrollable. She had taken the knife from yuvi after the kitchen incident. She had it with her. She took it put n started shouting.
Twinkle: maa if u dont stop doing this to yuvi….i will cut my wrist!
Leela n yuvi were shocked. There was no cctv camera in the garden so anita went out n saw all this hiding behind wall. She was shocked.
Yuvi comes running to twinkle. He takes knife from her. In a hurry his wrist gets cut. Blood flows out terribly. Twinkle gets shocked. Leela gets shocked. Anita gets the fear of her life. She comes running to yuvi from hiding place.
Anita: omg! Yuvi ur wrist! Wait…. whats this….fake blood…..
Yuvi: yes fake blood!
Anita: how did u no?
( flashback:
Yuvi comes n checks on the houses before he actually comes there with twinkle. He sees leela n anita planning about all this. He comes to flat n tells this to twinkle.
Twinkle: i have a plan!
Yuvi: oh no! Not another siyappa!
Twinkle: of course not! See…..
Then she narrates plan of taking the knife. About using fake blood n exposing anita n leela’s plan.
Yuvi: so leaving with me my jungli billi has learnt a lot huh?
Twinkle: u mean the opposite right…..
Both of them laugh.
Flash back ends.)
Leela n anita get ashtonished hearing all this. Twiraj were never so smart before.
Anita: i am proud of u yuvi! U have outdone ur mom! Looks like i am getting old…..
Yuvi: of course not mom! Ur still da bomb for me!
N he winks at her. Anita gets embaressed.
Leela still has problem.
Leela: i am ready to accept u yuvi…. but one condition…
Twiraj get shocked.
Leela: …….that u will forgive me for all this i have done.
Yuvi: no aunty u dont need to apolgize at all.
The four of them laugh n hug each other. Leela n anita say twiraj to go back n take luggage bakc home. They see off twiraj till they leave. After they left both of them have a conversarion.
Anita: so they still didnt realize our real plan….
Leela: when they do….its too late….

Thanks for support till date. Love u all! Do comment! Bye. Do tell me how the new dp is!

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  1. yashasvi ( yashu )

    hey superb epi…!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congo silver jublee…. yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luved it……. n luved ur dp yrrrr so sweet n one ques from where do u get such awesome pics yrrr

    1. Risa

      Thanks yashu!!!!! Nice to see ur comment here! 🙂 n thanks for liking my dp. Just type yuvle or twiraj on google images n you will get thousands of pics for dp. 😉

  2. yashasvi ( yashu )

    luved ur imagination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowww

    1. Risa

      Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Maine sahi guess kiya tha….maine sahi guess kiya tha….ohh congratulations Risa…..silver jubilee….tiding ting….silver jubilee…u have no idea how happy i am for u….congratulations!!!

    1. Risa

      Guess toh sahi tha! Silver jubilee! So happy yaar….. thanks for ur comments n support laddoo. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Congrats for 25

    1. Risa

      Thanks 123.

  5. Sayeeda

    Awwwwww….felt bad for Uvi bechara itna torture…. but loved Twiraj plan..
    At once I was happy to know that finally mom’s agree but on the next another plan ….
    Loved ur new dp…nd big big congrats for completing ur 25 episodes

    1. Risa

      Thanks sayeeda. 😀

  6. Rashiverma2199

    Risa really loved ur do its fab….amazing …….u r a born writer….u can publish a book….

    1. Risa

      Looking forward to publishing actually…… thanks for comment rashi. 😀

  7. Awesome!!!!! Loved it just hope they nvr get seperated!

    1. Risa

      They will never get separated 🙂 thanks somona

  8. Sparkle

    Nice. So the mothers were acting. Now they will create more problem in twiraj life. Update soon bye.

    1. Risa

      They r moms after alll….. thanks sparkle 🙂

  9. Manny

    Nice epi <333
    I rly like their nok-jok .

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